TetraFauna AquaSafe Water Conditioner for Reptiles & Amphibians 3.38oz

TetraFauna AquaSafe Water Conditioner for Reptiles & Amphibians

TetraFauna is a brand you can trust in the reptile care industry. Create a safe environment for your pet reptile or amphibian with TetraFauna’s AquaSafe Aqua-Terrarium Tank Water Conditioner. TetraFauna offers a complete solution to water conditioning your aqua – terrarium. Tap water and well water contain dangerous substances like chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals that must be neutralized for the health and safety of your aquatic turtles, amphibians, snakes, lizards and all ornamental fish. It quickly removes or neutralizes heavy metals like copper, iron and zinc as well as substances such as chlorine, making the water suitable for your fragile pets, including frogs, newts and salamanders. The unique TetraFauna formula contains colloids that protect skin (for applicable species including turtles). Use with every full or partial water change or evaporation replacement. Use 10ml for every 10 gallons (38 Liters) with each raised mark on the side of the bottle equaling 10 ml.

  • Brand: Tetra
  • ASIN: B003JVR1OA
  • UPC: 046798770091

Reptile Care: An Atlas of Diseases and Treatments

Reptile Care: An Atlas of Diseases and

In this remarkable reference, the esteemed Dr. Frye (fellow, Royal Society of Medicine, UK) has virtually defined the current state of the science and practice in reptile husbandry and health care from the provision of sensible guidelines for the feeding of reptiles and revealing coverage of their reproductive behavior to the masterful treatment of antibiotic therapy. The main body of the text deals with the recognition and treatment of every disease condition known in reptiles, illustrated by some 1,850 fascinating color photographs. In addition to showing disease-causative organisms and the results produced in the appearance of sick reptiles, a number of the photos clearly illustrate the step-by-step procedures recommended for treatment of specific conditions. The volumes are large (10.25x14") and heavy, but without a page of waste. For veterinarians, herpetologists, and students, as well as collectors, breeders, and the interested public. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

  • ASIN: 0866222146

Provent-a-Mite - Reptile Mite Spray

Provent-a-Mite - Reptile Mite

Provent-a-mite is the only patented, EPA and USDA approved product specifically labeled for use with all reptiles that has undergone more than 25 years of research, clinical testing and use to insure that it will effectively eradicate mites and ticks that feed on your reptiles. Unlike many other treatments, Provent-a-mite poses no potential harm to the host being treated when used as directed. Provent-a-Mite will bond to any treated surface and remain effective for up to 30 days or longer, continuously killing any potentially disease carrying mites or ticks.

  • Brand: ProProducts

Zoo Med ReptiSafe Water Conditioner (8.75)

Zoo Med ReptiSafe Water Conditioner

The first instant terrarium water conditioner. Great for reptile water bowls, chameleon drip water systems, amphibian enclosures, and aquatic turtle tanks. ReptiSafeâ„¢ removes chloramines and chlorine, detoxify es ammonia and nitrites, and provides essential ions and electrolytes which help to hydrate newly acquired animals. Also stimulates slime coat development in amphibians and fish.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Zoo Med
  • ASIN: B0002568SG
  • UPC: 097612840087

Nature Zone SNZ59321 Reptile Worm Guard Powder, 2-Ounce

Nature Zone SNZ59321 Reptile Worm Guard Powder,

Nature Zone SNZ59321 Reptile Worm Guard Powder, 2-Ounce

  • Brand: Nature Zone
  • ASIN: B0002ARSLM
  • UPC: 783178593214

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, Best Leather Conditioner Since 1968. For Use on Leather Apparel, Furniture, Auto Interiors, Shoes, Bags and Accessories. Non-Toxic and Made in the USA!

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, Best Leather Conditioner Since

HISTORY Leather Honey is the best leather conditioner, made in the USA and hand-bottled by the same family for nearly 50 years. The original leather conditioner formula, developed in 1968, is still used today. Our time-tested brand has millions of satisfied customers. BETTER THAN THE REST Leather Honey rejuvenates and conditions old leather, protects and softens new leather. Our leather conditioner formula is non-toxic and water, snow and rain repellent. Leather Honey is proven to penetrate deep into the leather's pores, increasing flexibility and durability. PRODUCT USES Leather Honey prolongs the life of boots, leather furniture, saddles and tack, gloves, baseball mitts, apparel, upholstery and automobile and motorcycle seats and accessories. Our leather conditioner leaves your leather feeling and looking beautiful. For use on all leather but suede. While our leather conditioner may darken some leather; original color typically returns in time. LONG-LASTING FORMULA Our long-lasting leather conditioner formula means one application lasts six months or longer -- other less-effective products require application once a month. Leather Honey penetrates deep into the leather, hydrating the individual fibers from the inside out. Other leather conditioning products merely sit on the su...

  • Brand: Leather Honey Leather Conditioner
  • ASIN: B003IS3HV0
  • UPC: 857834002034

Vetericyn Plus All Animal Wound and Skin Care | Animal Wound Spray - Itch and Sore Relief - Cleans Cuts and Relieves Irritation - 8-ounce

Vetericyn Plus All Animal Wound and Skin Care

[Made in the USA] Vetericyn Plus Wound and Skin Care products are used for cleansing, irrigating, debriding, and adding moisture to your pet’s wounds, setting the stage for optimal healing conditions. All Vetericyn Plus products are made with hypochlorous technology, a non-toxic alternative to the overuse of antibiotics and steroids for a safer way to relieve itch and pain and jumpstart the healing process.

  • Color: All Animal
  • Brand: Vetericyn
  • ASIN: B002YHL82G
  • UPC: 852009002017

NUOMANAN Curtains Turtle,Loggerhead Marine Reptile,Treatments Thermal Insulated Light Blocking Drapes Back for Bedroom 52"x72"

NUOMANAN Curtains Turtle,Loggerhead Marine Reptile,Treatments Thermal Insulated Light

100% PolyesterMULTIFUNCTIONCurtains is delicately designed, allowing you to decorate your windows with great styles,Protect your furniture, floors and walls from the sun. Featuring vibrant colored pattern, this eye soothing curtain can match interiors of any room.Soft and Durable: window curtains has a very soft hand feel and drapery, high quality material, durable 10+ years.Privacy and Relax: Your family and friends can enjoy movie nights or sports game without worrying about outside light and noise.Energy Efficient: Innovative triple-weave construction insulate your sunny or frozen window, give your air conditioner and energy bill a break.Reduce Noise: Densely woven fabric acts as an additional sound barrier,It reduces outside noises and create a quiet and peaceful environment.WIDELY USE FOR:Perfect for window in living room, bedroom, dining room, bathroom and kitchen.Color may differ slightly from photos due to different monitor settings in computer monitors display or Mobile phone, Filming angles, lights, Sunshine ect.Product sizes that measured by hand lead to the difference between about 1-2 Inch due to everyone's measurement technique.AFTER-SALE GUARANTEE: We offer 100% risk-free and satisfactory after-sales service. If you have any problem, Support 30 days refund without ...

  • Color: Color06
  • Brand: NUOMANAN

JurassiMite, 250 mL / 8.5 fl. oz.

JurassiMite, 250 mL / 8.5 fl.

JurassiMite utilizes an all natural, non-toxic formula that safely and effectively eradicates common reptile parasites such as mites, fleas, and ticks. Because of its non-toxic nature, JurassiMite can be used as frequently or infrequently as needed-unlike competing brands that require a multi-day interval between use. During such long intervals it is common for infestations to quickly rebound. JurassiMite may also be used to safely and effectively treat enclosures for mites, fleas, and ticks. For general cage cleaning we recommend JurassiClean, which is designed specifically for this purpose. JurassiMite should NOT be used on amphibians.

  • Brand: Jurassipet
  • UPC: 000116854603

Betadine Antiseptic Ointment 25g

Betadine Antiseptic Ointment

Betadine Antiseptics are the most effective antiseptics available, killing all known types of infecting organisms - bacteria, fungi and even viruses. The brown colour of Betadine antiseptics shows the area that has been treated and also denotes the activity of the product. While its brown it's working. In most cases, Betadine antiseptics are non-irritating and non-stinging to skin and mucus membranes. They do not permanently stain skin or natural fabrics and the related areas may be bandaged, taped or otherwise covered, without risk of adverse effects. Betadine antiseptic can be used for treating cuts, wounds, abrasions, minor burns, blisters, tinea, paronychia, impetigo, chicken pox sores, boils and ringworm.

  • Brand: Betadine
  • ASIN: B0096R2XPS
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In this video I will tell you how to prevent and treat reptile mites. Mites will shorten your pet's lifespan if not treated properly. Be sure to like and subscribe for more videos like this. Provent a Mite https://amzn.to/2xJRUmR Reptile Mite Spray https://amzn.to/2xFiP31 Baby Collared Lizar...

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