Ebuns French Rolling Pin for Baking Pizza Dough, Pie & Cookie - Essential Kitchen utensil tools gift ideas for bakers (French Pins 18" inches)

Ebuns French Rolling Pin for Baking Pizza Dough,

Ebuns French Rolling Pin for Baking Pizza Dough, Pie & Cookie - Kitchen utensil tools gift ideas for bakers (French Pins 18" inches)

  • Color: French pins
  • Brand: ebuns
  • ASIN: B01GZ70F6K
  • UPC: 756519078572

Ateco 20175 French Rolling Pin,20-Inch, Solid Maple Wood, Made in Canada

Ateco 20175 French Rolling Pin,20-Inch, Solid Maple Wood,

Ateco's French Rolling Pin is ideal for rolling out a variety of doughs. Easier to maneuver, the tapered ends and no-handle construction give you more control over the pressure when pressing down to roll out and flatten doughs. Made in Canada of maple wood, this rolling pin is durable and made to last! Each rolling pin measures 20 inches long with a 1.35 inch center diameter and .8 inch diameter at the ends. The smooth surface makes clean up a breeze, simply hand wash with warm, soapy water. Soaking is not recommended. Four generations of the August Thompson family have provided quality baking and decorating tools to professional pastry chefs and discerning home bakers for over 100 years.

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Ateco
  • ASIN: B000KESQ1G
  • UPC: 014963201756

Fletchers' Mill French Rolling Pin, Maple - 20 inch, Perfect Tool for Rolling Thin Pie and Pastry Crust, Professional French Rolling Pin, Best Pastry Rolling Pin MADE IN U.S.A.

Fletchers' Mill French Rolling Pin, Maple - 20

Fletchers' Mill 20-Inch French Rolling Pin is a great tool for rolling out thin pastry and pie crust. Built for the home baker and the professional chef. Pin is crafted from solid rock maple. Natural finish. By Fletchers' Mill. Made by artisans in Maine, USA. Fletchers' Mill is a family owned company. For two generations, the Fletchers' family has owned and operated the finest mills and manufacturing facilities for crafting wood pepper mills, salt mills, muddlers and rolling pins. Tradition and wisdom passed down from a family of roll-up-your-sleeves American entrepreneurs, the current generation of Fletchers grew up in the company before taking ownership, working in the business from the sawmills through the mechanics to management - knowing the business from top to bottom. In the modernized sawmill, local maple or cherry logs are processed into boards, squares and dowels and then kiln dried. The prepared wood is then turned or molded into one of the thousands of items. Most of the sawdust and scrap wood generated is used to heat our factories and kilns and the rest sold to local business who manufacture wood pellets used to heat homes. Located in the western mountains of Maine, sourcing wood locally and from Forest Stewardship Council (FSW) certified suppliers, employing around...

  • Color: Maple
  • Brand: Fletchers Mill
  • UPC: 793842526646

Totally Bamboo Large French Style Tapered Rolling Pin, Beautiful Inlay of Contrasting Color Measuring 20 1/2" in Length; Made from 100% bamboo; Light, Durable & Super Strong- Perfect for Pastry Making

Totally Bamboo Large French Style Tapered Rolling Pin,

Totally Bamboo's 20.5-inch Tapered Rolling Pin is light but super strong. Perfectly balanced for that delicate touch this French rolling pin is tapered at the edges and doesn't have handles. This makes the pin perfect for use in French style pastry making. Instead of gripping the handles and rolling, just use the palms of your hands to roll the pin and at the same time, press down on the dough. This gives more control over how thick the dough is rolled and provides a more delicate touch. More pressure on the center of the dough means less flattening towards the edges. The dough is pushed outward rather than being rolled flat. Not only is this tapered pin super functional, it has a classic beauty and is durable. No stains or paint are used to create this bamboo rolling pin's contrasting color; Created in a very specialized heating process which caramelizes the natural sugar in the wood; it is permanent and will not fade or wash out. Bamboo is a grass that grows to maturity in 5 years and does not need to be replanted, artificially irrigated or fertilized, making it one of the world's most renewable resources. It should be hand washed with a mild detergent to maintain its structural integrity.

  • Color: Large - 20 1/2"
  • Brand: Totally Bamboo
  • ASIN: B000W0LAC0
  • UPC: 875118001139

French Rolling Pin - Tapered Wooden Rolling Pin for Baking Pizza, Pastry Dough or Pasta - Hard Wood Roller Baking Pin Made in USA, By Earlywood - Jatoba

French Rolling Pin - Tapered Wooden Rolling Pin

Accessorize your kitchen with a taste of France with this heirloom-quality yet affordable tapered rolling pin. Made from the hardwoods Jatoba, Ebony or our Jatoba, Ebony, Maple stripe, our solid wood french rolling pins bring a touch of a French patisserie to your kitchen. We pair a painstakingly designed and tested shape with the best hardwoods to offer an exceptional baking or rolling experience that works across many cooking tasks. These hand crafted wooden pins cover every job. Perfect for rolling fondant, pie crusts, pizza dough, lefse, bread dough and cookies. My mom wanted us to call it the Lefse Rolling Pin... but it does so much more! The subtle taper and minimal barrel thickness makes these pins agile, lightweight, convenient and easy to handle. Don't stop with rolling dough. Use them to crush nuts and smash bulk spices. They also tenderize meat and are great for shaping cakes and pie fillings. Each Earlywood utensil is hand crafted in Montana. We use responsibly sourced woods, all chosen for their unique properties for cooking and baking. Proper care ensures our high-quality dough rollers will last you generations. Earlywood strives for sustainability, efficiency, beauty, and to make the best wooden cooking and baking utensils available. Our vision at Earlywood is sim...

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Earlywood
  • ASIN: B07DHXW6Y5

J.K. Adams FRP-2 Maple Wood French Dowel Rolling Pin, 20-1/2-Inch-by-1-1/2-Inch

J.K. Adams FRP-2 Maple Wood French Dowel

The J.K. Adams FRP-2 Maple French Rolling Pin is one of our original and award-winning French Dowel rolling pins that have been favorites of bakers for generations. The FRP-2 features a thinner barrel them the FRP-1 for bakers who prefer a finer pin. The FRP-2 measures 20 1/2-inch long by 1 1/2-inch in diameter. The French Dowel is made from one piece of wood and features the classic French handle-less design with tapered ends for easier rotation when rolling out pie, tart, cookie dough, and more. Many bakers prefer this type of rolling pin because they can better "feel" the dough in their hands as they handle the pin. Give it a try! We bet it will quickly become your go-to kitchen tools. At J.K. Adams, we believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is this belief that drives us to create the highest quality, hand-crafted products for cooking and entertaining. It is our job to give you the tools to make cooking and entertaining easy and fun. We love to hear about the well-used carving board that serves one family's Thanksgiving turkey year after year or the cutting board used to prep a great dinner for friends.. It is these stories from our customers that keep us going.

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: J.K. Adams
  • UPC: 023158380176

Professional French Rolling Pin for Baking - 15.75" Smooth Stainless Steel Metal has Tapered Design Best for Fondant, Pie Crust, Cookie, Pastry, Pasta, Pizza Dough - Chef Baker Roller by Ultra Cuisine

Professional French Rolling Pin for Baking - 15.75"

Every detail was carefully designed in our premium quality 100% stainless steel rolling pin - from the brushed finish, to the slightly tapered shape to the perfect weight & feel! So why chose a french-style rod vs. a handled rolling pin? The French design allows the full 15 3/4" length of the barrel to come in contact with dough, so you are able to roll more surface at a time versus a rolling pin with handles The 1.5" center diameter gradually tapers to 1.25" at the ends, allowing you to rotate smoothly without leaving lines in your dough at the ends like a straight pin can. The rod shape transfers a sense of the dough thickness beneath your hands & is easier on wrists. At 10 oz, our rolling pin imparts just the right amount of weight to roll pastry dough, fondant, pie crusts, biscuits & pizza dough perfectly. The hollow core construction makes it light enough so it won't squash your dough. The brushed finish holds a dusting of flour better than mirror polished rolling pins Chill it before using it & the cold stainless steel helps prevent dough from warming & melting the butter in your dough for pie, biscuit, croissant, etc. If you decorate with rolled fondant, this is must-have tool for cake decorators! Food-grade stainless steel is hygienic & can be completely cleaned wi...

  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Ultra Cuisine
  • ASIN: B01D7LLXW2
  • UPC: 881314170180

Pizza Royale French Rolling Pin for Baking Pizza Dough, Pie & Cookie - Kitchen utensil tools gift ideas for bakers (Tapered Pins 18" inches)

Pizza Royale French Rolling Pin for Baking Pizza

  • Brand: Pizza Royale

Farberware 5216396 Professional French Wood Rolling Pin

Farberware 5216396 Professional French Wood Rolling

Take more control of rolling dough with this Farberware Professional French Rolling Pin. Constructed of a single piece of wood with no handles, it's not only lightweight, but has tapered ends that allow you to easily navigate "turns" when rolling round pie and pastry crusts. Rolling can be done in one continuous, pivoting motion without ever lifting the roller, resulting in an even thickness you can't obtain with a standard rolling pin. Measures 20 inches long. Hand-wash with warm water and a mild detergent; rinse and dry immediately. Lifetime limited warranty.

  • Color: Not Applicable
  • Brand: Farberware
  • ASIN: B07D145Y4T
  • UPC: 024131387069

Fox Run 48760 White Marble French Rolling Pin, 2 x 12 x 2 inches,

Fox Run 48760 White Marble French Rolling Pin,

To roll out dough to the correct thickness you need, Use the right rolling pin for the job! With its classic marble construction, this tapered rolling pin measures in at a large length of TBA inches. Tapered from the middle to both ends for maximum control, It rolls out dough thinly by pushing it from the middle, ideal for proper pie crusts that are both tender and flaky. Also great when making homemade pizza, the pin rotates easily around the dough for creating perfect circles. Keep your dough's fate right at the palm of your hands.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Fox Run
  • UPC: 030734487600
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