The Bartered Bride Romance Collection: 9 Historical Stories of Arranged Marriages

The Bartered Bride Romance Collection: 9 Historical Stories

A Wedding Date Is Set, But Is Love in the Bargain?Across history marriage has often been used as a means to gain money, social status, and security, as well as basic companionship, domesticity, and family. Vows could be said out of convenience or coercion, but could love really come in the bargain?In this exclusive collection of nine historical romances, readers will discover the true conquering power of love.Joie De Vivre by Lynette Sowell -- Edouard LeBlanc’s Cajun parents have chosen Josée Broussard to be his wife, but a battle scarred soldier is not what the young woman dreamt of for a husband. Can they both let go of life’s disappointments to see the treasure God has handed them?Button Strong Bride by Cathy Marie Hake -- Suddenly orphaned along the Oregon Trail, Charity Davis is ordered to combine wagons with widowed father Ethan Cole. Only as a team can they hope to finish the journey. But can a rich young woman and a poor carpenter fall into step and become equally yoked?The Wedding Wagon by Cathy Marie Hake -- Falling in love through letters, Bethany Handley agrees to meet and marry Joshua Rogers in Independence, Missouri, and accompany him across the Oregon Trail. But can the young couple discard old expectations that weigh them down and find simple joys to share...

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The Calico and Cowboys Romance Collection: 8 Novellas from the Old West Celebrate the Lighthearted Side of Love

The Calico and Cowboys Romance Collection: 8 Novellas

Love sneaks up on eight couples in the Old West. The Old West comes to life under the talented pen of bestselling author Mary Connealy. Enjoy a lighthearted ride alongside seven historical and one contemporary cowboys and the women who tame their hearts.  The Advent Bride Melanie Douglas is alone on the Nebraska plains, teaching school to get by. She finds a unique box with hidden drawers to use over the advent season to engage a young boy in his schooling. When Henry O’Keeffe sees a positive change in his son, he has to see for himself what this new teacher is doing.  A Bride Rides Herd Matt Reeves arrives at his brother’s ranch to find Betsy Harden alone with the little girls during a cattle drive. Will the ladies be too much to handle when Matt steps in for the missing ranch hand?  His Surprise Family A lonely young rancher orders a mail-order bride and after the vows are spoken, she “surprises” him with her three little brothers. No amount of apologies Meghan McCray gives are going to make Silas Harden, Jr. believe a word she says. Should Silas just build himself another house and let his mail-order family take over the one he’s got?  Homestead on the Range Widow Elle Winter meets new homesteader Colin Samuelson on the Nebraska prairie, but the attraction betwe...

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Vampire's Desire: Vampire Romance Collection

Vampire's Desire: Vampire Romance

Five steamy love stories in this hot and passionate vampire romance collection. Eternal HeartWill the monster that has been hunting Sophia finally succeed in killing her, or will Noah be able to save her yet again, as he has her entire life?Vampire’s RevengeLucy is mesmerized by the most handsome man she’s ever met, but the intriguing stranger put her in a situation that threatens her life. Can he save her in time?Killian’s SeductionKillian is handsome and worth billions of dollars, but Charlotte senses he’s hiding something. After uncovering his dark secret, she has every reason to be afraid, but can she trust him to protect her?The Vampire’s WitchNina and Raphael are drawn together in a mix of emotions, attraction, and spirit by something old and powerful that is undeniably magical in nature. The two are thrown into the survival of their lives as Zeke hunts them for his own, dark agenda. Bloodline HeiressSawyer was taken against her will to a secret fortress where her life is in danger. With an unexpected connection to the vampire king, Sawyer doesn’t know if she’s being protected or if she needs to escape to survive. If you love vampire romances, bad boys, paranormal love, and alpha men who know how to take charge, then you will love Vampire’s Desire!Content W...


Devil: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Baby Romance (Black Talons MC) (Outlaw MC Romance Collection Book 2)

Devil: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Baby Romance

I’m pregnant with the devil’s baby.I was trying to save my brother.And somehow, I ended up on an auction stage.Jacob bought me to break me.But when we find out I’m carrying his baby… he’ll walk through hell to save me.LAURIEI thought I was doing the right thing.Helping my brother get to rehab and start his life over…That’s what a good sister is supposed to do, right?So how did it all go wrong?Before I know it, I’m watching my brother disappear with a fresh fix…While I’m being sold at auction like a used toy.The man who buys me off that stage looks like any other outlaw thug, from his square jaw to his inky tattoos.But there’s something in his eyes that says he’s different than the rest of the bikers around him.It says he’s got big plans for me.Not just my body…But also my heart and soul.Now, I’m trapped in his room, waiting to find out what this demon wants from me.He’ll be here any second.My heart is racing.My blood is churning with fear.And then the devil himself opens the door.JACOBShe looked terrified when I entered the room.With good reason – I was there to break her.Women are disposable to me.Toys to be used and tossed aside.And the innocent ones are my favorite to ruin.But there’s something different about this one.In all my time as pres...


The Backcountry Brides Collection: Eight 18th Century Women Seek Love on Colonial America’s Frontier

The Backcountry Brides Collection: Eight 18th Century Women

Love on Colonial America’s Frontier   Travel into Colonial America where eight women seek love, but they each know a future husband requires the necessary skills to survive in the backcountry. Living in areas exposed to nature’s ferocity, prone to Indian attack, and cut off from regular supplies, can hearts overcome the dangers to find lasting love?  Shenandoah Hearts by Carrie Fancett Pagels 1754 - Great Wagon Road, into the Shenandoah Valley (Virginia) As the French-Indian War commences, Magda Sehler wonders if Jacob Owens lost his mind to have abandoned his Philadelphia business and moved to the Shenandoah Valley. Or has he lost his heart?  Heart of Nantahala by Jennifer Hudson Taylor   1757 - (North Carolina) Joseph Gregory plans to buy a lumber mill, but Mabel Walker becomes a formidable opponent. When she’s forced to make a painful decision, she must choose between survival and love.  Her Redcoat by Pegg Thomas 1763 - Fort Michilimackinac (Michigan) during Pontiac’s Rebellion   Laurette Pettigrew grew up in the northern frontier. Henry Bedlow arrived against his will. Their chance meeting changes everything. Will a deadly clash of cultures keep them from finding happiness?  A Heart So Tender by Debra E. Marvin 1764 – (New York) As thousands of Native warri...

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Love, a Second Chance: A Regency Romance Springtime Collection: 13 Delightful Regency Springtime Stories (Regency Collections Book 9)

Love, a Second Chance: A Regency Romance Springtime

13 delightful Regency springtime stories from bestselling authors. Springtime is about renewal, second chances and getting a new lease on life - which is what these stories are all about! Be swept away by love!Falling for the Earl - by Arietta Richmond. A grieving Earl with a lost heir, a lonely woman, unsure of her place in life, an accidental meeting amongst the spring flowers, a secret in the woods, a love that transforms everything.Shopping for a Gentleman - by Isabella Thorne. An accidental meeting while shopping brings widow, Mrs Mildred Stelter and Mr Leighton together. They discover that they have very different views on life. Can disagreement lead to love, and a new view of the world?A Duke for the Dowager - by Catherine Windsor. Widow Lady Elizabeth has finished mourning. Still young, she hopes to love again. Her friend’s suggestion seems good until she sees the obnoxious Duke mentioned. Can she find another love? And what of the handsome Earl she met on the road?The New Governess of Chiswick - By Grace Austen. Letitia takes a role as a governess, when her family is impoverished. The Earl is cold at first, but Letitia comes to love his daughter, and him. Dark secrets from the past threaten them. Can love win out?The Earl’s True Love - by Katherine Keats. Lord Worthi...

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First Love Forever Romance Collection: 9 Historical Romances Where First Loves are Rekindled

First Love Forever Romance Collection: 9 Historical Romances

A first love is never easily forgotten...and coming face to face with that person again can be awkward when the heartstrings are still holding on to the “what ifs.” In settings from 1865 to 1910, nine couples are thrown back on the same path by life’s changes and challenges. A neighbor returns from law school. An heiress seeks a quick marriage. A soldier’s homecoming is painful. A family needs help. A prodigal son returns. A rogue aeronaut drops from the sky. A runaway bridegroom comes home. A letter for aid is sent. A doctor needs a nurse. Can love rekindle despite the separation of time and space?First Things First by Susanne Dietze 1877 – South Texas: Texas rancher’s daughter Georgie Bridge mourned when her first love, Ward Harper, left town to study the law, but now he’s back—as opposing counsel in a case against her father.  A Most Reluctant Bride by Cynthia Hickey 1880 – Ozark foothill ranch: Maggie Spoonmore marries her father’s former foreman, Zach Colton in order to salvage her reputation, yet struggles to believe he married her for love and not her inheritance.  Weeping Willow by Marcia Gruver May of 1861 – Port Royal, Virginia: In Civil War Virginia, tables are turned for Willow Bates when Julian Finney, her childhood crush and steadfast defend...

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Dominant (An Alpha Billionaire Romance Collection)

Dominant (An Alpha Billionaire Romance

If you enjoy BDSM romances, this four-book collection is for you. Four complete standalone novels in one exclusive bundle. The House of Pain, The Professor's Pet, The Audition and The Watcher. No Cliffhangers. HEA Guaranteed. The House of Pain: Good girl Sara White has never acted on her desires for erotic pain. But when she’s invited to act out her darkest needs on stage at the House of Pain, she cautiously accepts. The last person she expects to see is Doug Patterson from her office — who suggests she become his submissive…The Professor's Pet: Emily McNamara hides her desires for submission, choosing to satisfy her needs with an extensive collection of BDSM novels on her Kindle. But when she accidentally swaps e-readers with the man she has a crush on, Professor Jake Ballard, she is drawn into Jake's world of pleasure and pain, dominance and submission. Until her class comes to an end... The Audition: After the death of her mother, Allie Greenwall has spiraled into a deep pit of despair. The only person who can help her is reclusive Russian pianist Nikolai Zhednov. But in Nikolai's dungeon, Allie realizes that his help will come at a high cost, one she’s not sure she can pay. The Watcher: Desperate to become a member of the exclusive Club Phoenix, Kelly Mitchell will...


Hearts and Ever Afters: Regency Romance Collection

Hearts and Ever Afters: Regency Romance

Five heartwarming Regency romances filled with mystery, intrigue, surprising twists, and of course, love! An Earl’s Agreement An arranged marriage turns dangerous when he will stop at nothing to make her his bride! Will her hero prevail? Married to a MarquessAfter her wedding day, Alice never saw her husband again. She must now take charge of her own life if she is to ever know happiness! A Viscount’s Second ChanceHenry is thrilled to have a second chance at love, but he risks losing Eleanor again when a scandal threatens to tear them apart!A Duke for ChristmasIsabella did not want to end up on Charles’ doorstep, but it might be exactly what both of them need… A clean, Regency romance to warm your heart.Unexpected EarlCatherine is enamored with Lord Kerr and plans to marry him, but Lord Linton will do all he can to stop the union. Inspirational romances that will warm your heart! If you love clean and wholesome, Regency-era romances with a strong woman heroine, you will love the Hearts and Ever Afters Regency Romance Collection! Authors Note: These are clean, stand-alone romances. Each book in the series is approximately 130 pages. Bonus content included in the eBook version of the collection.

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Pure Romance & Faith Collection 24 Book Box Set (Sweet, Clean & Wholesome Box Set)

Pure Romance & Faith Collection 24 Book Box

Another fabulous wholesome, Sweet & Clean Romance Box Set with 24 different books in 4 different clean romance genres, written by 4 very accomplished romance authorsMore clean romance stories of courage, family, love, faith and falling in contemporary love despite adversity and distance. Be transported in place and time as these love stories take you from the Aristocratic ballrooms of Regency Britain to the Amish farms and across old America, where the women traveled from the civilized East to marry and live in the Wild West.The Box Set Includes:Running to LoveFaith in Mr. RightAmish Love and BetrayalThe Cowboy’s New FamilyThe Hidden DukeMistletoe and FaithThe Heart Broken BrideSister Servatius and the Mail Order BrideThe Ghost BrideThe Cowboy’s Twin BridesCapturing the Duke’s HeartAmish InnocenceThe Duke’s Love and LiberationThe Doctor claims his BrideThe Devilish DukeFaith in a SaintThe Amish MidwifeA Blessing for ChristmasThe Duke’s ConfidanteAmish Beauty at HeartThe Duke and The PauperFor the Love of an Amish GirlChristmas NoelThe Secret Love of an Amish Girl

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