EOC Converter IP Over Coax max 3000ft POE Power and Data Transmission Over Regular RG59 coaxial Cable ...

EOC Converter IP Over Coax max 3000ft POE

EOC (Ethernet Over Coax, also known as IP over Coax) Converter is used to transmit Video & Audio & Data over existing coaxial cables. Features with POE & IP data transmission and passive design, LINOVISION EOC converter is designed to upgrade traditional analogue video surveillance system to IP surveillance system without replacing coaxial cables. It is working with POE IP cameras, POE Wi-Fi AP, VoIP phones, etc. ApplicationIdeal for Security Video Systems, Video Switching system, Home Automation, Multi-media , Education systems, Access Control system, Information Diffusion system, etc;Compatible to IEEE802.3af / IEEE802.3at POE protocol, max 21W POE load capacity in 100m (330ft), or 11W POE load capacity in 300m (1000ft)Noted: EOC transmitter has to be connected to POE device (IPC / VoIP), and EOC receiver is connected to POE injectors. The reverse connection will not work.It is used for point-to-point coax cable direct connection only, no BNC repeater/T-connect/splitter in the middle. Package Included1 * Pair EOC Converter  (Transmitter and Receiver Included) 1* User Manual Warranty & Technical Support24/7 US local+ Global technical support 2 years US local warrantyFree return in 30 days

  • Brand: HINO
  • ASIN: B07G194BQD
  • UPC: 736900932201

AHD/CVI/TVI/CVBS Video and Power multiplexer Over Coaxial, Video and Power Extender Transmitter Using coaxial Cable Transmit coaxial Signal + Power at The Same time Over 400 Meters (1300ft)

AHD/CVI/TVI/CVBS Video and Power multiplexer Over Coaxial, Video

** In order to ensure the power transmission distance, please use the DC36V power supply.** Overview This products use a coaxial cable transmits 1-channel coaxial high-definition signals + power supply at the same time, transmission distance can reach 400m. Output voltage: DC12V / 600mA, Also it can completely solve the front camera's power supply to the construction of the clutter and coaxial cables & various interference problems caused by the interference sources in total. Parameters Item name: AHD/CVI/TVI Video + Power supply coaxial HD multiplexer Compatible mode:HD-CVI/TVI/AHD Interface:BNC port, Q9 Power supply input:DC 24-36V 1A Transmission distance:400M(1300ft) Operating temperature: -40°C~+80°C Shell material:ABS materials Product weight:117g/pair

  • Brand: EVERSECU
  • UPC: 605621342869

BeElion 1CH Pair Power Over Coax HD Video Balun Transceiver with 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC Power Connectors,Built-in surge and transient protection

BeElion 1CH Pair Power Over Coax HD Video

* The device is used to power security cameras with 12VDC voltage over single coaxial cable and transmit/receive the composite HD video singles from the cameras over the same 75ohm coaxial cable(RG-59 or higher quality) at a distance up to 400m. Monitoring side input 24-36VDC,plug and play,easy to install. * It is ideal for monitoring areas where no power is available to operate a camera. Features: * Compatible with HDCVI/HDTVI/AHD/CVBS; * Input voltage:DC 24-36V, output power max to 12VDC,12W; * Transmit instant video, no delayment; * Long transmission: 400m; * 1 Cable for power & video transmission, no need to lay AC line and install power adapter to camera, reducing material cost; * Built-in surge and transient protection, supper interference rejection; * Outershell: with extend coaxial cable, easy to install with DVR,RG59,BNC; * Coaxial video connector:BNC-M, category typr: coax 75-5/75-4/75-3; * Compatible Format: HDCVI/HDTVI/AHD/CVBS; * Resolution:720p/1080p, anti-interference: >60db; * Dimension: 78*29*22mm. Material: ABS, Color:Black. Package Content: Pair Single Channel HD Video Power Transceiver (1xTX, 1xRX) 1x User manual

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: BeElion
  • ASIN: B076Y243HT
  • UPC: 795042434462

Dualcomm POE-over-Coax Adapter Kit (DECA-200) - Twin Pack

Dualcomm POE-over-Coax Adapter Kit (DECA-200) - Twin

[Ethernet-over-Coax Product] Dualcomm (Pairtek) patented DECA-200 PoE-over-Coax Adapter Kit is a first of its kind in the industry which includes two adapters (DECA-200A and DECA-200B), one adapter for connecting a Powered Device (PD) such as an IP camera to a Coax cable at one end and the other adapter for connecting the coax cable at the other end to a Power Source Equipment (PSE) such as a PoE enabled Ethernet switch. As such, an end-to-end PoE connection over the coax cable is established for transmission of full-duplex 10/100Base-T Ethernet data and PoE power between the PSE and the PD. Either DECA-200A or DECA-200B can be used to connect to a PD. For connecting to a PSE, DECA-200A should be used to connect to the PSE of "Mode A" as defined in the PoE standards 802.3af/at, and DECA-200B should be used to connect to the PSE of "Mode B". The DECA-200 PoE-over-Coax Adapter Kit provides a very cost-effective way to migrate an analog video surveillance system to an IP camera video system by utilizing previously installed coax cabling. It allows you to replace analog cameras by IP cameras at your own pace as each DECA-200 PoE-over-Coax Adapter Kit can be installed independently.

  • ASIN: B076XNYR2H
  • UPC: 804879343684

PoE Ethernet Extender Set Over Coaxial Cable (EoC) for IP Security CCTV Camera Transmitting Data and Power up to 800ft Long Distance

PoE Ethernet Extender Set Over Coaxial Cable (EoC)

PoE Ethernet Extender Set Over Coaxial Cable (EoC) for IP Security CCTV Camera Product Description: This Mini-Power kit is the most economical PoE over Coax Solution. By using novel technology, PoE signal can be converted into coaxial cable with a transmitter. After passing through the remote receiver, PoE signal will be converted back to Ethernet signal. Unlike regular EoC adapters require additional power for the IP cameras, the receiver can retrieve power from PoE signal without local power injection, so no power adapter is required. It is compatible with IEEE 802.3af & 802.3at and provides with more than 30W / 0.75A PoE power through RG59 coaxial cable. The transmission distance over RG59 coax is up to 250m (820 ft) at 10Mbps and 150m (490 ft) at 100Mbps respectively. Features: PoE Ethernet Extender Transmitting up to 800ft Transmit Both Data and Power Over One Coaxial Cable for PoE IP Surveillance CCTV Cameras Supports IEEE 802.3af & IEEE 802.3at; Transmit 250m at 10Mbps and 150m at 100Mbps Install New IP Cameras Using Existing coaxial Cable, Compatible with RG59/RG6 Coaxial Cable User Friendly Easy Plug-n-Play, No Power Adapter Needed Package includes: 1 Pair (2PCS) IP Video PoE to Coax Media Converter Extender Power Supply is not required

  • Color: Mini Power PoE Ethernet Extender Set2
  • Brand: Enconn

Power And Ethernet Over Coax Transmitter - LAZYCAT LCIOPCT 7 BNC Port PoC & EoC Gigabit Switch Powering and Connecting 7 Network Surveillance Cameras For 1000ft, Plug & Play, Easy Upgrade Analog To IP

Power And Ethernet Over Coax Transmitter - LAZYCAT

LAZYCAT Technology  * This PoC & EoC switch and receiver kit is designed for quick and painlessly upgrading analog camera system into network IP system. * This kit is capable of re-using legacy analog cable, transmitting both DC power and high-speed network signals, and easy upgrading old CCTV systems simply by replacing cameras & NVRs. * Plug and Play, easy to install of operate. This kit will save a great many of installation time & cable costs, especially for large retro-fit projects  7 BNC Port PoC & EoC Gigabit Switch needs to work with PoC & EoC Enable IP Cameras, or with PoC & EoC Adapter to support 3rd party Network Cameras * Supply DC power for 7 IP Cameras over Coax, and reach up to 1000ft(300M) distance * Supply High-speed network over Coax * Distance covers 300M(1000ft) per channel * Anti-jamming, Lightening protection, Over-voltage protection, Short Circuit Protection * Power Adapter: DC48V 3000mA * Size: 6"x 4.65" x 1.42"inch ( 153*118*36mm ) * Weight: 3.3 lb (1.5 kgs) Package Includes - 1 x 7 BNC port PoC & EoC Switch - 1 x DC 48V 3A Power Adapter with Power Cord - 1 x Quick Installation Guide - 1 x Screw Pack

  • Brand: LAZYCAT
  • ASIN: B07282D6YS
  • UPC: 190835403333

Loryta LR1002-1ET+LR1002-1EC EOC Converter IP Over Coax max 3000ft POE Power and Data Transmission Over Regular RG59 coaxial Cable

Loryta LR1002-1ET+LR1002-1EC EOC Converter IP Over Coax max

This is perfect choice when you renovate analog system to POE IP surveillance system, no need to rewire the coaxial cables to Cat5/6 cable, just use this small one port gadget and changed the front end(analog camera to IP camera) and back end(digital recorder to network recorder) Function Port: 1*10/100 Mbps Base-TX; 1*BNC Power Consumption:

  • Brand: Loryta
  • UPC: 739210402662

2 PACK - DIRECTV Broadband DECA Ethernet to Coax Adapter - Third Generation (with 2 AC Power Supplies)

2 PACK - DIRECTV Broadband DECA Ethernet to

This third generation Cinema Connection Kit allows a DIRECTV system to connect to a router using an Ethernet cable. These can be powered by either a USB cable or external power supply. The kit contains 2 USB Broadband DECA, 2 Ethernet cables, and 2 power supplies. This unit can be used to run Ethernet over existing coax cable. The DECA network is a shared 200Mb/s, or the same speed as full duplex 100Mb/s Ethernet. Great for using right behind a router to pump internet over coax for a Whole Home DVR or Connected Home Setup This unit will connect to your router via an Ethernet cable, and then into an open port on one of your sws splitters to get the internet into the coaxial cable for the entire system.

  • Brand: DIRECTV
  • UPC: 762691001598

HDView Ethernet & Power Over Coax Adapter Converter, EoC PoC, BNC & RJ45 Jacks, Send Ethernet and PoE Power Signal 3200ft Over Coaxial Cable, Convert IP Cameras to Analog Cameras (Receiver)

HDView Ethernet & Power Over Coax Adapter Converter,

Features Support cascade mode; maximum four transmitters can be cascaded Ethernet transmission distance reaches max up to 1000m Post transmission distance reaches max up to 1000m with max 12W output power Provide power to devices; max up to 12V / 1A Meet standards of IEEE802.3 10BAS-T, IEEE802.3u 1000 BASE-TX Support IEEE802.3af standard; automatically detect and recognize IEEE802.3af standard PD equipments and provide power to PD equipments High speed modem technology, the physical bandwidth is up to 1000Mbps (bi-directional) Multi-Stage strong surge and lightning protection design Low power consumption, automatic error-correction coding technology Easy to install, plug-and-play mode, fast network Include extra 53V DC/1.25A power adaptor Package Includes Receiver Power Adaptor 53V 1.25A DC power cable Bracket Power wire Screws Product Name Ethernet & Power Extender Over Coax. Model Transmitter Receiver Power Supply Output: 12V DC / 1A Input: 100~240V AC Output: 53V DC / 1.25A Consumption< 2W

  • Brand: HDView
  • UPC: 732773383546

UHPPOTE 1CH Power Over Coax Transceiver Input DC24V-36V Output DC12V 12W

UHPPOTE 1CH Power Over Coax Transceiver Input DC24V-36V

Features: Compatible with HDCVI/DHTVI/AHD/CVBS,Support HDCVI OSD Data Input voltage: DC24-36V, output power max to 12VDC,12W Transmit instant video, no delayment Long transmission: 400m / 1312ft 1 cable for power & video transmission, no need to lay AC line and install power adapter to camera, reducing material cost. Builit-in surge and transient protection, super interference rejection Outershell: with extend coaxial cable, easy to install with DVR,RG59,BNC Specifications: Transmission signal: 1 channel HD video HD video transmission distance: 720P/1080P(Max) Category type: Coax75-5/75-4/75-3 Coaxial video connector: BNC-M Connecting way: BNC Compatible format: HDCVI/HDTVI/CVBS Resolution: 720P/1080P Anti-interference: >60db ESD: 1a contact discharge electricity level 3; 1b air discharge electricity level3; Per: IEC61000-4-2 Coaxial cable connector: 2KV(common-code),Per:IEC1000-4-5 UTP cable connector: 2VK(different-code),Per:IEC1000-4-5 Impedance(Coax): 75ohms Dimensions(LxWxH): 78x29x22mm / 3.07x1.14x0.87in Shell: ABS Color: Black Weight: 153g / 5.4oz Stability(MTBF): >10000H Operating Temperature: -10~55℃ / 14~131℉ Storage Temperature: -20~70℃ / -4℉~158℉ Humidity: 0-95%(non-condensing) Package: 1 x HD Video & Power Transceiver 1 x User manual

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: UHPPOTE
  • ASIN: B07KXM81R7
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