Believe London Chakra Bracelet Anxiety Gemstone Crystal 7 Chakra Natural Stone Healing Men Women Stress Relief Reiki Yoga Diffuser Semi Precious (Peruvian Pink Opal 8")

Believe London Chakra Bracelet Anxiety Gemstone Crystal 7

BELIEVE:Believe London® created the "Chakra Bracelets" to connect the wearer with positive and balancing life energy. They work by shifting one's mental focus from negative emotional thinking to a more prosperous and positive outlook on life, resulting in meaningful life transformationsHIGHEST QUALITY:Beautiful 8mm precious natural stones. Stainless steel adjustable mechanism which means the bracelets fit any wrist and will not break like elastic onesHEALING:Each stone represents and heals one of the 7 Chakras of the body:1. Root Chakra - represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded. Located in the base of our spine (tailbone) area2. Sacral Chakra - represents our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences. Located in the lower abdomen in the stomach area3. Solar Plexus Chakra - represents our ability to be confident and in control of our lives. Located in the upper abdomen in the stomach area4. Heart Chakra - represents our ability to love. Located in the center of the chest just above the heart5. Throat Chakra - represents our ability to communicate. Located in the throat area6. Third Eye Chakra - represents our ability to focus and see the big picture. Located in the forehead area between the eyes7. Crown Chakra - represents our ability to be fully...

  • Brand: Believe London
  • ASIN: B07T91NNRT

100% FAIR TRADE ORGANIC PERU | Whole Bean Coffee | 1 Lb Bag | Medium Full Body Roast | Single Origin Premium Quality (package may vary)


NO SLEEP 'TIL BROOKLYN!__________________________ Stone Street is a specialty roaster located in the heart of Brooklyn, NYC and we've been roasting delicious coffee since 2009 Who we are We are dedicated to the fine art of handcrafted coffees. We take pride in our ethical & intimate sourcing relationships with the best coffee farms and growing regions. We have perfected the roasting process over many years and we expertly develop each coffee's unique characteristics and full flavor profile. Who is it for? Coffee lovers who appreciate specialty-grade whole beans, well-balanced taste/roast profiles, & freshly roasted small batch quality WHAT TO EXPECT FROM OUR PERUVIAN WHOLE BEAN COFFEE_____________________________________________________________________ Roast Level Medium Roast brings out the bean's full flavor Flavor Qualities These 'Andes Gold' beans brew to create a well balanced cup that has depth, smoothness, inviting aroma, and low acidity. Sweet & nutty finish. Bean Origin 100% Fair Trade Organic Peru Stand Up Pouch Packaging 3-Layer Natural Kraft + Foil Resealable large bag. Includes a one-way de-gassing valve to maintain freshness & aroma. Size 1 Pound Bag of Beans (fun fact: this gives you approx 65 cups of brewed coffee)

  • Color: -
  • Brand: Stone Street Coffee
  • UPC: 851145006781

Peruvian Chakana Necklace - Machu Picchu Stone - Matte

Peruvian Chakana Necklace - Machu Picchu Stone -

A chakana talisman necklace made of Machu Picchu stone, with the Andean symbol of the Incan civilization. Derived from the Quechua (traditional language of the Incas) word chakay, meaning to cross or to bridge, this chakana is a 3-stepped symmetric cross, with a hole through its center. Strung on black cord with a silvertone bead. Each item is unique and handmade in Peru.

  • Color: NA
  • Brand: Shamans Market
  • ASIN: B00H1551WO

Peruvian Opal Pendant Gemstone Necklace Gold- 16 Inch Length Jewelry Gift For Women

Peruvian Opal Pendant Gemstone Necklace Gold- 16 Inch

Beautiful shades of blue green Peruvian opal have been made into a delicate and charming necklace. Each opal is 100% different from the next so make sure to view all images -This birthstone necklace will make the perfect October birthday gift for that someone special, because the gems are one of a kind it makes it so unique. Also a great gift for anyone who loves opal jewelry. Handcrafted Opal Necklace Beautiful October Birthstone jewelry gift High quality genuine opals are 1/2" - 3/4" each one will vary Raw stones offer stunning unique characteristics

  • Color: green blue
  • Brand: Catching Wildflowers

Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus niruri) Veggie Caps - AKA "Stone Breaker" - 500mg (1 Bottle)

Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus niruri) Veggie Caps - AKA

Chanca Piedra, also known as "Stone Breaker", is a small tropical plant widely used for centuries throughout South America, India and China to support urinary system health and kidney health.* Support Mechanisms- Chanca Piedra may help relax urinary and bile tract flows, potentially allowing foreign particles to more easily pass through the body.* - Chanca Piedra's antioxidant and phytochemical content works with the body's natural mechanisms to support normal urinary system function.* Our Quality & Money Back Guarantee All Alerna Kidney Health products are manufactured in the USA at an FDA inspected, cGMP compliant, and 3rd party rated facility We guarantee you will feel healthier or we will refund 100% of your purchase, including shipping costs for up to one bottle of Chanca Piedra per customer.

  • Brand: Alerna Kidney Health
  • ASIN: B0743MNB73

Chanca Piedra (Stonebreaker) 500mg - 150 Capsules - Peruvian Naturals | Digestive Supplement for Kidney, Stone and Urinary Health

Chanca Piedra (Stonebreaker) 500mg - 150 Capsules -

Traditional herbal supplement ("Stonebreaker") for kidney and liver health alleviates gallstones and kidney stones. Lowers calcium in the urine. Peruvian Naturals Chanca Piedra capsules contain 500 milligrams each (150 count).

  • Brand: Peruvian Naturals
  • ASIN: B07JJQ4312
  • UPC: 793578100059

Natural Peruvian Pink Opal Gemstone 8mm Round Beads Stretch Bracelet 7" Unisex

Natural Peruvian Pink Opal Gemstone 8mm Round Beads

The bracelet include about 22pcs 8mm round beads, you will receive the similar item as picture, pls note the stone is unique, the color and detail on stone will be different for each other.

  • Color: Peruvian Pink Opal
  • Brand: Justinstones

Chanca Piedra 800MG per Tablet - 120 Tablets Kidney Stone Crusher Gallbladder Support Peruvian Chanca Piedra Made in The USA

Chanca Piedra 800MG per Tablet - 120 Tablets

Our Chanca Piedra 800 MG is pure and quality Chanca Piedra imported from Peru promotes the liver's normal function by purging harmful substances. Chanca Piedra supports: Liver, bladder health Kidney health Our Peruvian Chanca Piedra contains NO No GMO's, gluten, soy, sugar, yeast, startch. No Artificial ingredients, no milk, no lactose. NaturalisimoLife products are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in a FDA registered facility. Made in the USA

  • Brand: NaturalisimoLife
  • ASIN: B071KR997R
  • UPC: 804540020753

Minerals from Peru Mine Cart Souvenir Peruvian Stones

Minerals from Peru Mine Cart Souvenir Peruvian

Beautiful peruvian stones souvenir. Stones may include: calcite, red jasper, turquoise, sodalite, leopardite, onyx and serpentine. Measurement: 5" x 2" approx Makes a great gift for collectors!

  • Brand: Peru Treasure
  • ASIN: B078ZT417K

Chanca Piedra Tea Stone Breaker Tea Zip-lock bag

Chanca Piedra Tea Stone Breaker Tea Zip-lock

Stone Breaker is a tropical plant native to the coastal regions of Central and South America. This unique and popular herbal infusion has traditionally been used throughout Latin America for centuries to naturally support the Kidneys and Urinary tract. ***** NT.WT 30g/ 1.05oz **************Chancapiedra es una planta tropical originaria de las regiones costeras de América Central y del Sur. Esta infusión de hierbas única y popular se ha utilizado tradicionalmente en toda América Latina durante siglos para apoyar naturalmente los riñones y el tracto urinario. *

  • Color: green brown
  • Brand: Nuestra NS Salud
  • ASIN: B006GUKH56
  • UPC: 773821442037
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