LEZYNE Steel Drive Floor Pump Gloss Black, One Size

LEZYNE Steel Drive Floor Pump Gloss Black, One

Lezyne's Steel Drive Floor Pump is designed to be the last floor pump you ever buy, and while that might be bad news for Lezyne's prospects of repeat business, it's good news for you. Lezyne consistently delivers pumps with solid metal construction and timeless wooden handles, and the Steel Drive is no exception, featuring, as its name suggests, a steel barrel and aluminum base with a solid wooden handle. The pump is capable of filling anything from knobby CX race tires to your everyday road tires with up to 220PSI, which you'll be able to keep track of on a large, easy-to-read pressure gauge. Compatibility isn't an issue for the Speed Chuck head either, whose 90-degree bend allows it to easily work with disc wheels as well as Presta, Dunlop, Schrader valves, and which is equipped with ABS1 Pro technology to allow for minute, precise air pressure adjustments as you're filling your tires.

  • Color: Gloss Black
  • Brand: LEZYNE
  • ASIN: B07CQ2HLF2

Performance Bike Floor Pump with Gauge & Glueless Puncture Kit - Rapid T-Valve - Simple Switch from Presta to Schrader Valves

Performance Bike Floor Pump with Gauge & Glueless

Presto and Schrader Compatible This floor pump is the perfect lightweight performance bicycle pump for competitive and social riders. Designed with the special "Rapid T-Valve" it switches between Presto & Schrader valves with ease. The connection fits perfectly, avoiding annoying leaks. High Pressure Pumping to 160 PS With a strong steel barrel, wide foot nylon base plate for stability and ergonomically designed handle, our floor pump inflates to high pressure of 160 PSI, a high performance road bike pump for all riders. The longer barrel allows for larger volume of air to be pumped with each stroke, resulting in faster inflation. Accurate Pressure Gauge There's nothing more annoying than a bike pump with a gauge that's faulty. The large gauge is easy to read when pumping, no more squinting at small annoying gauges Includes Glue less Puncture Kit We've all had an unfortunate flat at the worst possible time. We include our glue less puncture kit with your floor pump. This pocket sized kit is lightweight and requires no glue at all, simply locate the area of the puncture, rough the surface with the sandpaper provided, apply a patch and inflate.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Vibrelli
  • ASIN: B017ADD9N4
  • UPC: 637057979593

LEZYNE Classic Drive Floor Pump Metallic Black, One Size

LEZYNE Classic Drive Floor Pump Metallic Black, One

Lezyne employs the classic, timeless design it's known for with its Classic Drive ABS1 Pro Chuck, delivering a durable, high-pressure floor pump that doesn't have to be hidden away in a closet when not in use. Constructed with a steel barrel and piston, the Classic Drive features an aluminum base and connectors, a long rubber hose, and a tasteful, varnished wood handle as an elegant finishing touch.Lezyne graces the pump with its ABS1 Pro Chuck valve, which is compatible with Presta, Dunlop, Schrader valves and the brand's Speed Chuck technology, which allows the pump to work with disc wheels. Its oversized 3. 5in gauge won't leave you squinting or guessing at tire pressure, and it measures up to 220PSI.

  • Color: Metallic Black
  • Brand: LEZYNE
  • ASIN: B071W7F5M8

BV Bicycle Ergonomic Bike Floor Pump with Gauge & Smart Valve Head, 160 psi, Automatically Reversible Presta and Schrader

BV Bicycle Ergonomic Bike Floor Pump with Gauge

BV Bike Pump is a high quality bicycle floor pump with easy-to read large gauge and smart valve head that can fit both Presta and Schrader. This pump is available in 2 colors - yellow and silver. The solid and sturdy bike pump is the perfect bicycle pump for competitive and social riders. Twin Valve Design Newly designed valve head can switch between Presta and Schrader valves easily and without any air leaks. No more reverse!  Stability Stable, durable base and oversized handle make this floor pump easy to inflate tire to high pressure of 160 PSI.  Inflation Speed The long steel/Aluminum barrel allows more air to be pushed through with each pump making it easier and faster to pump. Our extra long hose with 360 degree pivot will make your pumping easier. Accurate and Easy-to-read Large Gauge The large gauge is easy to read and will help you to set your desired pressure. Bonus Sport Ball Needle and Inflatable Device This bike floor pump can also be used on inflating sport balls and pool floats or water tubes. It can work on basketball, football, volleyball and soccer ball, or pool floats like swim rings and river tubes! So that is why we provide an extra bonus of ball inflating needle and inflatable device with your floor pump. 1 Year Warranty BV warrants this product...

  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: BV
  • ASIN: B0085OUN1O
  • UPC: 639767840835

LEZYNE Steel Drive Tall Floor Pump Gloss Black, One Size

LEZYNE Steel Drive Tall Floor Pump Gloss Black,

We've been guilty of waxing extensively about the artful construction of Lezyne pumps for years now. And frankly, we're not likely to stop anytime soon, especially if the brand continues to tempt us with such commendable designs. The Steel Drive Tall Floor Pump exemplifies the classic, clean style and lifetime durability we love about Lezyne, with a sleek aluminum body, smooth varnished wood handle, and versatile ABS1 Pro technology that reliably attaches to Presta and Schrader valves. Lezyne takes longevity seriously, using a steel barrel and piston and CNC-machined small parts that, if treated properly, will last you decades. The 4. 4-foot fully extended height on this taller version of the regular Steel Drive suits taller riders, and the large gauge helps you read PSI without having to squat and squint.

  • Color: Gloss Black
  • Brand: LEZYNE

LEZYNE Steel Floor Drive Bicycle Pump (Gloss Black)

LEZYNE Steel Floor Drive Bicycle Pump (Gloss

Lezyne Steel Floor Drive pump features a steel barrel, machined base and classic wooden handle. Durable machined aluminum base with a steel barrel and pistonPainted finish with varnished wood handleLarge 2.5 inch gaugeExtra long, high-strength hose with composite matrix couplers

  • Color: Gloss Black
  • Brand: LEZYNE
  • ASIN: B072QGJKN6

LEZYNE CNC Travel Floor Drive Pump (Silver)

LEZYNE CNC Travel Floor Drive Pump

Lezyne built the CNC travel drive floor pump with all the functional details that make its full-sized models staples for home use, just scaled down to fit in a kit bag. The Presta/Schrader flip Chuck makes the leap to the travel size, as do the ABS bleed valve -- which lets you dial the PSI precisely -- and slip-on speed Chuck -- which facilitates the inflation of deep rims and discs. The whole thing is made from lezyne's go-to lightweight material, CNC-machined alloy, so its tiny body checks in at a travel-friendly claimed weight of only 839g.

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: LEZYNE

LEZYNE Steel Travel Floor Drive Pump (Black)

LEZYNE Steel Travel Floor Drive Pump

Lezyne's steel travel floor pump is a solid option for traveling with your bike. With an aluminum base, varnished wood handle, and steel barrel and Piston, this travel floor pump was made to withstand the abuse of life on the road. The pump is only inches tall, and every aspect of the pump has been designed to make it easy to fit into a suitcase or bottom of a bike bag. If you travel with your bike, this lezyne pump was made for you.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: LEZYNE
  • ASIN: B005X7ILEM

Schwinn Air Center Plus Floor Pump for Bicycles, Fits Schader and Presta Valve Types, Includes Needle to inflate Sports Balls for Volleyball, Football, Soccer, and Basketball, with Gauge Orange

Schwinn Air Center Plus Floor Pump for Bicycles,

You were all ready to go for a ride and... darn it if you tire doesn't need a little more air. No worries, you have the Schwinn Air Center Plus Floor Pump. Sure, there are plenty of bike pumps out there, but the Air Center Plus has several key features that make it a great asset when you're in a pinch. There is a wide metal base that keeps it stable and an indicator-style pump head that takes the guess work out of wondering if the pump head is truly attached to the valve. When the handle is up the window is green, meaning it is ready to pump. When the handle is down, the window is red, meaning it isn't ready to pump. Easy, right? You have the option of a Presta or Schrader valve so all the bikes in the family are covered. With a pump, the height of the barrel is equal to the capacity, which is how much air the pump can push into the tire per pump. With a 21.5-inch barrel height and a 38mm diameter steel barrel, you'll get a nice gust of air with each pump, which means fewer pumps for a fully-inflated tire. There are molded handles for comfort, a convenient mid-level top view gauge that pumps to 120 PSI, and an included sports ball needle and inflation cone for all your pumping needs. Nothing is holding you back, enjoy the ride with a Schwinn.

  • Color: Orange
  • Brand: Schwinn
  • ASIN: B072J8D6GR
  • UPC: 038675111585

Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Floor Pump

Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Floor

JoeBlow Sport II Floor Pump The Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Floor Pump gets your tires ready to go, wherever the road may take you. TwinHead Technology With Presta valve internals on one side and Schrader valve internals on the other, this easy-to-use dual pump head design makes tire inflation chores a snap. No adapters or swapping out pump head parts, simply choose the side you want, press onto the valve stem, flip the locking lever, and start pumping. The original TwinHead dual sided design makes adapters obsolete. At A GlanceHead: TwinHead Barrel: Painted steel Gauge: Base mount analog Hose: X-long 360 pivot Handle: Oversize padded Capacity: 160 psi / 11 bar Base: Hardened steel Ball / bladder heads Hose dock Size (L x W x H): 13.7 x 25 x 67.5 cm / 5.4” x 9.8” x 26.6” Weight: 1.4 kgs / 3.09 lbs Easy to read chronograph inspired pressure gauge with PSI and Bar Indexview larger Works with Presta, Schrader or Dunlop valvesview larger Double-Sided TwinHead works with Presta and Schrader valvesview larger Rotating connection keeps hose tangle freeview larger Oversized padded handle adds comfortview larger Hose dock helps protect hose & head while not in useview larger Hardened steel base is wide for added stabilityview larger Ball and bladder needles are incl...

  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: Topeak
  • ASIN: B002B7LTBY
  • UPC: 768661119348

Audew Floor Bike Pump with Gauge - Steel Manufacturing Ergonomic Household Bicycle Tire Pump - 230Psi Reversible Presta and Schrader Dual Valves - Including Puncture Repair Tools and Inflating Kit

Audew Floor Bike Pump with Gauge - Steel

  • Color: Floor Bike Pump
  • Brand: Audew
  • ASIN: B07PCRS49H

LEZYNE Sport Floor Drive Bicycle Pump w/3.5in Gauge (Black)

LEZYNE Sport Floor Drive Bicycle Pump w/3.5in Gauge

The Lezyne Sport Floor Drive pump features a steel barrel and piston with tough composite matrix base. An easy to read oversized 3.5 inch gauge. Durable, painted finish with varnished wood handleComposite Matrix Base. Steel Barrel. 220 psi max.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: LEZYNE
  • ASIN: B07CPY8W9W

Lumintrail 160 PSI High Pressure Dual Valve Bike Floor Pump with Gauge Presta Schrader Dunlop Plus Bonus Glueless Puncture Patch Kit (Gold)

Lumintrail 160 PSI High Pressure Dual Valve Bike

The Lumintrail premium bicycle floor pump has all the features you need to maintain proper tire pressure for better riding performance. With a convenient dual valve head design, extra long hose, large pressure gauge and high pressure of 160 PSI, it is the perfect performance pump. Presta / Schrader / Dunlop Compatible - Dual valve head works with all valve types. No adapters or adjustments needed. Thumb lock creates a tight seal to prevent air leaks. High Pressure Pumping to 160 PSI - The 28 inch flexible hose allows easy access to valves while a stable base and ergonomic rubberized handle make inflating up to 160 PSI effortless. Large Accurate Pressure Gauge - Large 2.5 inch gauge is easy to read and includes dual scales for PSI and BAR standard. Adjustable marker lets you set desired pressure. Adapter Storage Case - Pump can also inflate sports balls, pool toys, stroller tires and more. Plastic case holds included ball needle and inflation cones and conveniently attaches to pump for easy access. Bonus Glueless Tire Patch Kit - No more worry over getting stranded with a flat tire. Patches and sandpaper store conveniently in portable case. To use, simply locate the puncture, rough the surface with the included sandpaper, apply to patch, wait 30 seconds and inflate. Specifications...

  • Color: Gold
  • Brand: Lumintrail
  • ASIN: B0711JKFKG
  • UPC: 769923345994

Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HVG High Volume Cycling Pump, With External Gauge - Silver

Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HVG High Volume Cycling

Put the power of a floor pump in the palm of your hands (Almost). The Lezyne Micro Floor Drive is a super compact, lightweight pump that is great for traveling when a full-sized floor pump may be too cumbersome. Lightweight CNC machined aluminum barrel, piston, base, and T-handle optimized for high volume applications. Long, versatile hose improves pumping convenience. Stainless steel foot peg stabilizes pump during use. HVG version features integrated digital pressure gauge. ABS Flip-Thread Chuck equipped. Presta and Schrader compatible. Includes composite matrix frame mount.

  • Color: Silver/Hi Gloss
  • Brand: LEZYNE
  • ASIN: B005UZP2ZS

Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump

Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor

Wherever your road leads we know cyclists seek the ultimate ride. With that in mind, Serfas is always striving to make products that reflect those wants and needs. Our 20-plus year commitment to quality, performance and customer service is reflected in our innovative products that are rider-tested and rider approved.

  • Color: BLACK
  • Brand: Serfas
  • ASIN: B001MK3GFS
  • UPC: 713835100691

BoG Products Bicycle Floor Pump with Pressure Gauge for Presta & Schrader valves Large Diameter for Quicker Inflation 75PSI Rating Space Saving Folding Base Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

BoG Products Bicycle Floor Pump with Pressure Gauge

This high quality steel alloy bike floor pump fits both Presta and Schrader valves. It has been designed with a long hose and a head with two openings; one for Presta, the other Schrader valves. No longer you need to use adapters or to disassemble your connectors in order to fit your valve! It also features a pump base that folds and makes it convenient to store. BoG Products hand pump has been equipped with a wide range pressure gauge; mounted close to the handle so it is easy to read. An ergonomic handle was used to make it easier on your hands. It also functions as storage for the included ball needle and inflatable adapters This is a high quality, wide body, high volume, high pressure bicycle pump that easily reaches 75PSI can be used for more than just bicycles, lawn equipment, dollies, balls, inflatables, and even vehicle tires! (NOT RECOMMENDED FOR APPLICATIONS ABOVE 75PSI) The strong build of this deluxe pump makes it the ideal pump for every day use or stowing away in your vehicle. Buy with confidence, BoG Products offers Lifetime Guarantee on all our products. How can we offer such a Guarantee? Simple, it's because we know how good they are! Specifications: ★ Size: 25" tall and less than 10" wide ★ Pressure Gauge: Wide Range ~ Easy to read, and can be used ...

  • Brand: BoG Products
  • ASIN: B010F4S4NA
  • UPC: 784672963176

AerGun X-1000 Bike Pump - Unique AerTight Pump Head for EASIEST use with both Presta and Schrader Bicycle Pump Valves - Pressure Gauge - 160 PSI

AerGun X-1000 Bike Pump - Unique AerTight Pump

Cyclists Love the AerGun X-1000... You Will Too! "The AerGun Floor Pump is a killer value! It works just as good, if not better, than all the big name pumps... all at a ridiculously affordable price! ...We love it so much, we bring it on the podium!" David Guttenplan, Owner Support Clean Sport / SeaSucker / Guttenplan Coaching US Professional Cycling Team The AerGun is Amazon's Top Rated Floor Pump! Easily fill tires: Quickly Switch between Presta and Schrader Valves, without adapters or adjustments! Buy with Confidence: Customer Service is our #1 priority and we haveThousands of Happy Amazon Customers! We are a USA Company, based in Tampa, FL Superior Quality Build with Industry Best: AerTight(TM) Pump Head Instantly switch between Presta and Schrader Valves for Fast, Easy Fill:   No Pump Head Fiddling, Switching, or Adapters Needed High Pressure, High Power - Tested to 160 PSI AerTight Pump Head Won't 'Leak' Air When Disconnecting from Valve Must Have! Pressure Release Button on Pump Head Easy to Read Pressure Gauge with Adjustable Guide Ball and Bladder Needles Included Powerful, Affordable, Durable, Dependable... And Guaranteed!The X-1000 is an affordable, stylish air pump that works perfectly every time. And, it Lasts a Long Time. You benefit from our obsession with ...

  • Color: Neon Green
  • Brand: AerGun
  • ASIN: B00OP5KB0K
  • UPC: 784672569811

Topeak Joe Blow Sport III High Pressure Floor Pump

Topeak Joe Blow Sport III High Pressure Floor

The new JoeBlow Sport III continues the tradition of setting the benchmark for floor pump durability and performance, while ushering in upgrades from the classic JoeBlow Sport II.

  • Color: Yellow/Black
  • Brand: Topeak
  • ASIN: B077KXQ995
  • UPC: 883466016224

LEZYNE Alloy Drive Floor Pump Silver/Hi Gloss, One Size

LEZYNE Alloy Drive Floor Pump Silver/Hi Gloss, One

The Lezyne Alloy Drive Floor Pump puts lesser pumps to shame with its timeless aluminum construction, brilliant anodized finish, and high-pressure output. 220psi output ensures proper inflation of both road tires and mountain bike tires, with a 90-degree valve design that allows it to easily work with disc-equipped wheels. The ABS-2 Flip-Thread valve makes swapping between Presta and Schrader valves simple and intuitive, even on aero disc wheels, while Lezyne's Air Bleed System (ABS) lets you incrementally dial in pressure to precise levels on both valve types by removing air slowly. And with the oversized 3. 5in pressure gauge, you'll never have to squint at or second guess air pressure levels again.

  • Color: Silver/Hi Gloss
  • Brand: LEZYNE
  • ASIN: B072JG9C4Z

LEZYNE CNC Drive Floor Pump Silver/Hi Gloss, One Size

LEZYNE CNC Drive Floor Pump Silver/Hi Gloss, One

Floor pumps are one of those invisible pieces of cycling gear that most of us tend to take for granted, but are integral to the sport. The fact that we tend not to think about pumps doesn't diminish their importance, but if you have a pump of the Lezyne CNC Drive ABS-2 Floor Pump's caliber, you'll really want to use it at every opportunity. The CNC Drive is a premium floor pump from Lezyne. As the name implies, it features a fully CNC-machined aluminum construction: barrel, piston, base, handle, and oversized 3. 5in gauge for easy readout of pressure. It includes Lezyne's ABS1 Pro, which accommodates both Presta and Schrader valves. The ABS1 Pro has an air-bleed button for fine-tuning your tire pressure, as well as an integrated valve core wrench for regular maintenance.

  • Color: Silver/Hi Gloss
  • Brand: LEZYNE
  • ASIN: B072JHN6WC
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