iZotope Spire Studio: Portable, Professional Quality Recording Made Simple

iZotope Spire Studio: Portable, Professional Quality Recording Made

Now everyone can record music with professional quality on Spire Studio, the most versatile mobile recording system ever made. Simplifying the recording and editing process, the wireless, portable 8-track recording audio device features a built-in, professional microphone, two inputs with Grace Design preamps, and award-winning sound processing technology delivering high-quality recordings. A simple LED touchscreen allows you to adjust volume, mute audio, and delete tracks without slowing your musical flow. Add studio-quality creative effects like reverbs and delays, which you can hear back in real time. Edit, mix and share recorded music instantly via Wi-Fi connection between Spire Studio and the Spire app, a powerful multi-track recorder, which is controlled with simple, intuitive gestures. Portable, wireless and battery operated, Spire Studio fits into a backpack or guitar case, so you have a professional studio with you at all times. Automatically set recording levels with a single button to eliminate set-up time and distorted sounds. You and your bandmates can plug in your musical instrument of choice to XLR/TS combo jacks with pristine clarity. Spire Studio can even power your own mic with 48V Phantom power with a customizable metronome, and automatically syncs tracks betwe...

  • Brand: iZotope
  • UPC: 860000317009

LyxPro VRI-30 - Portable & Foldable Sound Absorbing and Vocal Recording Panel For Home Office and Studio- Stand Mount Adjustable

LyxPro VRI-30 - Portable & Foldable Sound Absorbing

Make anyplace your professional recording space. This portable sound absorbing vocal recording panel from LyxPro instantly creates an essential microphone booth with the perfect ambiance for all your professional or amateur live performance recordings. The panel is easy to assemble and use, and is perfect for deflecting noise interference for top-notch vocal recording, anywhere. Eliminates Noise InterferenceDesigned by acoustic experts to absorb and deflect ambient noise that may compromise the accuracy of your performance capture, the panel effectively blocks sound from air conditioners, audience chatter, and other obstructions. Reduces BouncebackThe panel is constructed from premium aluminum and lined with high-quality foam. This delivers structural integrity along with appropriate sound diffusion so your recording is always free of distortion or alteration due to surrounding waves. Sets Up in SecondsEasy-to-follow instructions guide you through the truly minimal assembly required.Setting up the VRI-30 entails no more than unfolding the panel's hinged sections, hand-tightening the locks, and positioning the microphone to your preference. Remains Solid & StableThe recording panel mounts to your microphone stand with a convenient adapter. The included mounting hardware set adds i...

  • Brand: LyxPro
  • ASIN: B012OFI98I
  • UPC: 840102110852

TroyStudio Portable Sound Recording Vocal Booth Box - |Reflection Filter & Microphone Isolation Shied| - |Large, Foldable, Stand Mountable, Super Dense Sound Absorbing Foam|(Black)

TroyStudio Portable Sound Recording Vocal Booth Box -

TroyStudio Acoustic Isolation Cube are designed by professional recording engineers. It is specialized in securing your recording from unwanted ambience interferences such as excessive reverb and slapping bouceback. Exceptional acoustic performance, ready-to-go design as well as reasonable price all make it exactly the Mr. Right for music & vocal recording, no matter where you are. Acoustics Reverb Cancellation Room coloration like standing wave or unwanted reverb is always a disaster for music or vocal recording. This mic isolation shield can perfectly solve this problem. All the surfaces inside the box are covered with thick foams to absorb sound reflections to ensure the dryness of your recording. As a result, this item can reduce 92.7% of the reverberation energy in a recording. C80, which features musical clarity, can increase by 8.5dB. And D50, which more describes vocal clarity, increase by 63.7%. Soundproofing Though it's a natural law that an unclosed space cannot do soundproofing perfectly. Lots of effort has been made to make this product block noise as much as possible. The box consists of hard wood panels and the foams are thick and dense. Moreover, eggcrate is chosen to be the foams' pattern because eggcrate is better at noise reduction than other shapes. When it c...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: TroyStudio
  • ASIN: B07H6VJHX2
  • UPC: 680613497802

iZotope Road Warrior Bundle-Spire Studio, Travel Bag, Audio Technica Headphones, Black

iZotope Road Warrior Bundle-Spire Studio, Travel Bag, Audio

Spire Studio Goes Everywhere! Great songs can come from anywhere, so Spire Studio goes everywhere. The Spire Road Warrior Bundle has everything you need to record in professional quality, including studio-grade headphones in a road-tested case so you can sound your best wherever you are. Bundle Includes: Spire Studio Spire Studio Travel bag Audio Technical (ATH-M30x) Professional Monitor Headphones Phone battery charger One TS instrument cable One XLR cable Cleaning Cloth About Spire Studio: Ditch the cables and record professional-quality sound with Spire. It’s the world’s first truly wireless recording solution that will have you recording in seconds. Edit, mix, and share your recorded songs instantly via a built-in Wi-Fi connection between Spire Studio and the free Spire app for iOS. Whether you're capturing a moment of inspiration or collaborating with bandmates, Spire delivers a new kind of recording experience. About Spire Studio Travel Bag: Whether you're traveling to band practice or your next gig, protect your Spire Studio with the Spire Studio Travel Bag. This durable soft shell bag provides lightweight and solid protection, wherever your music may take you. About Audio Technical (ATH-M30x) Professional Monitor Headphones: The M-Series ATH-M30x professional...

  • Brand: iZotope
  • ASIN: B07C8N9FD2
  • UPC: 040232189210

Neewer Professional Microphone Studio Recording Accessories Include: NW-8 Mic Isolation Shield, Adjustable Wind Screen Bracket Stand and Pop Filter for Vocal Acoustic Recording and Podcasting

Neewer Professional Microphone Studio Recording Accessories Include: NW-8

Note: Microphone, microphone clip and headphones are not included Description: This kit is great for professional Vocal/Acoustic Recording and Podcasting Sound Booth to record clear vocal. NW-8 Microphone Isolation Shield: The microphone shield made of metal alloy and professional acoustic foams, lightweight and portable. Help minimizing the undesirable hall reflections, noises and echo in order to obtain a very "dry" vocal or instrumental recording signal. 3/8" and 5/8" thread adapter for stands and microphone holders. Dimensions (L x W x H ):16.7" x 12" x 6.1"/42.5cm x 30.5cm x 15.5cm Wind Screen Stand: The heavy duty microphone stand is stable, sturdy and durable. Made of aluminum and with tripod design, non-slip feet. Its adjustable height can meet most demands. It is quite easy to adjust the height with multiple holes on the tube. And with only two knobs, it is also easy to install and pack. It has a standard 5/8-inch thread mount, can be directly plugged into the socket of most mic clips. 6 inches Pop Filter: The sturdy hose is made of high-strength metal, flexible and durable. And can hold the screen steadily for long time positioning. Double Layer Mesh Screen: Demolish problematic plosives, avoid distortion, ensure the best recording. Package Contents: 1 x NW-8 Microphone...

  • Brand: Neewer
  • ASIN: B071L5WXM7
  • UPC: 191073015098

Pyle Mini Portable Vocal Recording Booth - Use with Standard Microphone, Isolation Noise Filter Reflection Shield for Recording Studio Quality Audio - Dual Acoustic Foam Soundproof Panel PSMRS09

Pyle Mini Portable Vocal Recording Booth - Use

Pyle Mini Portable vocal recording booth designed to help minimizing the undesirable hall reflections, noises and echo in order to obtain a very "dry" Vocal or instrumental recording signal. It has dual folding acoustic foam soundproofing panels with 2.0” inches that filters noise and reflections. This filter Also allows good recording results even under unfavorable ambient conditions without having to take complicated measures to reproduce studio conditions or an acoustical insulation. Made of acoustic foam and reinforced steel, lightweight and portable. It is designed to accommodate universal Standard 5/8” adapter microphones. Create a closer, drier, more controlled vocal or instrument recording in many situations. Regardless if you’re Pro or an aspirant, with this superb setup you'll be equipped to record clear, focused natural sound of your voice, even in a room with imperfect acoustics. Get ready to record and be a star! Features: sound isolation for microphone recording enhance vocals & singing for studio quality ready to record: quick & easy setup dual folding soundproofing acoustic panels adjustable microphone depth with removable shock mount protects from unwanted outside audio interference high density deflection, noise-absorbing foam universal Standard 5/8'' Micr...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Pyle
  • UPC: 842893100876

Talent All-in-One USB Home Recording Studio - Vocal Booth - USB Mic - Shock Mount - Pop Filter

Talent All-in-One USB Home Recording Studio - Vocal

With the All-In-One home recording bundle from Talent, anyone can really be a star without leaving the comfort of home! You get a high quality, plug and play USB microphone with a shock mount and pop filter, as well as a portable isolation booth to make sure your recordings sound just like the pros!

  • Brand: Talent
  • UPC: 848864029993

Monoprice Microphone Isolation Shield - Black - Foldable With 3/8" Mic Threaded Mount, High Density Absorbing Foam Front & Vented Metal Back Plate - Stage Right

Monoprice Microphone Isolation Shield - Black - Foldable

Ambient and reflected sound can be a problem when recording acoustic and vocal tracks, especially in a "live" Studio environment. Block unwanted sounds from entering your microphone by using this microphone isolation shield from Monoprice! This acoustic shield features an acoustic foam front and a vented metal back plate, which allows the microphone to "breathe" And prevents reflections within the arc of the shield. It uses a dual clamp mounting bracket, which attaches to booms or stands up to 1 1/4" In diameter. The two outer panels can be folded inward for storage or for creating a tighter acoustic isolation chamber. The shield features a standard 3/8" Microphone threaded mount and includes a 3/8" To 5/8" Thread adapter. The shield can be used in a normal upright orientation or can be Inverted, so that the microphone hangs down inside the chamber. All assembly and mounting hardware is included.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Monoprice
  • ASIN: B00GR9W1MS
  • UPC: 757901803932

Sound Isolation Recording Shield Box - Microphone Foam Booth Cube, Sound Dampening Filter - Audio Acoustic Noise Isolator Platform Pads w/ Wedgie Padding, Studio, Podcast, Vocal Use - Pyle PSIB27

Sound Isolation Recording Shield Box - Microphone Foam

PylePro Model : PSIB27 Sound Recording Audio Isolation Box Sound Recording Booth Box, Studio Soundproofing Foam Shield Isolation Filter Cube Features: Versatile Mic Recording & Sound Isolation Ability Portable and Compact Cube Design Ready to Record: Quick & Easy Setup Soundproofing Studio Foam 'Wedgie' Acoustic Tiles Box-Style Engineered for Maximum Absorption/Isolation High Density Noise-Absorbing Acoustic Foam Perfect for Studio Recording, Podcasts, Vocals, Singing, etc. Run Cables Through Rear Panel Zipper Foam Color: Charcoal Gray *Tripod Mount & Microphone not included Dimensions (L x W x H): 12.2'' x 13.0'' x 13.3'' -Open Dimensions (L x W x H): 25.2'' x 13.2'' x 2.4'' -Folded   The Pyle PSiB27 Sound Isolation Recording Booth Cube Shield features sound dampening foam that assists unwanted sounds from contaminating your recordings. The box shield creates an acoustic boundary around the microphone that improves vocal audio flow -- directing your voice to the containment area, and at the same time, preventing room reflections from directly entering the recording zone. The isolation box will help you achieve a more crisp and clean sound, preferred by most music professionals. Unwanted outside audio waves and vibrations, also known as noise and interference, are shielded whi...

  • Brand: Pyle
  • ASIN: B0117DB5TI
  • UPC: 068888760270

Neewer NW-5 Foldable Adjustable Portable Sound Absorbing Vocal Recording Panel, Aluminum Acoustic Isolation Microphone Shield with High-Density Foam, Non-slip Feet for Stand Mount or Desktop Use

Neewer NW-5 Foldable Adjustable Portable Sound Absorbing Vocal

Note: The microphone, stand and headphone are not included. Description The Sound absorbing panel is composed of two key components, the folding diffusion shell, and the foam absorption lining. The outer shell is composed by two curved metal plates which are vented with small holes designed to redirect unwanted audio from reaching the microphone. The inner walls of the diffusion shell are lined with high quality foam used to absorb the source's reflecting audio waves that are being recorded after they reach the microphone. It is designed for microphone-stand mounting, can accommodate any size microphones. Create a closer, drier, more controlled vocal or instrument recording in many situations. It has 5 panels. 3 stationary center panels and 2 foldable end panels. This design makes the panel easy to pack and carry around without occupying too much room. Sturdy aluminum construction, make it durable and sturdy. High-density sound absorbing acoustic foam ensures good recording. Adjustable knobs make the installation on stand more easy and stable. Specification Material: Aluminum + Foam Weight: 99.5 ounces/ 2820.77 grams Package Contents 1x NW-5 Sound Absorbing Vocal Recording Panel

  • Brand: Neewer
  • UPC: 191073008625
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