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Custom Paracord Call Lanyard for Buck, Duck, Goose or Predator (Full Length)

Predator Call Lanyard

This is the Paracord Call lanyard That I did in a previous video for my Deer Paracord Lanyards. It is completely redone and I focused heavily of video quality and a step by step explanation which is why the video is almost as long as it takes me to make one. The videos explaining how to make the...

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Predator Call Lanyard

Excited to introduce to you Jonathan, owner of Quack Lanyards! He makes top notch paracord products. Go check him out Instagram Facebook Quack Lanyards Email [email protected] Web Subscribe to Our Channel http://bi...

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Custom Paracord Lanyard for Duck, Goose, Deer and Predator

Predator Call Lanyard

This is the Custom Base lanyard I use for my Deer Paracord Lanyards. I will also post two more videos explaining how to make these into great duck or goose call lanyards or also a predator call lanyard. Thanks for watching and let me know what you think below.

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How To Make A Waterfowl Call Lanyard 1/3

Predator Call Lanyard

How to make a lanyard for your calls with paracord. If you would like to purchase a custom made lanyard, email me at [email protected] I can do all styles, types, and colors. Just let me know what you'd like. Thanks

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EASY-TO-MAKE Game Call Lanyard

Predator Call Lanyard

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