Scientific Explorer Fingerprint Science Mini Lab

Scientific Explorer Fingerprint Science Mini

Scientific Explorer Fingerprint Science Mini Lab Kit can turn any child into a "junior sleuth" by learning how to locate hidden finger impressions on doorknobs, tables, glasses, telephones, automobiles and more. This Fingerprint Science kit lets you utilize real Police and FBI methods to gather your family and friend's fingerprints. A 16-page instruction manual is included with step-by-step instructions on how to make fingerprints visible, lifting the print and how to store fingerprint information by using the included classification cards. Understand how to classify all fingerprint patterns by arches, loops and whorls. Once you understand the process, attempt the (5) different investigation activities that include "Who Touched the Object", "Who Stole the Cookie", "Fingerprint ID Race" and more. This set dives even deeper to answer some common and not-so common questions. Why do fingerprints form patterns? Can you change fingerprints? Do other parts of the body have prints? What else are fingerprints used for besides catching criminals and many more. This kit includes dusting powder, dusting brush, 3 sheets of tape squares, 8 sheets of classification cards, magnifying glass and 16-page instruction manual. Recommended for children 8 years of age and older.

  • Brand: Scientific Explorer
  • ASIN: B0006O8DKY
  • UPC: 787799195192

Scientific Explorer Slime Science Mini Lab

Scientific Explorer Slime Science Mini

Scientific Explorer Slime Science mini lab is your own personal slime laboratory where you can mix together different materials to create 5 different types of slime. What do you think of when you think of slime? You might think of the classic horror movie slime. Imagine how moist and sticky it feels. Once you pick it up it slowly oozes through your fingers. These facts are just a few of the properties of the slime you'll be creating with chemistry and science. The 12-page instruction manual includes 7 different activities that involves creating Glooze, Wiggly Wonder, Power Putty, Flip-Flop and Sewer Slime mixtures, each with special properties that you'll hopefully find useful and fun. This kit will have you acting like a real scientist so you'll want to make sure to keep a lab notebook handy to keep track of the special properties and the effects from changes in the slime recipes. This fun and safe science kit is great for understanding different properties, understanding chemistry and makes a great activity for parties, school projects and science fairs. This kit includes 2 recipe cards, a glue bottle, liquid starch, guar gum, filter, measuring spoon, borax, cornstarch, measuring cup and instruction booklet. Recommended for children 8 years of age and older.

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Scientific Explorer
  • ASIN: B0006O8DOK
  • UPC: 071547020219



When is science fun? When it's gross! Open this kit and learn about the scientific world of slime! By using glues, cornstarch, and gums, create gloozes and slimes to disgust your friends! Watch it wiggle and jiggle and make funny sounds! Create 5 different types of ooey, gooey ooze! Make sewer slime, wiggly wonder, power putty, flip flop slime and glooze!

  • Brand: Poof Slinky
  • ASIN: B004LD96GQ
  • UPC: 885352957239

Scientific Explorer Kitchen Chemistry Mini Lab

Scientific Explorer Kitchen Chemistry Mini

Scientific Explorer Kitchen Chemistry Mini Lab will turn your child into a junior chemist as they explore the science behind the food we eat and the substances we use in our homes every day. This kit provides 10 crazy kitchen experiments that turn bones to rubber, change liquids to rainbows, make rock candy, gooey slime, super bubbles and other crazy kitchen creations. By performing the experiments in this kit, your child will see the different ways that we use chemistry every day. This kit provides safe and education fun, while teaching the importance of documenting findings to understand and remember what has been learned. Includes 3 paper clips, spoon, 2 straws, cardboard cabinet, kitchen sink, 2 index cards, piece of string, measuring spoon, bag of potassium bitartrate and an instruction booklet. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.

  • Color: multi/none
  • Brand: Scientific Explorer
  • ASIN: B0006O8DQ8
  • UPC: 071547020264

Scientific Explorer Circuit Board Electricity Kit

Scientific Explorer Circuit Board Electricity

Scientific Explorer Electricity Kit mini lab will teach your "junior electrician" about electricity by safely experimenting with conductors, a real working circuit board, wires, light bulbs and more for high-voltage excitement. This mini lab provides safe, educational electrical fun that requires (4) "AA" alkaline batteries (not included) and includes a 48-page instruction booklet with over 10 experiments to learn about electricity, series, parallel and short circuits, switches, voltage, current, resistance and other concepts important for electricians and those working with electrical appliances. This electricity kit encourages hands-on educational scientific exploration and is a good introduction to electricity and electrical circuits. The Scientific Explorer 2018 Electricity Kit includes a circuit board base, battery holder, brass strip, 2 light bulbs with holders, switch, 11 long wires, 11 short wires, 2 bulb holder clamps, Morse code switch, 22 washers, 33 brads, 2 resistors, plastic jar with lid, steel wool, 14 springs and 48-page manual. Recommended for children 8 years of age and older with adult supervision.

  • Brand: Scientific Explorer
  • ASIN: B0006O8DO0
  • UPC: 787799195185

SensoryMoon Pet Tornado Twister Lamp - Mini Water Vortex Maker Machine in 14" Color Changing Tube is Best Plug in LED Mood Night Light, Extreme Weather Related Gift, and Science Lab Toy for Kids

SensoryMoon Pet Tornado Twister Lamp - Mini Water

Our new SensoryMoon Tornado Twister Lava Lamp is the coolest weather related gift you can give to the natural disaster lovers in your family. Simply insert the whirlpool attachment, fill the tube with water, plug in our electric tornado toy, and viola! Watch with your children in awe as a twister forms within seconds of turning the tornado lamp on, staying on for as long as you'd like. Add bits of aluminum foil for some extra twirling fun and to teach your children how a tornado vortex forms. With a 20-color option remote and a large 14" water tube, this SensoryMoon lamp is one of the most dazzling reminders of nature's overwhelming power and beauty.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: SensoryMoon
  • ASIN: B06ZZD64K6
  • UPC: 878926006143

Scientific Explorer Secret Messages Kit

Scientific Explorer Secret Messages

Scientific Explorer Secret Messages Mini Lab will teach your child and a friend how to communicate through secret messages and go on "missions" just like real spies. Cryptography is the procedure of making and using secret writing through codes or ciphers. Cryptography is no longer as simple as wrapping your message around a stick. Given sufficient resources, almost any code or cipher can be cracked. The Scientific Explorer Secret Messages kit explains how to create and discover cryptic messages, so you can communicate with your friends without others discovering your secrets. Through 18 different missions, your child will learn how to use invisible ink, The Caesar Cipher, Keyboard Cipher, Telephone Cipher, Cipher wheels, the Polybius Checkerboard, Braille, basic code breaking tools and more. The step-by-step instruction booklets make it easy to start and finish these activities. This Secret Messages Mini Lab is educational and will keep your child busy for hours of adventurous fun. This kit includes 2 tubes, 4 red caps, 2 markers, 4 crayons, red plastic, 2 fasteners, 8 cipher wheels, 2 cipher cards and 2 manuals. Some activities require common household items that are not included. Recommended for children 8-years of age and older.

  • Color: multi/none
  • Brand: Scientific Explorer
  • ASIN: B000BL1C96
  • UPC: 770305490270

Kicko Metal Coil Spring Walking Spring Toy - 4 Pack - Novelty, Prize, Party Favor for Kids Teens and Adults

Kicko Metal Coil Spring Walking Spring Toy -

4 Pcs 2" Metal Walking Spring Toys - Novelty, Prize, Party Favor For Kids Teens And Adults - By Kicko The Metal coil spring is a fun party favor to add to treat sacks or treat boxes for any type of children's birthday party. It is a great toy which you can have hours of fun with. No matter how old you are, they are made for all ages from 5 and up. Stressed out?! Also a great stress toy to relieve all your anxiety and worries. Let your kids explore the world of Science in a very simple way! Make your experiments real by using these Metal coil springs. Make motion easy to understand in the world of teaching Physics. It is commonly used to demonstrate waves in physics' experiments as well as other useful properties. Understanding how such properties work is essential to engineers who must apply the theories and principles of science and mathematics every day in solving practical technical problems such as harnessing the power of fuels that drive our cars, airplanes, trains, and ships; transforming water power into electricity; using steel and concrete to build dams, roads and bridges; etc. Our 2-inch Metal coil springs, like all objects, tend to resist change in its motion. Because of this inertia, if placed at the top of stairs it stays at rest without moving at all. At this point...

  • Brand: Kicko
  • ASIN: B06XS1SNT1
  • UPC: 712376850966

Poof Slinky SLT02026 Kitchen Chemistry Mini Lab

Poof Slinky SLT02026 Kitchen Chemistry Mini

Here's a safe & fun way to explore chemistry without blowing up the house! This kit uses common household substances to make fun things like rock candy, super bubbles, and molding clay! Explore the science behind the food we eat and the substances we use in our homes everyday. Conduct experiments that turn bones to rubber, change liquid to rainbows, make candy, and many more amazing chemistry treats!

  • Brand: Poof Slinky
  • UPC: 071547020264

Science and Activity Kits Electric Motor

Science and Activity Kits Electric

2013 Features: -No tools needed, just curiosity to make this powerful electric motor. -Use as it powers its own motorboat. -For ages 10 and up. Category: -Electronic Learning. Minimum Age Requirement: -8 Years And Up. Generic Dimensions: -9'' H x 7'' W x 2.3'' D. Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -9 Inches. Overall Width - Side to Side: -7 Inches. Overall Depth - Front to Back: -2.3 Inches. Overall Product Weight: -0.45 Pounds.

  • Color: multi/none
  • Brand: Slinky
  • ASIN: B000CSDE4Y
  • UPC: 071547020134

Scientific Explorer Solar Energy Kit

Scientific Explorer Solar Energy

The POOF-Slinky 02010 Scientific Explorer Solar Energy Kit is designed to let your child experiment with the power of the sun and solar energy. If every bit of sunlight that falls on Earth each day could somehow be converted to a useful form of energy, it would satisfy the energy needs of the world for 50-years. On the local level, enough sunlight falls on the roof of the average suburban home to supply 3x as much energy as that home consumes. The energy is there… Our challenge is to find ways to make use of it. This safe and fun educational kit allows you to collect and measure energy using a 9-piece solar energy lab that includes energy collectors, a focusing lens, solar heather and a real thermometer. Conduct over (25) different experiments and activities with the 27-page step-by-step instruction booklet to learn about energy conservation using solar energy in a fun, scientific way. This Solar Energy Kit includes a graduation card, thermometer, test-tube, heat absorber bag, test-tube stand, test-tube holder, piece of rubber, reflector, magnifying glass, cardboard bracket and 27-page activity guide. Scientific Explorer is the industry leader in science kits that help develop critical thinking skills, inspire imagination and encourage exploration through interactive experiment...

  • Color: multi/none
  • Brand: Scientific Explorer
  • ASIN: B0006O8DKE
  • UPC: 071547020103

Shrinky Dinks Mini Vehicles

Shrinky Dinks Mini

Shrinky Dinks Minis Vehicles is an exciting way to spend a day indoors! Color, bake and cars, a motorcycle or a plane. Connect their pieces to their stands and drive them around. Shrinky Dinks sheets are made of a special thin, flexible plastic which, when heated in an oven, shrink and harden without altering their color or shape. We precut all the fun shapes in every one of our kits to make them easy to work with! Includes 9 preprinted and precut Shrinky Dinks, 8 colored pencils, 9 stands and easy instructions. Recommended for children 5 years of age and older.

  • Color: On The Move
  • Brand: Shrinky Dinks
  • ASIN: B001THK41I
  • UPC: 885504791087


This is the EDI Electrolab Science Set from / the Scienceville, U.S.A Series. / Recommended for Ages 8 and Up. / / Tune into the airwaves with a crystal radio that works without batteries. / Make some noise with an electric bell and buzzer. Make some waves with your / electric bell and buzzer. Make some waves with your electric motor-powered / boat! / / FEATURES: Harness the power of radio and electromagnetics with three great / science projects! / Build a crystal radio and tune into the power of radio waves. / Make an electric bell and experiment with electromagnetism. / Assemble an electric motor and race a motor boat. / Includes: / -One crystal radio kit. / -One electric bell kit. / -One electric motor kit. / -Detailed and informative instruction book. / / INCLUDES: One Electrolab Science Set. / / REQUIRES: Assembly / One D-Cell Battery / Adult Supervision

  • Brand: EDI
  • ASIN: B000063TQL
  • UPC: 071547030126
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Build your own Wave Machine - this is a great physics demonstration for the classroom or at home as a brilliant science experiment for kids. This science demonstration video is one of over 8,000 free teaching resources available for from the National STEM Centre following registration. Register ...

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Today we take a long look at how the slinky is both a fun and smart toy. But has it always been a toy? Tommy will help us explore this and more on the first episode of Teen Science Café Networks Science Show!

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This is an electric motor and boat kit to put together with your kids.

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Slinky Science Mini Lab

Can you grow candy? How to make a philosopher's stone? Slime Sam will find the answers in this video while his pet human Sue is growing magical crystals. The experiment takes a surprising turn after the crystals grow... into broccoli! Watch the video to see it for yourself! Subscribe to Sam's ch...

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