FreeTec Front Wheel Drive Bearing Puller Separator Splitter Press Removal and Installer Adapter Kit

FreeTec Front Wheel Drive Bearing Puller Separator Splitter

Specifications: A_ Bushing955-17 3.05" 77.5mm B_ Bushing955-18 3.2" 81.3mm C_ Bushing955-19 3.29" 83.8mm D_ Tube Sleeve 4"x2.53" E_ Bushing955-14 2.8" 71.6mm inner1.64" F_ Bushing955-15 2.89" 73.5mm G_ Bushing955-16 3.46" 88mm H_ Tube Sleeve 3.63"x2.53" I_ Bushing955-11 2.5" 63.5mm J_ Bushing955-12 2.8" 71.1mm K_ Bushing955-13 2.82" 71.6mm inner1.48" L_ Tube Sleeve 3.25"x2.53" M_ Bushing955-07 2.64" 67mm N_ Bushing955-08 2.18" 55.5mm O_ Bushing955-09 2.91" 74mm P_ Tube Sleeve 3"x2.53" Q_ Sleeve Plate Adapter 3.25"-3.02"-2.72" R_ Sleeve Plate Adapter 4"-3.7"-3.2"S_ Bushing955-06 2.95" 75mm T_ 2 Washers 1.5" U_ Forcing Screw 7.5"longx0.75"Diameter V_ Forcing Screw Nut 3"longx0.75"DiameterApplication: fits front wheel drive cars and small trucksMaterial: Forged carbon steel, BMC for storage.Operation: Step.1 Determine if the vehicle has a trapped rotor or a floating rotor. Step.2 Assemble the tool components, and press out the worn bearing. Step.3 Lightly lubricate the new bearing, and position it for installation with the tool components assembled. Press the bearing into the spindle assembly until it bottoms. Step.4 Fasten the bearing retainer in place using the bearing retainer bolts. (On Neon vehicles, install the snap ring in the knuckle.) Step.5 Assemble tool components. Lightl...

  • Brand: FreeTec
  • ASIN: B07N2C4WR5
  • UPC: 733810520931

Amphetamine Bearing Press/Puller Longboard Skateboard Inline Quad Tool 8mm / 7mm, Silver

Amphetamine Bearing Press/Puller Longboard Skateboard Inline Quad Tool

Durability paired with functionality make this bearing press a can't miss tool for your bearing needs. This tool eliminates the struggle of installing and removing bearings by using leverage to press and pull without damaging the bearings. This press can be used with virtually all skateboard wheels and most longboard (maximum size of 70mm x 45mm), inline (maximum size of 82mm x 24mm), and even quad wheels (maximum size of 70mm x 45mm). Also includes hardware to table mount if you wish. This press comes assembled with an 8mm axle for standard size 608 bearings, and comes with an extra 7mm axle for size 627 bearings. Works as a press/puller for 8mm bearings. For 7mm bearings, only works as a press. does not include wheels from the example photo.

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Amphetamine
  • ASIN: B0754VFKRV
  • UPC: 663320520216

Bones Bearings Press Puller - Bones Bearing Tool - Bones Skate Tool

Bones Bearings Press Puller - Bones Bearing Tool

Pulls and Presses bearings with ease. A must have for any skater on the go!

  • Color: white
  • Brand: Bones Swiss
  • ASIN: B0094J48KQ
  • UPC: 617237765284

ATD Tools 3056 Bar-Type Puller/Bearing Separator Set in Molded Storage and Carrying Case - 5 Ton Capacity

ATD Tools 3056 Bar-Type Puller/Bearing Separator Set in

This 5-ton bar-type puller/bearing separator set is perfect for a wide variety of pulling jobs. It can also be used separately or with other pullers or tools.

  • Brand: ATD Tools
  • ASIN: B004IQ8RMU
  • UPC: 663126030568

Bones Swiss Bearing Press/Puller (White)

Bones Swiss Bearing Press/Puller

BONES Wheels; revolutionizing quality urethanes that help revolutionize the future of skateboarding.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Bones Swiss
  • ASIN: B00829ZSIU
  • UPC: 617237765284

OTOOLWORLD Watchmaker Watch Hand Presto Presser Lifter Puller Plunger Remover set Fitting Repair Tools

OTOOLWORLD Watchmaker Watch Hand Presto Presser Lifter Puller

OTOOLWORLD Watchmaker Watch Hand Presto Presser Lifter Puller Plunger Remover set Fitting Repair Tools

  • ASIN: B0748HZTMH
  • UPC: 069528851563

Astro Pneumatic Tool 78825 Master Front Wheel Bearing Adapter Puller Kit W/Grade 8 Drive Bolt

Astro Pneumatic Tool 78825 Master Front Wheel Bearing

Astro pneumatics' 78825 master front wheel drive bearing adapter kit includes a heavy duty grade 8 drive bolt, making this the most durable kit of its kind. Replace wheel bearings without the need for alignment after by keeping the strut assembly and steering knuckle in place during service.

  • Brand: Astro Pneumatic Tool
  • UPC: 745227024490

StewMac Fret Puller and Chip Stopper Set

StewMac Fret Puller and Chip Stopper

Our Fret Puller tool is just for pulling, not cutting, frets. Its spring-loaded flush-ground 1/2" jaws are small enough for a better bite. It helps reduce wood chip-out, and does a better job of getting under frets and lifting them than wider cutters. Features comfortable rubber-coated handles.Our Chip Stoppers™ are a clever solution from Don MacRostie here at StewMac, and a big hit in our shops. If you're tired of gluing back fingerboard chips after pulling up old frets, our steel Chip Stoppers work with our Fret Puller to minimize chip-out.We've put together this money-saving set so you can experience chip-free fret jobs! Combining the Fret Puller with our Chip Stoppers will forever change the way you remove frets. The Chip Stoppers press down on the fingerboard as the Fret Puller takes frets out. The result is fewer chips, and cleaner refrets.Here's how they work together:Heat the fret as usual, with a chisel-tip soldering iron to soften glue under the fret.Lift the end of the fret, getting under it with the jaws of the Fret Puller.Slide the Chip Stopper into place as the fret starts coming out (the .033" x 3" slot fits around the fret tang).Walk the Fret Puller down the length of the fret, lifting it out as the Stopper protects the wood underneath.Most often, you'll use the...

  • Brand: StewMac

With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa

With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and

“Eugene Sledge became more than a legend with his memoir, With The Old Breed. He became a chronicler, a historian, a storyteller who turns the extremes of the war in the Pacific—the terror, the camaraderie, the banal and the extraordinary—into terms we mortals can grasp.”—Tom HanksNEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERIn The Wall Street Journal, Victor Davis Hanson named With the Old Breed one of the top five books on epic twentieth-century battles. Studs Terkel interviewed the author for his definitive oral history, The Good War. Now E. B. Sledge’s acclaimed first-person account of fighting at Peleliu and Okinawa returns to thrill, edify, and inspire a new generation. An Alabama boy steeped in American history and enamored of such heroes as George Washington and Daniel Boone, Eugene B. Sledge became part of the war’s famous 1st Marine Division—3rd Battalion, 5th Marines. Even after intense training, he was shocked to be thrown into the battle of Peleliu, where “the world was a nightmare of flashes, explosions, and snapping bullets.” By the time Sledge hit the hell of Okinawa, he was a combat vet, still filled with fear but no longer with panic. Based on notes Sledge secretly kept in a copy of the New Testament, With the Old Breed captures with utter simplicity and searin...

  • Brand: Sledge, E. B./ Hanson, Victor Davis (INT)
  • ASIN: 0891419063
  • UPC: 884198659987

Cal 7 Skateboard Longboard Tool Bearing Press/Puller for Wheels up to 70mm

Cal 7 Skateboard Longboard Tool Bearing Press/Puller for

Listing includes: One Skateboard / Longboard 8mm Bearing Press/Puller -Works for wheels size 70mm and under -Set comes with extra hardware for installation on work table Compatible for bearing removal for skateboards and roller skates! Remove old bearings and install new ones with ease, and you're ready to ride!

  • Color: Up to 70mm
  • Brand: Cal 7
  • ASIN: B079ZL1CQF
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