Reflecmedia RM1125DS 8'x8' Small Duo Deskshoot Lite Litering Kit

Reflecmedia RM1125DS 8'x8' Small Duo Deskshoot Lite Litering

Reflecmedia chroma key solution that allows you to shoot and key almost anywhere. The results achieved using Chromatte are as good as those achieved in a dedicated studio, on location, as everything needed comes in one small bag. This kit includes the small-sized Duo Colored LED LiteRing (fits lenses 30 - 72mm in diameter), Chromatte 8'x8' glass-beaded background, which achieves a high-quality key with no blue or green spill and excellent edge definition. New Litering controller and one adapter size of your choice. The Duo LiteRing is a circular arrangement of blue and green light-emitting diodes (LEDs) mounted around the camera lens via an adapter. The LiteRing provides all the necessary source light required to illuminate the Chromatte fabric for keying. The AC or battery powered LiteRing Controller (LRC) allows adjustment of the intensity of light required for optimum keying results. Ideal shooting distances depend on a number of variables including levels of ambient light, choice of keying applications, camera quality and filming formats.

  • ASIN: B008RAG8DI
  • UPC: 639713580372
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