American Marine PINPOINT ORP/REDOX Probe


Maintain a thoroughly neat and healthy aquarium for your marine inhabitants with the American Marine Pinpoint Orp Probe from This product has been recommended by professional aquarists and fish keepers everywhere. This works well with all of your cleaning devices, and it is similar in appearance to a heavy-duty thermometer, except that it is equipped with a display screen. Its tip is made from titanium, and it is meant to be submerges under the water at all times. The American Marine Pinpoint Orp Probe informs you of the condition of your pet's environment under the water. It will tell you about the current pH level of your water, as well as if it is too acidic or alkalinic. It raises an alarm if the amounts of toxicity are dangerously high. Best of all, it will reinforce you to act upon a serious problem with your aquarium. Thus, you can cater to the needs of your fish immediately. With the American Marine Pinpoint Orp Probe, you don't have to guess at what's wrong with your aquarium water. All you need to do is look at the display screen, and it will tell you every thing you need to know to make your tank a better place for your pets to live in.

  • Brand: American Marine
  • ASIN: B001EHGED0
  • UPC: 011000100096

Pinpoint ORP Probe KIT for Negative ORP Measurement and Alkaline/Hydrogen-Rich/Ionized/Kangen Water

Pinpoint ORP Probe KIT for Negative ORP Measurement

PINPOINT® ORP Replacement Probe Kit is designed especially for the PINPOINT® ORP Monitor and the PINPOINT® ORP Controller or any meter/monitor/computer interface with a BNC Input. PINPOINT® ORP Probe features long, continuous duty life expectancy, fast response and a full range of measurement from -2,000 to +2,000 mV. Each probe features a 10 foot cable with a high interference suppression jacket, Ag-AgCl reference, and utilizes proprietary UltraPure Platinum® probe technology capable of accurate ORP measurement in the negative measurement range. Platinum Polishing Strip will keep your probe operating at peak performance and accuracy.

  • Brand: PINPOINT® by American Marine Inc.

Milwaukee SE300 Replaceable Double Junction ORP Probe with 1 Meter Cable and KCL Gel Filled

Milwaukee SE300 Replaceable Double Junction ORP Probe with

The Milwaukee combination electrode has a double-junction reference to protect against silver wire contamination and to help prevent clogging when testing dirty water and solutions with heavy metals or organics. This combination electrode contains both the measuring half-cell and the reference half-cell to minimize electrostatic interference and provide consistent readings. Its epoxy body is impact resistant, durable, and sealed and filled with an electrolyte solution gel for minimal maintenance. It is available in both pH and ORP models. The pH model has a measurement range of 0.00 to 14.00 pH. The oxidation reduction potential (ORP) model has a platinum sensor for measuring dissolved oxygen in aqueous solutions and a measurement range of +/-2,000 mV. It withstands temperatures from 0 to 70 degrees C (32 to 158 degrees F). The electrode is 12mm in diameter and 120mm long, and has a 1m cable with a Bayonet Neill-Concelman (BNC) connector for attaching to meters with a BNC connection. pH electrodes measure the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. ORP electrodes, also known as redox electrode, measure the ability of aqueous solutions to act as oxidizing or reducing agents. Both pH and ORP electrodes are commonly used by researchers, manufacturers, and hobbyists in hydroponics, aq...

  • Brand: Milwaukee
  • ASIN: B007Z4GBSY
  • UPC: 810666009237

Rola-Chem 550136 ORP Heavy-Duty Probe

Rola-Chem 550136 ORP Heavy-Duty

Rola-Chem 550136 ORP Heavy-Duty Probe

  • Brand: Rola-Chem
  • UPC: 647608368844

Gain Express ORP Redox Electrode, BNC Type Connector Replacement Probe for Tester Meter Monitor Controller Oxidation Reduction Potential Check, 14cm Long 1.2cm Diameter 300cm Extra Long Cable

Gain Express ORP Redox Electrode, BNC Type Connector

Single cylinder ORP electrode allows you to connect the BNC socket directly into the input terminal of ORP meter or ORP controller or any ORP device that has a BNC input terminal. This replaceable ORP electrode gives you the flexibility to measure a solution in a container as far as 300 cm from the device. It precisely determines the redox tension of the intended solution to be measured.Once your new ORP electrode probe is connected to the electrode input terminal, calibrate it first with the calibration (buffer) solutions before using the newly replace ORP electrode.This can be used for general water applications such as drinking, domestic and rainwater, aquariums, tanks, ponds, pools, spas, etc.Features:  Replaceable ORP electrode Provides instant ORP measurement Simple and comfortable to install and use  High and accurate measurement Comes with protective cap to ensure the safety of the bulb Reliable, stable, and transportable Specification: Measuring Range: -1999~1999mV  Resolution: 1mV Accuracy: ±0.1% F·S±1 digit  Cable Length: about 300cm long Connection: BNC socket Set Includes: 1 x ORP Electrode BNC Type Protective Carrying case

  • Brand: Gain Express
  • UPC: 600316549431

ORP Electrode Replaceable BNC Socket Probe for ORP Tester Meter Controller 300cm Long Cable Aquariums, Tanks, Ponds Measurement

ORP Electrode Replaceable BNC Socket Probe for ORP

Features: Replaceable ORP electrode for ORP meter, ORP controller or any ORP device with BNC input terminal Find out the redox tension of the measured solution Effortless and easy to install and use Accurate measurement Comes with protective cap Easy to carry anywhere Can be used for general water applications such as drinking, domestic and rain water, aquariums, tanks, ponds, pools, spas, etc.   Specification: Measuring Range: -1999~1999mV Resolution: 1mV Accuracy: ±0.1% F·S±1 digit Cable Length: 300cm long Connection: BNC socket   Set Includes: 1 x ORP Electrode BNC

  • Brand: DANOPLUS
  • ASIN: B07KXKR8C9
  • UPC: 619317586550

Atlas Scientific Oxidation-Reduction Potential ORP Probe +/- 2000mV

Atlas Scientific Oxidation-Reduction Potential ORP Probe +/-

Atlas Scientific's ORP Probe/ Sensor/ Meter Atlas Scientific is the industry leader in embedded chemical sensing. This highly specialized company focuses all of its resources on manufacturing the best chemical sensors and test chemicals on the market today. Atlas Scientific proudly offers its technology to individuals, industry professionals, and defense contractors worldwide. Characteristic: Atlas Scientific's ORP Meter/Probe is perfect test equipment for hydroponic system, soil samples, fish tank, lab and field use, food safe, fish keeping. Industrial test equipment probes are great for laboratory testing or long term field use. ORP probe is a passive device that detects a current generated from the oxidation-reduction of water. Single-junction electrode for general-purpose applications. ORP Sensor can be fully submerged in fresh water or salt water, up to the BNC connector indefinitely. This probe comes with a wire length of 76cm/30" and has a BNC connector.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Atlas Scientific
  • UPC: 609408433160

American Marine PINPOINT pH Probe

American Marine PINPOINT pH

PINPOINT pH Replacement Probe is designed especially with your purpose in mind. It features long, continuous duty expectancy, fast response and, most importantly, is non-toxic to your system. Each probe features a 10 foot cable with a high interference suppression jacket and Ag-AgCl reference. American Marine PINPOINT pH Replacement Probe 10 foot cord Ag-Ag/Cl reference Extended life High supression cable jacket

  • Brand: American Marine
  • ASIN: B001EHJO64
  • UPC: 019022445119

Pinpoint ORP Meter KIT Lab Grade Portable Bench Meter Kit for Alkaline/Hydrogen-Rich/Ionized/Kangen Water

Pinpoint ORP Meter KIT Lab Grade Portable Bench

PINPOINT ORP Meter Kit contains all the necessary components for the successful and accurate measurement of Kangen/Alkaline/Ionized water and other liquids. The PINPOINT ORP Meter is a full range instrument, capable of measurement from -2,000 to +2,000 mV. It has been engineered for the specific low negative ORP measurement range needed to measure ionized water by utilizing proprietary UltraPure Platinum probe technology.

  • Brand: PINPOINT by American Marine Inc.
  • ASIN: B07B35D6HH
  • UPC: 687951110714

Pinpoint Probe Storage Fluid for pH and ORP/REDOX Probes

Pinpoint Probe Storage Fluid for pH and ORP/REDOX

PINPOINT Probe Storage Fluid 60 mL for pH and ORP/REDOX Probes is a ready-to-use solution to ensure optimum peformance of your pH and ORP probes/electrodes. Properly storing your electrodes in this solution keeps the glass membrane hydrated which will maintain proper function and provide accurate readings. Proper maintenance will maximize the lifespan of your probes/electrodes.

  • Brand: American Marine
  • ASIN: B07RG1FB6H

Pinpoint High-Precision +400mV ORP/REDOX Calibration Fluids Set (Buffer Solution), 20 Pouches

Pinpoint High-Precision +400mV ORP/REDOX Calibration Fluids Set (Buffer

PINPOINT High-Precision +400mV ORP/REDOX Calibration Fluids Kit. With a precise measurement of +400mV, the occasional retesting with this fluid will keep your readings dead-on accurate. Also very useful to determine if an ORP/REDOX probe is ready for replacement. Solution is highly accurate for a maximum of 60 to 90 minutes after exposure to air. This set contains 20 pouches. Each pouch is totally sealed from air and light. They are ready to use, no mixing required and are field portable. Each pouch contains ample fluid for calibration (approx. 25 mL). Do not reuse solution. Do not store ORP/REDOX probe in this calibration fluid.

  • Brand: PINPOINT by American Marine Inc.
  • ASIN: B07F6SL654

Pinpoint 15 Foot Extension Cable Kit for ORP/REDOX or pH Probes

Pinpoint 15 Foot Extension Cable Kit for ORP/REDOX

The PINPOINT 15 Foot Extension Cable for the ORP/REDOX or pH probe will add an additional 15 feet onto any pH or ORP/REDOX probe with a standard BNC Connector. This will yield a total of 25 feet when added to an American Marine brand PINPOINT ORP/REDOX or pH probe. The connection point between the probe and the extension cable can easily be made waterproof with the plumbing repair tape.

  • Brand: American Marine Inc.
  • ASIN: B07NJN62S2

Biopharm pH/ORP Electrode Storage Solution 8 oz (250 mL), Suitable for All pH Meters

Biopharm pH/ORP Electrode Storage Solution 8 oz (250

This electrode storage solution is 1M KCL. The electrode storage solution will help keep the pH electrode clean and moist to extend its life. The use of electrode storage solution is will assist you in obtaining the most accurate readings.

  • Brand: Biopharm
  • ASIN: B074G37V12
  • UPC: 721272377446

American Marine Pinpoint Electrode Storage Fluid 60 ml

American Marine Pinpoint Electrode Storage Fluid 60

To measure the levels of beneficial and harmful elements that are present in your aquarium water, you have to own an electric probe, which you can submerge under the liquid for a specific period. Since the tip of this gadget is very sensitive, it is also quite prone to damage from regular wear and tear, as well as because of poor maintenance. You can prolong the shelf life of this device simply by using the American Marine Pinpoint Electrode Storage Fluid from It is available in a sixty-milliliter, plastic bottle that you can use for several months. It is simple to use. All you need to do is wipe the tip of your aquatic probes with a cotton ball that has been submerged in this liquid. This should be done daily, especially when the gadget is not in operation. It essentially lubricates the metal edge to prevent rust from building up, particularly because it will be immersed in liquid and exposed to air simultaneously. It is comforting to know that this liquid is not made from chemicals that can harm the skin. With the American Marine Pinpoint Electrode Storage Fluid, you can be sure that your probe is doing its best to inform you about what is happening inside your aquarium, under the water.

  • Brand: ThePetStop
  • ASIN: B001V95VLC
  • UPC: 700580192330

ORP Redox Meter Tester -1999~1999mV, 1-Point Calibration, Oxidation Reduction Potential, Aquariums, Swimming Pools, Water Treatment Systems, Aquaculture, Spa

ORP Redox Meter Tester -1999~1999mV, 1-Point Calibration, Oxidation

Measures the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) of water in the range -1999 ~ ± 1999 mV in steps of 1 mV. Has a wide range of applications - from household to laboratory and industrial (drinking water test, in aquariums, artificial reservoirs, wastewater), swimming pools, water treatment systems, aquaculture, spa, etc. An inexpensive and practical device will be useful in everyday life. At 650 MV, water is unsuitable for bacteria and viruses, and drinking water values of 750 minvolt and above ensure that such water does not contain harmful to human health organisms. Determine the water quality indicators with this OPR meter in just a few minutes. Its advantage is high accuracy and large clear display. Large and easily readable numbers will especially help people with impaired vision. Easily find out the kind of water you are drinking and how effectively & efficient your filter works.   FEATURES: * 1 point calibration, easy to use and highly accurate* Measuring oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) of water* Manual calibration with a screwdriver (included)* Measurement range: -1999 ~ ± 1999 mV* Included: shockproof storage case and screwdriver for calibration* Calibrates with 256mV Buffer Solution (not included in the set)* Carry-everywhere design SPECIFICATIONS Measuring...

  • ASIN: B07D12JR8T
  • UPC: 600316549547

Gain Express 3-in-1 ORP Redox PH Temperature Combo Meter Tester w/Extra Electrode, Pen Type ATC -1999~1999mV 0.00-14.00pH 0~50°C, Water Quality Aquarium Tank Swimming Pool Lab Spa Hydroponics

Gain Express 3-in-1 ORP Redox PH Temperature Combo

A waterproof meter designed to simultaneously measure pH and ORP in one go. It also reads temperature, which is continuously displayed on the dual level LCD. All pH readings are automatically temperature compensated (ATC). Measurements are highly accurate with a unique stability indicator right on the LCD. Comes with a removable electrode which can be replaced easily by the user. The housing has been completely sealed against humidity and designed to float. Features: Conforms with IP55 standard Included calibration solution, pH4.003, pH6.864 & pH9.182 Detachable pH electrode, can be replaced easily Waterproof and it floats! With Automatic Temperature Compensation Comes with extra pH Electrode    Specifications: Range: 0~14.00pH ; -1999~1999mV ; -50~70°C Resolution: 0.01pH ; 1mV ; 0.1°C Accuracy: ±0.1 pH ; ±5mV ; ±1°C ATC:  0~50°C Operating Environment:  0~50°C Set Includes: 1 x PH / ORP Meter 1 x Extra pH Electrode 1 x 4.003 pH Buffer Solution 1 x 6.864 pH Buffer Solution 1 x 9.182 pH Buffer Solution 1 x Mini Screw Driver English User Manual Sturdy Carrying Case

  • Color: Ph/Orp/Temp + Extra Ph Electrode
  • Brand: Gain Express
  • UPC: 600316549561

American Marine PINPOINT pH Calibration Fluid 4.0, 7.0, 10.0 Combo Pack

American Marine PINPOINT pH Calibration Fluid 4.0, 7.0,

PINPOINT® High-Precision pH Calibration Fluids: 4.000 +/- 0.002, 7.000 +/- 0.002, 10.000 +/- 0.005. These come in plastic envelope packets and are extremely accurate and field portable. Each packet contains ample fluid for calibration (about 30 ml). There is a free sample of these included with each PINPOINT® pH Monitor and PINPOINT® pH Controller. All electronic pH instruments should be calibrated monthly.

  • Brand: Pinpoint
  • UPC: 852664370315

2 in 1 Digital pH and ORP Controller with Separate Relays Repleaceable Electrode BNC Type Probe Water Quality Tester for Aquarium Hydroponics Tank Monitor 14.00pH / 1999mV Calibration Solution

2 in 1 Digital pH and ORP Controller

This pH / ORP Controller allows you to monitor and control pH and ORP levels in one unit. The controller provides a suitable way for you to keep an eye on the different water parameters in your tank.This can be use in aquacultures, beverage, fish hatcheries, water ponds, whirlpool, spa, food processing, photography, laboratory, paper industry, swimming pool, plating industry, quality control, water conditioning, and schools.FeaturesEasy operation digital controllerDual operation pH and ORP controller in single unitDetachable and replaceable pH and ORP electrodeDigital large LCD displayPower Plug for CO2 or Ozone Solenoids or Dosing Pumps are providedWith Relay outputpH and ORP indicatorBuilt-in SLOPE and CAL adjustmentProtection Dead Band feature SpecificationsMeasuring RangepH: 0.00~14.00pHORP: -1999~1999mVResolutionpH: 0.01pHORP: 1mVAccuracypH: ±0.1% +0.02pHORP: ±5mVSet RangepH: 3.50~10.50pHORP: -500~500mVRelay Contact: 5A for AC 110VDisplay: double 4LED display readingPower Supply: AC 110VEnvironment ConditionTemperature: 0~50°CHumidity:

  • Brand: Gain Express
  • UPC: 600316549110

3 in 1 pH mV ORP Temperature Redox Meter, Removable Electrode Portable Water Quality Tester Thermometer Analysis Analyzer for Hydroponic Aquarium Fish Tank Pond Pool Spa Salt Fresh Water

3 in 1 pH mV ORP Temperature Redox

FEATURES:  * Measure pH, ORP and temperature in 1 go (ORP Electrode is not included in the set)* Big & clear display monitor* Removable probe, easy to replace when necessary* Uses composite electrode* Portable pocket size main unit & lightweight* High-quality components * High accuracy, steady and reliable measurements* Easy operation with 4 clear and simple buttons* Comes with free calibration solution, calibration process is easy* Good for quality control or research environments SPECIFICATIONS Measuring range: 0.00~14.00PH / 0~±1999mV / 0~100°CResolution: 0.01pH / 1mV / 0.1°CAccuracy: ±0.01pH / ±0.1% F·S±1digit / ±0.4℃Display: 4-digital LCDPower Supply: 1 x 9V (not included )Input Impedance: 10(12) ΩEnvironment: 0~50°C, greater than equal 95%Size: 123 × 72 × 33mmWeight: 238g SET INCLUDES 1 x pH ORP Temperature Meter1 x pH BNC Electrode1 x Temperature Probe1 x 4.003 pH calibration solution1 x 6.864 pH calibration solution1 x Screwdriver

  • Brand: Gain Express
  • ASIN: B07FVPZ73W
  • UPC: 600316548496
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Pinpoint Orp Probe

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Pinpoint ORP METER CALIBRATION +91 9213616730

Pinpoint Orp Probe

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Understanding ORP Basic

Pinpoint Orp Probe

Measuring and working with Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) is very common, but taking true measurement is often not self-evident. In some instances, inaccurate measurements can lead to misdosing. Join us in our upcoming webinar as we discuss a variety of ORP measurement concepts, including w...

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Pinpoint Orp Probe

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