USB PowerControl board - USB to USB solid state relay for Raspberry Pi and Arduinos

USB PowerControl board - USB to USB solid

The USB PowerControl Board is a digitally controlled power switch for your Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Anything you can plug into a USB port can be controlled with USB PowerControl. It's easy to hook up. You connect a control line (a GPIO line or the output of a LiPo battery) to the LIPOBATIN line and if the line is LOW (< ~3.3V) the USB Port is off. If it is HIGH (above 3.8V) the USB Port is turned on and you have 5V of power to the USB plug. This board was initially designed to sit in-between a Solar Power Controller (such as SunAir/SunAirPlus) and a Raspberry Pi / Arduino. The input to the board was designed to come directly from a LiPo battery so the computer won't be turned on until the LiPo battery was charged up above 3.8V. We provide a hysteresis circuit so the board won't turn off until the voltage goes below around 3.3V. This is an excellent board to shut on and off USBpo wered devices like a Raspberry Pi and Arduino. It works just like a conventional relay.

  • Brand: SwitchDoc Labs
  • ASIN: B00VQLS09K
  • UPC: 710465466296

VENUS800LCD Line Interactive Venus 2nd GEN UPS with TBF & Smartground+Shutdown Software.

VENUS800LCD Line Interactive Venus 2nd GEN UPS with

VENUS800LCD Line Interactive Venus 2nd GEN UPS with TBF & Smartground+Shutdown Software GETT Part 5038 Protect your games with this UPS from the leader in the Smart Power device industry. This unit will keep your games up and running when there's a power failure. If your casino has "dirty" power this unit can really help! Product description * Tynex SKU# Ty137544, * Model# SBP0400TBF-6U-LCD Features: * Electronic Power Conditioner (TBF+). * "SMART GROUND" Technology. Controls Ground Noise to Protect Network Systems and Eliminates Ground Loop Current. * Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR). * Automatic Save and Shutdown Software for Unattended Computers. * Line interactive design. * Fully digitized microprocessor controlled. * Optional LCD Diagnostic display (LCD models only). * Short circuit and overload protection. * USB port. * Tel/Modem/Internet/DSL(RJ11) and optional network (RJ45) Protection. * 50/60 Hz auto sensing. * Low battery indicator (audible). * Cold start (DC power on). * Two year equipment warranty. Specifications: .. Item Model # ........ Output Capacity (VA/Watts) ....... Back-up Time (Half Load) --------------------------------- SBP0400TBF-6U ................... 400 / 240 .......................... 14 Minutes SBP0400TBF-6U-LCD .......... 400 / 240 ....................

  • Brand: GETT
  • ASIN: B07R3CL1DY

Smart Power Stand-by UPS with TBF and Smart Ground + Shutdown Software, 400VA, 200W, DB9 (113814)

Smart Power Stand-by UPS with TBF and Smart

* Tynex SKU# Ty113814, * Model# OF0400T-B The Office-TBF is a multi-device power protection solution ideally suited for computers, computer peripherals, internet, and multimedia applications. The Office-TBF is the first uninterruptible power supply with a Transformer-Based Filter, an electronic power conditioner. It eliminates line noise in addition to providing battery back-up and surge protection functionality that other uninterruptible power supplies offers. The Office-TBF is an ideal choice to meet all your office power protection needs. *** Model# : OF0400TBF-BLK; Part# : OF0400T-B - Electronic Power Conditioning (TBF). - Patent-pending "SMART GROUND" technology. It controls ground noise to protect network systems and ground loop current. - Automatic save and shutdown software for unattended computer - DB9 (RS232) and USB port (USB models) - Tel / Modem / Internet / DSL (RJ11) Protection and Network Protection RJ45 (USB models only) - Short circuit and overload protection - Frequency: 50/60 Hz auto sensing - User replaceable batteries - Cold start (DC power on) - 2-year equipment warranty; 4-year pro-rated battery replacement· - $25,000 connected equipment protection warranty. *** STAND-BY UPS with TBF and SMART GROUND + Shutdown Software OF0400T-B : - 40...

  • Brand: Smart Power

UPS Battery for BR650CI - APC BackUPS 650VA 230V w/out Auto Shutdown Software RBC110 Compatible Replacement by UPSBatteryCenter - Plug & Play

UPS Battery for BR650CI - APC BackUPS 650VA

Item Description: UPSBatteryCenter battery compatible replacement for APC BackUPS 650VA 230V Will work with: BR650CI (Check the model # on the back of the UPS) Condition: New Fresh Stock Includes: (1) RBC110 Replacement battery for the BR650CI - Fresh Stock Warranty: (1) One Year Replacement Warranty Life time expectancy: 3-5 years Manufacturer: UPS Battery Center Ltd. The BR650CI compatible replacement battery is a high quality battery designed to provide excellent performance, durability and long life. 100% Compatible with: BR650CI. Manufactured & sold exclusively by UPSBatteryCenter APC is a registered trademark of Schneider Electric IT Corporation. UPSBatteryCenter is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or authorised by Schneider Electric IT Corporation.

  • Brand: UPS Battery Center
  • ASIN: B00XW49L42

PiLogger - Fast Data Monitoring for Shutdown and First-Out Detection Software.

PiLogger - Fast Data Monitoring for Shutdown and

Only for students, the training course price is 185 $, but only if they prove the students status from student college email. For the remaining customers, the training course price is 485 $. PiLogger is an OPC Software Product. Actually, it is an OPC client software product that reads high-speed data from any device or any DCS or PLC and then helps to debug the equipment problems, operating problems or causes of equipment shut-downs. PiLogger can be very useful to monitor rotating equipment. PiLogger can be configured to scan critical signals at fast scan rates like 0.1 seconds or even faster. PiLogger connects directly to a device, DCS or PLC using an OPC server communications system. PiLogger assists in identifying precisely and unambiguously. It is defined as the process condition or a measured signal that triggered a shut-down sequence to stop the operation of some process equipment. The shutdown may be triggered inside the DCS, the PLC or a triple redundant safety critical shutdown system. A configuration of PiLogger is remarkably simple. The user configures an input file to specify the OPC tags to monitor. The user specifies the scan rate at which to collect the data. The fastest scan rate depends on the type of equipment and the number of tags to be collected. Once PiLogge...

  • Brand: PiLogger 2014.
  • ASIN: B00VFQ3L18
  • UPC: 753807475891

Hovercraft: Battle Arena

Hovercraft: Battle

  • Brand: High Score Hero LLC
  • ASIN: B07GY13Q68

Windows Internals, Part 2 (6th Edition) (Developer Reference)

Windows Internals, Part 2 (6th Edition) (Developer

Delve inside Windows architecture and internals—and see how core components work behind the scenes. Led by three renowned internals experts, this classic guide is fully updated for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2—and now presents its coverage in two volumes. As always, you get critical insider perspectives on how Windows operates. And through hands-on experiments, you’ll experience its internal behavior firsthand—knowledge you can apply to improve application design, debugging, system performance, and support. In Part 2, you’ll examine: Core subsystems for I/O, storage, memory management, cache manager, and file systems Startup and shutdown processes Crash-dump analysis, including troubleshooting tools and techniques

  • ASIN: 0735665877

Introduction to Windows 10 - Tutorial for Beginners

Introduction to Windows 10 - Tutorial for

  • ASIN: B07256RRFV

APC UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector with AVR, 1500VA, APC Back-UPS Pro (BX1500M)

APC UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector with

APC 1500VA UPS Back-UPS Pro mini-tower backup power supply provides quality power protection for your critical home and small business devices. An APC UPS provides backup power power and surge protection to power and protect your PC or Mac, network router, gaming consoles like Xbox and PS4, AV and other business electronics from the dangers of power surges, spikes, lightning and power outages. By powering your critical electronics with a backup battery during blackouts, you ensure personal and professional connectivity when it matters most. Improvements in efficiency, size and surge protection come at an affordable price, making the Back-UPS Pro mini-tower battery backup UPS models a perfect solution for your power protection needs.

  • Brand: APC
  • UPC: 731304331780

Death and Oil: A True Story of the Piper Alpha Disaster on the North Sea

Death and Oil: A True Story of the

  • ASIN: B004KPM1LC

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 Color Duplex Document Scanner with Touch Screen for Mac and PC [Current Model, 2018 Release]

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 Color Duplex Document Scanner with

With ScanSnap, managing your paperwork is simple. Our products are designed to organize documents your way, with one-button ease of use and great options for small business owners and personal consumers.

  • Color: White/Gray
  • Brand: Fujitsu
  • ASIN: B07J3DB57C
  • UPC: 097564309168

Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer with Health Management Software

Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer with Health Management

  • Color: black
  • Brand: Omron
  • ASIN: B000MN92WM
  • UPC: 230494838500

Oscilloscope Multimeter 2.0 Update,LIUMY Professional LED Handheld Oscilloscope Multimeter with 200ksps A/D Automatic Waveform Capture Function,DC/AC Voltage/Current Test,HD Display with Backlight

Oscilloscope Multimeter 2.0 Update,LIUMY Professional LED Handheld Oscilloscope

Why do you choose us: ✔High-tech chip LIUMY LM2001 emphasis on functional combination for field testing process, not to replace the meter. It reflects the high-tech, using a dedicated chip has, as the wave function, you can view the waveform signal 10KHZ within. ✔Extensive detection function and range Features include DC/AC voltag /current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, diode / continuity test. Can be home, school, power plant, work area has excellent performance! ✔Save money As a large number of measuring instruments waveform, you will find LM2001 is the most affordable one, spend the price of a multimeter, you can have a table can be seen, as the wave of the waveform, value for money! Specification: Analog Bandwidth: 0~ 10kHz The maximum real-time sampling rate: 200ksps DC voltage: 0mV ~ 1000V ± (0.75% rdg + 10dgt) AC voltage: 0 mv ~ 750V ± (1.0% rdg + 10dgt) DC Current: 0mA ~ 20.00A ± (1.2% rdg + 10dgt) AC current: 0mA ~ 20.00A ± (1.5% rdg + 10dgt) Resistance: 0W ~ 20.00MW ± (1.0% rdg + 5dgt) Capacitance: 0nF ~ 200.0μF ± (2% rdg + 10dgt) Frequency: 0kHz ~ 200kHz ± (1.0% rdg + 5dgt), Diode test: open circuit voltage of about 1.5 V, the maximum test current of about 1.5mA. Continuity Test: determine resistance: about 30 Remote control Detection: ...

  • Brand: LIUMY
  • ASIN: B071F1H3PG

ezOutlet2 - Internet Enabled IP Remote Power Switch with Reboot (AC Power/Single Outlet/iOS/Android/Cloud/Web Controllable) - Newest Model

ezOutlet2 - Internet Enabled IP Remote Power Switch

ezOutlet2 monitors an Internet connection and automatically power-cycles the device plugged in to it if the network goes down. ezOutlet2 can: Keep-alive a network device Remote power on-off-reset a device on demand Schedule a power on-off-reset at specific timesControl the ezOutlet via: Free "ezDevice" APP for Apple IOS and Andriod (download from your app store) Free "" web site (an Amazon Web Services hosted application) ezOutlet2's internal password-protected HTTP web server ezOutlet2's API Function button on the device There is no messing around with port forwarding or domain names. Just connect ezOutlet2 to the Internet, install the APP on your phone/tablet, sync and use. The smartphone and cloud apps allow you to remotely turn On / Off / Reset / Schedule an unlimited number of ezOutlet2's. Usage: 1) Connect LAN cable to ezOutlet 2) Connect power cable to ezOutlet2. Solid yellow LED indicates unit is online 3) Install the APP on an Android/iOS device or go to 4) Add your ezOutlet2 to the APP by entering the ID # printed on ezOutlet2's label 5) Done Function Button Press Once: Toggle Auto Reset on ping failure mode Press Twice: Toggle the outlet's power (on/off) state Press 10 sec: Reset to factory defaultsSpecifications Model: EZ-22b ...

  • Brand: ezOutlet
  • ASIN: B0792S1DGZ
  • UPC: 617237751126

MNSSRN Household Mute Humidifier, Pregnant Women Baby Safely Available, Smart Technology Aromatherapy Sprayer Capacity Fine Atomization

MNSSRN Household Mute Humidifier, Pregnant Women Baby Safely

Product Name: Household Silent HumidifierSize: 168 * 168 * 121mmVoltage: 100-200VPower: 12WWater tank capacity: 300mlColor: Iight wood grainEfficacy: Deep moisturizing, meticulous, small molecules easily penetrate the skin surface, directly reach the grassroots, keep the cells full of moistureUltrasonic low-decibel technology:Low-key technology provides a soothing, calm environment that makes living spaces more humid and fresh, avoiding air drying and creating a comfortable environmentLantern: The color environment lights are warm. The soft lighting creates a romantic atmosphere that keeps you away from the patience and rust of modern lifePrecautions:1 Regular cleaning: Clean the water tank 2-3 times a week to prevent bacterial growth. Do not touch a nebulized part with a sharp object2 Use pure essential oils: For the health of you and your family, use pure essential oils during aromatherapy. Non-pure essential oils can cause damage to the machine3 Applicable: SPA, yoga, bedroom, living room, conference room, office, reception center, corridor, pet room, bathroom, baby room, hotel, hospital or any other private or public place

  • Brand: MNSSRN
  • ASIN: B07TML7ZB4

Easy Shutdown - Free Trial [Download]

Easy Shutdown - Free Trial

Auto Shutdown your Windows Computer with Easy Shutdown Software. Create Desktop Shortcut to Shutdown Windows PC or create System Wide Keyboard Shortcut to control Power to your Windows Computer. You can even schedule Automatic Hibernate and Resume for your Windows Computer. Daily Shutdown or Restart of Windows Computer is also supported by this Automatic Auto Shutdown Software.System Requirements:Supported OS:   [Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows]Processor:   Pentium -3RAM:   1024 MBHard Disk:   20 MBVideo Card:   Any

  • Brand: Daanav Softwares
  • ASIN: B00S2BBF3A

Opera Mini - fast web browser

Opera Mini - fast web

  • Brand: Opera Software AS
  • ASIN: B00WKMP722

CyberPower RB1280A Replacement Battery Cartridge, Maintenance-Free, User Installable

CyberPower RB1280A Replacement Battery Cartridge, Maintenance-Free, User

CyberPower’s RB1280A UPS replacement battery cartridge restores life to UPS systems with internal batteries that have become weak or completely depleted. The RB1280A 12V/8AH battery is certified to meet or exceed original manufacturer specifications. All replacement cartridges come with leak proof sealed lead acid batteries that are pre-assembled for easy installation into your CyberPower UPS system. Each CyberPower replacement battery cartridge ships with reusable packaging that can be used for delivery of expired batteries to a suitable recycling center. All CyberPower batteries come with an 18-month warranty. Compatibility: CP825LCD, CP800AVR, CP825AVR-G, CP825AVRLCD-G, CP850AVRLCD. Package Includes: 12V/8AH replacement battery, replacement instructions, recycling information and warranty documentation, and reusable package for delivering expired batteries to a suitable recycling center.

  • Brand: CyberPower
  • UPC: 649532602131

Midnight Club: Los Angeles (Platinum Hits)

Midnight Club: Los Angeles (Platinum

Midnight Club: LA Complete Edition Platinum Hits Xbox 360

  • Brand: Rockstar Games
  • ASIN: B002MED6F8
  • UPC: 710425397172

Hunter Sprinkler WSSSEN Wireless Solar Sync for Use with I-Core, ACC, X-Core, PC400 and PC-400i Controllers

Hunter Sprinkler WSSSEN Wireless Solar Sync for Use

The Solar Sync ET sensor is an advanced weather sensor that calculates evapotranspiration (ET) and adjusts Hunter controllers daily based on local weather conditions. Solar Sync measures sunlight and temperature, and uses ET to determine the correct seasonal adjustment percentage value to send to the controller. The controller then uses its programmed run time and adjusts to Solar Sync’s seasonal adjustment value to modify the actual irrigation run time for that day. In addition, the Solar Sync ET sensor integrates Hunter’s popular Rain-Clik™ and Freeze-Clik® sensors providing quick response in shutting down your irrigation system during rain and/or freezing conditions. The Solar Sync is compatible with most Hunter controllers and applicable to residences, businesses, and municipalities alike.

  • Color: white
  • Brand: Hunter
  • UPC: 702811362048

Tripp Lite 1000VA Smart UPS Back Up, Sine Wave, 900W Line-Interactive, 2U Rackmount, Extended Run Option, LCD, USB, DB9 (SMART1000RMXL2U)

Tripp Lite 1000VA Smart UPS Back Up, Sine

The SMART1000RMXL2U SmartPro 120V 1kVA 900W Line-Interactive Sine Wave UPS provides battery backup and AC power protection against blackouts, brownouts, power surges and line noise that can damage electronics or destroy data. Ideal for backing up servers and network storage devices, the SMART1000RMXL2U switches to 1kVA/900W battery mode in milliseconds to keep your connected equipment running long enough to save files and shut down safely with no data loss. Four of the eight NEMA 5-15R outlets may be switched off remotely to reboot equipment or shed nonessential loads to maximize battery backup time for mission-critical equipment. The internal battery provides 18 minutes of support at half load (450W) and 6.3 minutes at full load (900W). Adding optional external battery packs, such as Tripp Lite’s BP36V15-2U (sold separately), provides extended runtime. Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) maintains 120V nominal output over an input range of 83V to 147V without using battery power. EMI/RFI noise filtering improves your equipment’s performance and prevents damage. A 570-joule surge suppression rating protects your equipment from harmful power surges. With Tripp Lite’s PowerAlert software, available for free download at, the SMART1000RMXL2U enables ...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Tripp Lite
  • ASIN: B00B5Q72LS
  • UPC: 037332160546

Raspberry Pi 3: 2016 User Guide

Raspberry Pi 3: 2016 User

The goal of this book is to get you up and running with your Raspberry Pi 3 as soon as you take it out of the box. Here’s an idea of what you’ll find inside this book: •What is the Raspberry Pi 3? •How is it different from the other Raspberry Pi Models? •How is it the same as previous models?•What operating system should I install? What if I am a beginner?•How do I access the software?•How do I connect to the internet?•I heard that it is good for project involving the Internet of Things – what does that mean?•I have a Raspberry Pi 3, but is there anything else I need? Do I need a monitor and keyboard? What about WiFi? Does it have enough power? Can I plug four USB devices in it and it still work properly?•I want to build my own circuits. What should I get? Are kits good investments for beginners?•What is GPIO and what does it mean to me?•How can I used Mathematica or Python to control the GPIO?•How do I access Mathematica or Python to start running my own programs?•What are some really good online resources as I continue my journey?


Shutdown Patterns


  • ASIN: B01LAAH29U

Pipeless Magnetic Jet 004 for Pedicure Spa Tub Best Selling Option in Jets for Pedicure Chair

Pipeless Magnetic Jet 004 for Pedicure Spa Tub

Easy install Pipe-less Jet Long life motor Green Technology only 30W energy consumption Sani-Air TM UL listed Installation size: 3.5" 1 year warranty Many other jets available.

  • Brand: MAYAKOBA
  • ASIN: B00RKO1BK2
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Automatic Shutdown on Windows 7 (No programs or installs required)

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Create a task on administrative tools. Make sure your settings are correct.

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How to shutdown someones Computer/Laptop using CMD ( Command Prompt )

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Installing PowerChute Network Shutdown v4 on Windows | Schneider Electric Support

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Tutorial for installing PowerChute Network Shutdown v4 on Microsoft Windows to remotely manage APC UPS systems via their network interface. To learn more, please visit the APC by Schneider Electric FAQ: ►Subscribe to this channel: ►Download the m...

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IMPACT - Shutdown and Turnaround Planning Management Software

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IMPACT Software Solutions have recently bought PlanIT and are currently re-branding and redesigning the software, please take a look at what we are doing at Worklist control and planning relates to the compilation and control of the workscope for the turnaround, it inc...

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