G3/4 Brass Electric Solenoid Valve for Water 12V DC Normally Closed

G3/4 Brass Electric Solenoid Valve for Water 12V

Features: This is a normally close type electric solenoid valve, power on to open it and power off to close it. Connect to DC 12V voltage and rated current is 300mA to ensure a stable performance. The high quality brass valve body would hold a pressure up to 0.8Mpa. Suitable for use with pipelines in water applications, and water temperature is 0℃~55℃. There is an arrow sign on valve showing flow direction, please follow the sign to connect pipes. Specifications: Valve Body: Brass Type: Normally closed Rated Voltage: DC 12V Rated Current: 300mA Fluid: Water Water Temperature: 0℃~55℃ Water Pressure: 0.02MPa~0.8MPa Thread Size: G3/4 Lifespan: >100,000 times Operating Temperature: 0℃~40℃ Operating Humidity:

  • Brand: Hilitand
  • UPC: 763741944179

Standard Motor Products CP454 Canister Purge Valve

Standard Motor Products CP454 Canister Purge

Vapor Canister Purge Solenoid

  • Brand: Standard Motor Products
  • ASIN: B0027AAK06
  • UPC: 025623022550

Solenoid Valve Plastic Brass G3/4" DC 12V, N/C Normally Closed Inlet Water Solenoid Valve Quick Connect,Electromagnetic Valve,for Automatic Cleaning Of Electrical Equipment, Solar Water Heater

Solenoid Valve Plastic Brass G3/4" DC 12V, N/C

Features: This electric solenoid valve is N/C normally closed type, suitable for water supply. Durable, practical and stable. Moisture-proof and anti-corrosion. The electric solenoid valve is made of high quality plastic and brass material, with long serving life. It is suitable for automatic cleaning of electrical equipment, solar water heater, garden spray irrigation, infrared sensor cleaning device, automatic billing system and so on. Specifications: Material: Plastic + Brass Rated voltage: DC 12V Rated current: 300mA Flow direction: One-way Thread: DN20 Environmental temperature: 0-40℃ Applicable media: (0-55℃)Water Connection form: external thread Working pressure: 0.02-0.8Mpa Size: Approx. 7.3 x 6cm / 2.87 x 2.36inch Weight: Approx. 109g Package Included: 1 x Electric Solenoid Valve

  • Brand: Jectse
  • UPC: 747333553321

HFS (R) 110v Ac or 12v Dc Electric Solenoid Valve Water, Air - 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1" NPT Available (12V DC 3/4" NPT)

HFS (R) 110v Ac or 12v Dc Electric

This 12V DC brass electric solenoid valve easily replaces broken valves for use with water, air, and other low viscosity fluids. Durable brass construction and a quality copper solenoid are made to last. This valve is N/C (normally closed), meaning it is closed when power isn't supplied. The unit operates on 110V AC power and can withstand temperatures of 23F to 176F. This unit fits a 3/4" NPT thread. We have solenoids available in AC/DC and various size NPT threads as well. SPECIFICATIONS: 110V AC Working Pressure: 0-100PSI (7Bar) Normally Closed (Opens when powered) Semi-Direct lift valve. Suitable for gravity feed. Temperature Range: 23F to 176F Orifice: 20mm Length: 3.3" Width: 2.5" Height: 4.3" 3/4"NPT Both Ends WARNING: Not for use with flammable gas or liquid. This valve is NOT explosion proof.

  • Brand: HFS
  • UPC: 789398118060

Electric Water Valve AC 24V DC Solenoid Valve 1/4" Hose Connection for RO Reverse Osmosis Pure System RO Controller

Electric Water Valve AC 24V DC Solenoid Valve

Specifications: Voltage: 24V DC Rated Power: 5.5W Pressure: 0.02 - 0.8Mpa Suitable for 1/4'' (6.4mm) solenoid valve Fluid temperature: 0-100 degrees Celsius Usage: water and low viscosity fluids Turn on water when system start, and cut off water when system stop (push-in connector Package list: 1 x Water Solenoid Valve Note: 1.Please allow 1-5mm error due to manual measurement. 2.The color may have different as the difference display, pls understand.

  • Brand: Yetaha
  • UPC: 653334526458

Motorcraft CX1597 Vapor Canister Purge Solenoid

Motorcraft CX1597 Vapor Canister Purge

Motorcraft Vapor Canister Purge Solenoids are designed and tested to meet OE requirements for durability and reliability under extreme conditions. They are built to maximize performance and are made from high-quality materials. They offer high resistance which ensures lasting durability.

  • Brand: Motorcraft
  • ASIN: B000C5BLZG
  • UPC: 031508367708

G1" Solenoid Valve,Normally Open Brass Electric Solenoid Valve for Air, Water, Steam, Gas 0-1.6Mpa 232psi (DC12V)

G1" Solenoid Valve,Normally Open Brass Electric Solenoid Valve

Features: 1. The electric solenoid valve is made of high quality brass material, with long serving life. 2. Easy to install and a great replacement of the broken one. 3. Compact structure, small size, light weight, convenient to mount and dismount. 4. Brass valve body, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, sturdy and durable. 5. Adopt heat resistant electromagnetic coil and standard seal material, safe and stable. Specification: Condition: 100% Brand New Item Type: Electric Solenoid Valve Model: 0927400T Material: Brass Operating Pressure: 0-1.6Mpa Pipe Size: G1" Working Medium: Air, Water, Steam, Gas Action Mode: Direct Action Operating Temperature: -5 to 80 degrees Oil Seal Material: NBR Voltage: DC12V, DC24V, AC110V, AC220V (optional) Package List: 1 * Electric Solenoid Valve

  • Brand: Thincol
  • ASIN: B07S2WM5RK
  • UPC: 787015141620

BACOENG 3/4" AC110V Electric Solenoid Valve (NPT, Brass, Normally Closed)

BACOENG 3/4" AC110V Electric Solenoid Valve (NPT, Brass,

Specifications: 1.Suitable Media:Air Water Oil . 2.Operation Mode:Normally Closed (Opens when powered) 3.Plunger Tip:NBR 4.Working Pressure:0-1.0Mpa 5.Fluid Temperature: -5-80 Degrees Celsius / 23F to 176F 6.Operating Viscosity: Under 20CST 7.Valve Type:Direct Acting, Wet Armature. Semi-Direct lift valve. Suitable for gravity feed. 8.Installation: Fluid direction should be as the arrow shows . 9.Versatile, small, responsive, light and durable. 10. One year warranty. Contact [email protected] Product Description: 1).3/4"ports, brass body, Viton seal, 110 volt AC, for air, water, or oil 2).BACOENG normally closed (N/C) electric solenoid valve is constructed with a durable brass body, two-way inlet and outlet ports with 3/4 inch female threaded (NPT) connections, and heat and oil resistant Viton gasket. 3).The coil uses alternating current and energizes at 110 volts AC; voltage range + or - 10%. 18 Watt power rating. 4).Semi-direct lift valve operates from 0 PSI to a maximum pressure of 145 PSI (0 MPa to 1.0 MPa). Operational pressure range for water: 0 to 101 PSI; for oil: 0 to 72 PSI; for air or gases: 0 to 101 PSI. 5).Operational temperature range is 23 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit; -5 to +80 degrees Celsius. Suitable for outdoor use; not for use underwater. 6).Suitabl...

  • Brand: BACOENG
  • ASIN: B010LT1Z8U

12V Plastic Water Solenoid Valve

12V Plastic Water Solenoid

Control the flow of fluid using the flow of electrons! This liquid valve would make a great addition to your robotic gardening project. There are two 1/2\" (Nominal NPS) outlets. Normally, the valve is closed. When 12VDC is applied to the two terminals, the valve opens and water can push through. The valve has a gasket arrangement inside, so there is a minimum pressure requirement of 0.02 Mpa (3 PSI). Also, liquid can only flow one direction. We tried this solenoid at various DC voltages and found we could actuate it down at 6VDC (although it was a little slower to open). Here is the current draw table for various voltages. We suggest a TIP120 or N-Channel power FET with a 1N4001 kickback diode to drive this from a microcontroller pin. For a power supply, our 9V 1A or 12V 1A power adapters will do the job. These solenoids are not rated for food safety or use with anything but water.Voltage Current6V 160 mA7V 190 mA8V 220 mA9V 240 mA10V 270 mA11V 300 mA12V 320 mA

  • Brand: Adafruit
  • UPC: 720189973130

Beduan Plastic Electrical Inlet Solenoid Water Valve Normally Closed for Water Dispense DC 24V 1/2" Barb Air Inlet Flow Switch

Beduan Plastic Electrical Inlet Solenoid Water Valve Normally

This inlet valve has a standard hose fitting inlet and one water outlet. The water inlet valve opens to allow water to enter the washing machine. If the water inlet valve is defective, the washer may leak, fill slowly, or not fill at all. To test your valve, unplug the washer when the symptom occurs. If the washer continues to fill, then your inlet valve is defective.

  • Brand: Beduan
  • ASIN: B07R2BC5CY
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