The Everything Hot Sauce Book: From growing to picking and preparing - all you ned to add some spice to your life! (Everything Series)

The Everything Hot Sauce Book: From growing to

Add some real flavor to foods with the magic of hot sauce! Hot sauce is more than just the red sauce that gets sprinkled on tacos or eggs; it can be a featured player in all kinds of dishes from breakfasts and snacks to cocktails and desserts (that's right, desserts)! Plus, this all-encompassing guide explains the many health benefits of hot sauce like how it can improve digestion, help combat the common cold, battle the blues, and even relieve the pain of arthritis! In The Everything Hot Sauce Book readers learn how to grow and cultivate hot pepper plants and how to prepare delicious dishes with hot sauces. With so many scrumptious and spicy meals, it easy to see why readers are ready to get hot for hot sauce.

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The Tabasco Cookbook: Recipes with America's Favorite Pepper Sauce

The Tabasco Cookbook: Recipes with America's Favorite Pepper

The authoritative cookbook on Tabasco sauce from previous McIlhenny Company CEO Paul McIlhenny, featuring 80 recipes with your favorite pepper sauce in a newly revised edition. Whether you ask for it by name at restaurants or are one of the legions of people who travel with your own bottle, you know there's no substitute for giving eggs, oysters, and Bloody Marys a kick. But Tabasco Pepper Sauce is a versatile ingredient for other foods, too. This revised and updated edition of The Tabasco Cookbook includes 20 new recipes for enjoying southern-style classics and American down-home favorites. From perfect fried chicken to a pan of peppery gingerbread, here are 80 recipes to test your fiery food limits—each recipe is rated from "gives flavors a lift" to "not for the meek" according to its piquancy level—and keep you coming back for more. Filled with vignettes describing the venerable history of the pepper sauce and the family-run company behind it, along with a foreword by renowned New Orleans chef John Besh and beautiful color photographs of the food and Avery Island, Tabasco Pepper Sauce’s birthplace, The Tabasco Cookbook will spice up any cook’s repertoire from breakfast to dessert.


Sauce It Up!: Delicious Ways to Jazz Up Your Meals!

Sauce It Up!: Delicious Ways to Jazz Up

Sweet, spicy, healthy, or rich, sauces are one of the most versatile elements of our meals!From classic sauces like Hollandaise and Pesto to more fun and new flavors like Sambal and Custard Sauce, this book compiles together some of the top sauce recipes out there! You’ll find quick and easy recipes to whip up in no time!

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The Tabasco Cookbook: 125 Years of America's Favorite Pepper Sauce

The Tabasco Cookbook: 125 Years of America's Favorite

"Tabasco sauce is an indispensable ingredient, and always on my kitchen counter. I am a loyal Fan."Pierre FraneyThe world would be a much blander place without that familiar little red bottle with the white diamond label.Ever since Edmund McIlhenny introduced his soon-to-be-famous pepper sauce in 1868, raw oysters and Bloody Marys have depended on that definitive dash to make them complete. Now, Paul McIlhenny unbottles the authoritative cookbook on this very special sauce. It's no surprise that a generous amount of Tabasco sauce adds heat and bite to foods, but The Tabasco Cookbook reveals that a judicious amount will add "roundness" to flavors in a multitude of ways.Tempting recipes range from contemporary offerings such as Potato, Artichoke, and Leek Soup, Devil's Chicken, and Lemon Sesame Asparagus to a host of Tabasco Classics -- regional favorites such as Eula Mae's Cajun Seafood Gumbo, Grillades for Brunch, Shrimp Creole, and Dirty Rice. Each recipe is rated from (gives flavors a lift) to (not for the meek) according to its piquancy level, and simple tips on using Tabasco sauce to heighten the flavor of everything from popcorn to polenta are sprinkled throughout the pages.The Tabasco Cookbook is filled with vignettes describing the venerable history of the pepper sauce and...

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Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauce Good Time Recipes (Favorite Brand Name Recipes) (Volume 6)

Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauce Good Time Recipes (Favorite


Hot & Spicy Cookbook: 40 Hot and Spicy Recipes That Will Light Up Your Tastebuds

Hot & Spicy Cookbook: 40 Hot and Spicy

If you’re tired of the old and boring, and wanting to spice things up - in the kitchen, that is - then the Hot & Spicy Cookbook can help you with that! This recipe book brings together 40 hot and spicy recipes for appetizers, entr?es, and even desserts! The fiery dishes in the Hot & Spicy Cookbook are inspired by the heat and aromatic flavors of herbs, spices, and peppers from all over the world. In this cookbook, you’ll find easy-to-make recipes popular in India, the Far East, Mexico, America's Deep South, and other regions around the globe. Whether you'd like to try searing soups, fiery fish, peppery poultry, or chocolate chili, you’re sure to discover a dish in this book that is guaranteed to put a little pep in your step...and your tastebuds! Featured recipes include:* Appetizers, Dips, & Sides: Curried Coconut Egg Drop Soup, Firecracker Chicken Meatballs, Hot Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Mexican Chilli Grilled Corn* Entr?es: Spicy Stuffed Whiskey Turkey Burgers, Grilled Vegetable Pizza with Ghost Pepper Sauce, Sticky Pineapple Chicken Stir Fry, Horseradish & Wasabi Firecracker Snapper* Desserts: Cranberry Jalape?o Granita, Chocolate-Dipped Coconut Curry Macarons, Strawberry & Jalape?o Gin Popsicles, Tequila Grilled Watermelon...and many more! Grab your copy of the Hot...


The Chili Cookbook: A History of the One-Pot Classic, with Cook-off Worthy Recipes from Three-Bean to Four-Alarm and Con Carne to Vegetarian

The Chili Cookbook: A History of the One-Pot

A cookbook devoted to the family friendly, tailgate party classic--featuring more than 60 tried-and-true recipes--from veteran cookbook author and Americana expert Robb Walsh.  Americans love chili. Whether served as a hearty family dinner, at a potluck with friends, or as the main dish at a football-watching party, chili is a crowd-pleaser. It’s slathered over tamales in San Antonio, hot dogs in Detroit, and hamburgers in Los Angeles. It’s ladled over spaghetti in Cincinnati, hash browns in St. Louis, and Fritos corn chips in Santa Fe.   In The Chili Cookbook, award-winning author Robb Walsh digs deep into the fascinating history of this quintessential American dish. Who knew the cooking technique traces its history to the ancient Aztecs, or that Hungarian goulash inspired the invention of chili powder?   Fans in every region of the country boast the “one true recipe,” and Robb Walsh recreates them all—60 mouth-watering chilis from easy slow-cooker suppers to stunning braised meat creations. There are beef, venison, pork, lamb, turkey, chicken, and shrimp chilis to choose from—there is even an entire chapter on vegetarian chili. The Chili Cookbook is sure to satisfy all your chili cravings.

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NASCAR Cooks with TABASCO Brand Pepper Sauce

NASCAR Cooks with TABASCO Brand Pepper

A Spirit of Competition and CharityThe entire NASCAR Family is proud of its heritage, its spirit of camaraderie, and the remarkable loyalty of its team members and fans. Strong Christian beliefs and charity have always been at the forefront. The Winston Cup Racing Wives Auxiliary and Motor Racing Outreach are two organizations dedicated to serving NASCAR families. In celebration of NASCAR's 50th Anniversary, a portion of the proceeds fromthe sales of NASCAR Cooks will be donated to these two charitable groups.Winston Cup Racing Wives AuxiliaryThe Winston Cup Racing Wives Auxiliary is a group dedicated to promoting better understanding and relations among its members. It serves to helpand assist NASCAR Winston Cup drivers, their families, and their crew members in times of need with medical assistance, financial support, andemotional aid.Motor Racing OutreachMotor Racing Outreach is an interdenominational, nonprofit, evangelic Christian organization dedicated to changing lives through outreach, discipleship, and restoration within the racing communities throughout the world. Its purpose is to spitiually support all members of the racing community so they may all enjoy a more wholesome life together as well as become role models for race fans around the world. Americans have a heal...

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Great Tabasco Recipes

Great Tabasco

Color illustrations for every recipe.

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Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen: Recipes from My Family to Yours

Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen: Recipes from

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Best Ways to Cook with Sriracha Sauce: Spicy Recipes You Will Adore!

Best Ways to Cook with Sriracha Sauce: Spicy

In its truest form, sriracha is a mix of chile peppers, vinegar, salt and sugar. The sauce is so popular in Thailand that there is a Si Racha Lovers’ Association in the town of Sri Racha where inhabitants believe a woman named Thanom Cakkapak first came up with the popular sauce. Whether the sauce was the discovery of Cakkapak or Burmese sawmill workers, the result is that millions of people around the world are now enjoying this delectable sauce in their eggs, fish, meat and vegetables.From slow cooked spicy chicken to dipping sauce for sushi, sriracha tastes amazing when cooked with pretty much anything. When you are looking for a unique flavour to boost your dinner, lunch or even breakfast, give sriracha sauce a try. Your taste buds will thank you!

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Taste Buds on Fire!: Find 30 Best Spicy Recipes in This Book!

Taste Buds on Fire!: Find 30 Best Spicy

The following book, 30 spicy recipes, includes a great variety of spicy flavors that can help you decide what to make in your everyday lives really quickly.This book consists of 30 recipes that are not only spicy but tempting and flavorful too. It does not include spicy dishes from a single place but from all over the world for instance, south African spicy dishes, Cuban spicy dishes, Indian spicy dishes, German spicy dishes, middle eastern spicy dishes, Japanese spicy dishes and so many more.You can get this book and this will help you cook a great variety in your kitchen every day. Some of the recipes which are mentioned in this book include, spicy taco seasoning, Cuban beans, Indian eggplant curry, vegan hot and sour soup, chili with beef and broccoli, a spicy wing sauce, Indian potato curry, spiced pumpkin latte, German roulade, German curry rust, green beans with spice, sweet potato chili soup, lamb and barley soup and many more.Follow and get this book and rush to your supermarket store to get all the ingredients at your house and make these recipes as soon as you can at your home. You can make your family and loved ones really happy as this book contains a great variety of spicy recipes from all over the world even from Mexico!We hope that you will get this book and follow...

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Hot Sauce - A Guide To Peppers

Hot Sauce - A Guide To

Lovers of spicy peppers as well as the demand for more uses for those hot vegetables are what brought about the creation of hot sauce. Interestingly, Great Britain’s Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce was first imported into the U.S. via the Port of New York in 1849. That same year has come to be known as a landmark year in the history of hot sauce, as that is when many hot sauce aficionados contend that Colonel Maunsell White (an eminent Louisiana legislator and banker) brought chili pepper seeds from Mexico to his home, Deer Range Plantation in New Orleans. He raised the first chronicled chili pepper crop in the United States, and wound up inventing the world's first Tabasco hot sauce. Colonel White believed his pepper seeds brought tremendous benefit to his neighbors and the community, and gifted some seeds to several people, among them, his friend Edmund McIlhenny. The common ingredient of hot sauces is chili peppers. There are numerous recipes for hot sauces, but all of them include the chili pepper as their main ingredient. Other places you may discover chili peppers in the recipe include certain forms of vinegar, beer, oil, water, alcohol, and even fruits and vegetables. Most American hot sauces are comprised of a base of chili peppers, salt and vinegar. Certain hot sauc...

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Louisiana Cookin' (Featuring Cajun Classics and much more)

Louisiana Cookin' (Featuring Cajun Classics and much

Louisiana Cookin' (Featuring Cajun Classics and much more) [Spiral-bound]

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From the Land of Tabasco Sauce

From the Land of Tabasco

Small cookbook featuring dishes that use Tabasco (R) sauce.

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Seasoning Blends & Rubs: 60 Simple & #Delish Mixes (60 Super Recipes) (Volume 29)

Seasoning Blends & Rubs: 60 Simple & #Delish

Mix your own seasonings and save! Whether you are grilling ribs that need a savory rub or just hoping to create your own salt-free, all-purpose seasoning blend, this book of quick and easy recipes delivers. It includes many dry mixes that are also great as dips, white/red meat rubs, seafood options and homemade versions of your favorite store bought brands. A great addition to your recipe collection. Low salt, low cost options that are big on flavor!

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Caesars: The Essential Guide to Your Favourite Cocktail

Caesars: The Essential Guide to Your Favourite

The Caesar is the iconic Canadian cocktail, shared on backyard patios and cocktail menus from coast to coast. Caesars is the ultimate guide to this Canadian classic, containing more than 50 unique recipes for Caesar variations, and 20 delicious food recipes to pair with them.      Mounties, maple syrup, hockey... few things are as distinctly and proudly Canadian as the Caesar cocktail. First mixed nearly fifty years ago in Calgary, Alberta, the Caesar has grown to become one of the most popular cocktails across our great nation. With Canada Day just around the corner, what better way to enjoy the day than mixing Canada's top drink in celebration with your family and friends?     For this colourful cookbook, Clint Pattemore, Chief Mixing Officer for Mott's Clamato, has teamed up with Top Chef alum Chef Connie De Sousa and Charcut Roast House co-owner Chef John Jackson. Together they have created a book for year round enjoyment, with recipes organised by season. From Caesar innovations like the Clamdigger, Gin & Ginger or Don Cherry, to the mouthwatering appetizers to accompany them, like Stuffed Meatballs, Sausage Sliders or Warm Pretzel Bites, you'll want to try every recipe in this vibrant, accessible collection.

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Culinary Ephemera: An Illustrated History (California Studies in Food and Culture)

Culinary Ephemera: An Illustrated History (California Studies in

This extraordinary collection, a trove of enchanting designs, appealing colors, and forgotten motifs that stir the imagination, features an unprecedented assortment of ephemera, or paper collectibles, related to food. It includes images of postcards, match covers, menus, labels, posters, brochures, valentines, packaging, advertisements, and other materials from nineteenth- and twentieth-century America. Internationally acclaimed food historian William Woys Weaver takes us on a lively tour through this dazzling collection in which each piece tells a new story about food and the past. Packed with fascinating history, the volume is the first serious attempt to organize culinary ephemera into categories, making it useful for food lovers, collectors, designers, and curators alike. Much more than a catalog, Culinary Ephemera follows this paper trail to broader themes in American social history such as diet and health, alcoholic beverages, and Americans abroad. It is a collection that, as Weaver notes, will “transport us into the vicarious worlds of dinners past, brushing elbows with the reality of another time, another place, another human condition.”

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Cookin Up the Blues With Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauce

Cookin Up the Blues With Tabasco Brand Pepper

Recipes with Tabasco, Maarva Wright, Kenny Neal, Carol Fran, Lonnie Brooks, Clarence "Gatem outh" Brown, The Memphis Horns Andrew Love, BuckWheat Zydeco, Earl King, Dan Aykroyd, Tinsley Ellis, Lynn August, Joe Walsh, Koko Taylor, The Thomas Family, Aerosmith, Buddy Guy, Maria Muldaur, Recipes from those people.

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Salsas!: Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletin A-176 (Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin)

Salsas!: Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletin A-176 (Storey Country

Since 1973, Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletins have offered practical, hands-on instructions designed to help readers master dozens of country living skills quickly and easily. There are now more than 170 titles in this series, and their remarkable popularity reflects the common desire of country and city dwellers alike to cultivate personal independence in everyday life.

  • Brand: Brand: Storey Publishing, LLC
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McIlhenny's Gold: How a Louisiana Family Built the Tabasco Empire

McIlhenny's Gold: How a Louisiana Family Built the

In this fascinating history, Jeffrey Rothfeder tells how, from a simple idea—the outgrowth of a handful of peppers planted on an isolated island on the Gulf of Mexico—a secretive family business emerged that would produce one of the best-known products in the world. A delectable and satisfying read for both Tabasco fans and business buffs, McIlhenny's Gold is the untold story of the continuing success of an eccentric, private company; a lively history of one of the most popular consumer products of all times; and an exploration of our desire to test the limits of human tolerance for fiery foods.

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Louisiana Cookin from Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauce

Louisiana Cookin from Tabasco Brand Pepper

Louisiana Cookin from Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauce [Paperback] [Jan 01, 1111]


Eating at Home

Eating at

This book contains more than 350 recipes in all categories of cuisine. These have been collected, distilled and refined over the past forty years by Professor James B. Gerhart of the University of Washington, Department of Physics, an avid cook and gourmet whose skill and judgment in domestic food preparation is legendary among family and friends. A detailed bibliography citing nearly a hundred sources is provided. (Dad passed away in 2007, but his legacy in cookery lives on! He took a scientific approach to efforts in the kitchen, meticulously documenting measurements and procedures that he found would work best for favorite recipes. Much like entries in a lab journal, his recipes are quite succinct and include absolutely no unnecessary wordage, which some may find refreshing. This is an excellent cookbook you will turn to over and over - as do the Gerharts.)

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Hot Stuff: 50 recipes to set your tongue ablaze

Hot Stuff: 50 recipes to set your tongue

Get Fired Up and Feel the Burn!Whether you enjoy tasting the fire for pleasure or just for the bragging rights, you'll definitely work up a sweat digging into these daring dishes. Featuring heat from across the culinary world, these melt-your-mouth recipes pack quite the punch, with a variety of sauces bringing the burn. It doesn't matter if you're a pub-grub lover or chili connoisseur - Hot Stuff combines highbrow and lowbrow recipes into one flaming mix with options like:Sriracha BurgersClassic Buffalo Chicken WingsPrairie Fire ShootersIndonesian Rendang Curry Beef Finished off with a scorching side of hot-sauce trivia, this fiery cookbook is your ultimate guide to getting sauced and feeling the burn!

Similar Tabasco Sauce Recipes Results
Tabasco Sauce Recipes Video Results

How To Make Fermented Tabasco Sauce

Tabasco Sauce Recipes

From plant & peppers to fermented hot sauce, I show how to make fermented hot pepper sauce using tabasco peppers, cayenne peppers, salt, vinegar, & time. Ingredients: A batch of garden grown hot peppers (Tabasco preferred) 2-3% salt by weight White wine vinegar to taste Hooch from a natural yeas...

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How Tabasco Sauce Is Made

Tabasco Sauce Recipes

Tabasco's factory on Avery Island, Louisiana has been making the same hot sauce recipe since 1868. The pepper seeds for the sauce are made on Avery Island, then they're shipped to farms in Latin America to ripen into chilis. The farmed seeds are then shipped back to LI to sit in barrels for three...

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Tabasco Sauce Recipes

Step By Step On How I Make Tabasco Sauce This process uses table salt to draw essential flavors out in weeks rather than months or years of fermentation.

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How To Make Homemade Tabasco Sauce

Tabasco Sauce Recipes

To make your own Tabasco Sauce you will need the 3 main ingredients below. 1 pound fresh red Tabasco chiles, chopped 2 cups distilled white vinegar 2 teaspoons salt The rest of the directions can be found at this site. http://en.wi...

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Make your own homemade Piri Piri Tabasco Sauce Part 1 (Bonus! How to make a fermenting jar)

Tabasco Sauce Recipes

** Part 2: ** In this video I will show you how to make your own Tabasco style hot sauce. I use Piri Piri peppers, but you can use any peppers you like really! Why not make your own mash along with me? In 6 months time we will be ready to make it into...

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Tags: chillichump,chilli,pepper,spicy,fermenting,ferment,piri piri,peri peri,tabasco,tabasco sauce,airl...