TopspinPro - Tennis Training Aid, Learn Topspin in 2 Minutes a Day

TopspinPro - Tennis Training Aid, Learn Topspin in

TopspinPro is a revolutionary tennis training aid which players, parents and coaches are using to get an edge over the competition. Topspin is the only way to control the tennis ball with pace, so mastering this will unlock an exponentially higher level of tennis. The TopspinPro tennis trainer combines both the kinaesthetic and visual elements essential to accelerated learning: It lets you feel what it is like to brush the ball, not hit it The mesh screen is a visual guide that ensures the player keeps their racket face angle constant through the contact zone The player's objective is to make the ball spin without touching the screen. The angle of the screen on the TopspinPro reflects the angle of the racket face of professional players when they make contact with the ball. Swinging with the racket face parallel to the screen, players will execute the correct stroke for hitting topspin. The ball is spring-loaded to provide a realistic resistance when striking the ball. TopspinPro can be used to work on the topspin forehand, single-handed backhand and double-handed backhand. Many people in our TopspinPro community have also managed to use to learn the kick (topspin) serve by removing the head unit from the tripod and holding it up by hand. Using the TopspinPro tennis equipment f...

  • Color: Black, yellow/green
  • Brand: TopspinPro
  • ASIN: B01N1F8M6I

SKLZ PowerBase Tennis Trainer

SKLZ PowerBase Tennis

  • Color: black
  • Brand: SKLZ
  • ASIN: B000NGR7A2
  • UPC: 885449570112

by.RHO Tennis Trainer Rebounder Ball | Cemented Baseboard with Rope Solo Equipment Practice Training Aid Serve Hopper Sport Exercise Base Powerbase Self-Study Rebound Power Base Rebounder Pro

by.RHO Tennis Trainer Rebounder Ball | Cemented Baseboard

Features:Maximize your speed and cardioThe perfect trainer for practicing all your tennis skillsBuilds quickness, hand-eye coordination, and staminaSets up virtually anywhere and stores easily: cord and tennis balls fit into basePractice on your own without needing a ball machine or a wallRugged, non-slip rubber base for indoor/outdoor practiceBase weighs 1.75 pounds (filled)No need for a ball machine or wallDurable 15-foot Kinetic Cord stretches up to 30 feetDual-swivel connectors keep cord from tanglingIncludes 5 elastic stringsAges 7 and upHow to use:1.Place water, sand, or any weight on the baseboard of the training equipment.2.Adjust the elastic rope to the length you want.3.Hit the ball as hard as you want, and the ball bounces back to you.Specifications:Material: ABS plasticColor: OrangeBase size: 9.5 * 8 * 2.7 inchesBase weight: 0.6 lbs (empty)Package includes:1 x Tennis Trainer Base5 x Elastic Cord1 x Practice Tennis BallsAfter-sales service:The quality and workmanship of the our tennis trainer is so solid and reliable. If you have any question about the product you received, please contact us without hesitation. We will try our best to help you and improve your purchasing experiences.

  • Color: Best Seller
  • Brand: by.RHO
  • ASIN: B07S96LVLY
  • UPC: 737787235171

The Total Serve ServeMaster: Serve Tool and Swing Trainer for Tennis Training

The Total Serve ServeMaster: Serve Tool and Swing

The 3-Ball ServeMaster acts as your "racket" for learning and training. This tennis training tool is designed for adult players of all levels and larger kids who are more accomplished and use a full sized racket. It lets players FEEL the "drag" of the weighted end therefore creating a better "whip like" feel to the serve. You can carry ServeMaster in your bag, use it on or away from the court, practice in your backyard or even on the beach! Specifications: 15 oz total weight, 9 oz in weighted end, 27" long

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: The Total Serve
  • ASIN: B009Y97TR0
  • UPC: 661799706421

Complete Conditioning for Tennis (Complete Conditioning for Sports)

Complete Conditioning for Tennis (Complete Conditioning for

Improve shot power, increase on-court speed and agility, and outlast the opposition with Complete Conditioning for Tennis, the most comprehensive tennis conditioning resource available! The only strength and conditioning resource endorsed by the United States Tennis Association, Complete Conditioning for Tennis details how to maximize your training with exercises, drills, and programs that - assess physical strengths and deficiencies, - improve footwork and agility, - increase speed and quickness, - enhance stamina, - increase flexibility, - reduce recovery time, and - prevent common injuries. Throughout, you will have access to the same recommendations and routines used by today's top professional players. From increasing the speed and power of your serve and groundstrokes to enhancing on-court agility and stamina, you will be ready to take the court with confidence and endure even the most grueling matches. Off the court, you'll learn recovery techniques and preventive exercises for keeping shoulder and elbow injuries at bay. Featuring more than 200 on- and off-court drills and exercises combined with exclusive online access to 56 video clips, Complete Conditioning for Tennis is an essential resource for players, coaches, instructors, and anyone serious about the spo...

  • ASIN: 1492519332

Fantaxdic Tennis Trainer Aid for Child Adult Tennis Training Partner for Beginners Holder Tennis Ball Self-Study Practice Tool Equipment Sport Exercise with 2 Balls Holder

Fantaxdic Tennis Trainer Aid for Child Adult Tennis

  • Brand: Fantaxdic
  • ASIN: B07MC9T8TQ
  • UPC: 734038896990

Oncourt Offcourt Tennis Grip Trainer Swing Tool - (3-Pack) - Start Rite Swinging Training Aid Equipment

Oncourt Offcourt Tennis Grip Trainer Swing Tool -

OnCourt OffCourt Start Rite Tennis Grip Trainer - Great for Teachers and Coaches / Learn the Continental Grip the Right Way. Learn to Grip the Racquet Handle the Proper Height Without Choking-Up. Hold the racquet properly by separating the index and middle finger. The Start Rite Grip Trainer Attaches to Grip Quickly and Easily. Does Not Make Grip Size Feel Larger. Very Durable! Help Adjust the Forehand Grip from Full-Western to Semi-Western. For the Continental Grip on Serving or Volleying, If the Student Has a Problem with That Part of The Hand Sliding, Locating the Grip Trainer to Hold the Heel of The Hand in Place Can Work Wonders!

  • Brand: Oncourt Offcourt
  • ASIN: B07G78SZ1F
  • UPC: 606046683735

JOOLA iPong V300 Table Tennis Training Robot with Oscillation and Wireless Remote

JOOLA iPong V300 Table Tennis Training Robot with

Welcome to your new training partner, the upgraded iPong V300! Improvements include: Improved motor and wheel for: Stronger ball launch and increased spin Improved accuracy and consistency Increased long-term performance Quieter operation Updated feeder disc to prevent ball jams Updated wireless remote control for easier use The iPong V300 has been enhanced to meet the highest standards for high-level table tennis training robots. The update’s key improvements are to the motor and shooting wheels. This allows for improved accuracy and consistency, stronger ball launch with increased spin, quieter operation and increased long-term performance. The iPong V300 also features a new feeder disc design that prevents ball jams. The robot holds over 100 40mm or 40+ Poly table tennis balls and shoots at an adjustable frequency ranging from 12 to 70 balls per minute. Practice with confidence while using the updated wireless remote to control your desired ball frequency, oscillation and spin control. Is there a specific shot you need to keep working on? The iPong V300 features a memory button to save your favorite setting as well as a play/pause button to make adjustments. Use the remote to switch between endless shot options ranging from levels 0-9 for: ball frequency, side-to-side oscill...

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: JOOLA
  • ASIN: B016A7UMV8
  • UPC: 610370567883

Linkin Sport Tennis Trainer Rebound Baseboard Self Tennis Training Tool Ball Back Training Gear with 2 String Balls (Green-2 Balls)

Linkin Sport Tennis Trainer Rebound Baseboard Self Tennis

To achieving a "borderless" enjoyment of sports, we started the company with full of passions and enthusiasm, for supporting sports man with professional wears and technological gears in all sports territory.

  • Color: Green-2 balls
  • Brand: Sports Linque

Billie Jean King's Eye Coach Pro Model-Your Fastest Way to Better Tennis!

Billie Jean King's Eye Coach Pro Model-Your Fastest

Adjustable Height: 32″ - 35″ Weight: 13.7 lbs.

  • Color: Yellow, Black
  • ASIN: B06Y2CF6V8
  • UPC: 019372921318

Wilson 75 Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper

Wilson 75 Tennis Ball Pick Up

Durable steel construction, holds 75 balls with a no spill lid and handles which convert to lock in place legs for easy use

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Wilson
  • ASIN: B00F16NQCM
  • UPC: 887768207137

Tennis Flex Pro Training Device used by ATP and WTA Pros

Tennis Flex Pro Training Device used by ATP

The first racquet integrated tennis-specific resistance training and conditioning exercise device. Provides a unique mix of tennis-specific swing & rotational resistance, core stability, and coordination training. Creates a variable, asymmetric load, ideal for training balance, explosive power, or pre-match warm ups. This patent pending, professional-grade resistance system is designed specifically for tennis players of any level. Used by ATP and WTA Pro Players including Janko Tipsarevic and Angelique Kerber.

  • Brand: Tennis Flex
  • UPC: 699618142631

All Surface PRO Swingball Tetherball - Portable Tetherball Set

All Surface PRO Swingball Tetherball - Portable Tetherball

Swingball is a great way to develop hand-eye co-ordination in younger players and is also ideal to play as a family. Pro Swingball is perfect for older children and adults who’ll enjoy hitting a real tennis ball at full whack in truly competitive matches. Swingball can be played just about anywhere on any surface such as grass, decking, concrete - even sand. Simply fill the base with water or sand for stability and you're ready to play. All the components pack away into the base, ideal for storage and transportation, you really can take and use this Swingball set anywhere. New amended lid to prevent leakages and increase water capacity for better stability and with more spirals on the Swingball head games will last longer. The poles are wider (now 30mm instead of 25mm) for solidity and with an added bottom pole fixing ‘R-Clip’ they will be able to resist the demands of even the most enthusiastic players. Steel tube construction for durability complete with a convenient bat holder to hold your bats once game play has finished. Height adjustable up to 1.7 metres (5’ 5”) for older players with unique (300g approximately) Checkerbats you’ll be able to power your way to the end. The benefits of active sports are well documented and are known to have positive effects on lea...

  • Color: Blue/Yellow
  • Brand: Swingball
  • ASIN: B004UL4FJW

Tennis Swing Wrist Training Aid for Forehands, Backhands, Volleys and Serves - PermaWrist

Tennis Swing Wrist Training Aid for Forehands, Backhands,

Ingeniously powerful patented (Pat. No. 9,610,487) training tool to dramatically improve tennis strokes by setting the proper 90 degree angle between the racket and the forearm which is critical to develop effortless power and reduce the chance of tennis elbow injury. FOREHANDS and BACKHANDS: All professional players achieve one common body position, which is the secret to hitting powerfully, yet effortlessly. As the player turns the body to start the forward swing, the arm goes forward, but the racket head actually goes back to form a 90 degree angle between the racket and forearm (racket lag). It is this 90 degree laid back position that is so critical in hitting powerful forehands and backhands in what many coaches call a proper wind-shield wiper motion. The PermaWrist swing training aid will lay your wrist back to achieve the 90 degree angle. If you try to flick your wrist in an improper swing motion, our product will let you know instantly from the increasing tension in the elastic cord. VOLLEYS: The secret to the pros' volleys is that the racket is locked relative to the arm at nearly 90 degrees and they maintain that locked L-position throughout the swing. By contrast, many amateur players erroneously try to break or flick their wrist in trying to generate power and unde...

  • Brand: AA Swing
  • ASIN: B011M7GW92
  • UPC: 636225638003

Aoneky Mini Portable Tennis Net for Driveway - Kids Soccer Tennis Net - Family Pickleball Tennis Game Toy for Boys Children Aged 6+ Years Old (10 Feet)

Aoneky Mini Portable Tennis Net for Driveway -

Set up a net and be ready to play in minutes with this kit. No tools are needed to assemble the net. This net is great for drills and games. 10 Ft tennis net is suitable for two kids aged 10 and under learning the game of tennis 18 Ft tennis net is suitable for kids aged 10 and under or family members with kids to play together Suitable for driveway, street, backyard, court, playground, etc. Package contains the tennis frame, the net, the installation instructions

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Aoneky

Pseudois Vertical Jump Trainer Leg Strength Basketball Volleyball Football Tennis Leg Agility Training

Pseudois Vertical Jump Trainer Leg Strength Basketball Volleyball

Pseudois Vertical Jump Trainer Leg strength training strap Leap Training Resistance Bands From a biomechanical point of view to improve the leg strength to do anything you can do to achieve the squat action or participate in any sport, for enhancing the jump, speed and strength are very helpful with rubber foot ring / ring is adjustable wrist, snap Department can add more elastic rope to increase resistance. Package includes: 2 × 24cm resistance band 2 × 30cm resistance band 1 × adjustable waist belt 2 × ankle strap 1 × carrying bag

  • Brand: Pseudois
  • UPC: 670534095690

Developing High Performance Tennis Players: A guide for coaches, players, parents and anyone who wants to know what it takes to be the best

Developing High Performance Tennis Players: A guide for

This book is an attempt to answer the questions that author Edgar Giffenig has pondered most of his life: What does it take to be a great tennis player and what is the most effective way to train? It is a summary of 40 years in competitive tennis as a high performance player and coach of elite athletes. Within its pages you will find a player development system that guides coaches, players and parents through the intricacies of high performance tennis training. It provides an in-depth analysis and explanation of every important aspect of the game and presents a clear and complete roadmap for anyone interested in truly understanding what it takes to excel in this marvelous sport. The Author: Edgar Giffenig was a highly ranked junior in Mexico and played for the University of Texas where he completed an undergraduate degree in business and a graduate degree in exercise physiology. Starting as assistant coach at his alma mater, Edgar has been coaching high performance players for the last 25 years. He was a national coach for the USA, Germany and Mexico as well as a partner in two major tennis academies: Centro Mextenis in Mexico and International Tennis Academy in the USA. He has been a speaker at many national and international coaches conventions (ITF, PTR, ITA, USTA, DTB, FMT) a...

  • ASIN: 1549784390

Functional Training For Tennis

Functional Training For

A sequel to the critically acclaimed book How the Tennis Gods Move, Functional Training for Tennis offers readers training methods to play like the best players in the world. With videos of the pros that illuminate the integration of movement and racket technique, simple training concepts are identified. The series of short videos that follows show functional training methods and exercises that provide access to the fundamentals of the pros. Designed to accelerate the development of players at all levels , on court videos of students show progressions and easy to learn exercises.

  • ASIN: B0768L766X

PowerNet 7x7 ft Portable Tennis Net and Pickleball Trainer | Multi-Sport Trainer | 49 sqft of Hitting Area | Net and Frame | Driveway, Indoor, Outdoor, Street, Backyard | EZ Setup Collapsible

PowerNet 7x7 ft Portable Tennis Net and Pickleball

PowerNet's Tennis Training Net is the perfect portable tennis court. We have designed a 7 ft (W) x 7 ft (H) hitting area to handle all types of tennis practice shots. Regulation net height keeps your swing true. All balls from accurate shots are kept and stored inside the hitting net. Our product is durable and comes with our lifetime warranty. Setup is a breeze; single person assembly in just 2 minutes. This system is also perfect for multi-sport uses like baseball, soccer, lacrosse, pickleball, and even football as the front net is detachable (as shown in image.) With pickleball quickly becoming one of the fastest growing sports in America, our net trainer will allow you to work on refining your serve. Power, spins, and slices can all be practiced to perfection without the need for a full court. Out work the competition! This is the same frame used on our 7x7 golf and baseball nets. This means that with either nets, you can universally swap from a tennis, baseball, golf (or other sport) setup within minutes.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: PowerNet
  • UPC: 653341196095

Oncourt Offcourt Serve Doctor - Improve Tennis Serve/Tennis Training Aid

Oncourt Offcourt Serve Doctor - Improve Tennis Serve/Tennis

Getting a feel for correct body position relative to ball position on the serve (or even groundstrokes) is a problem for many beginning players. Each well-constructed unit consists of a 3-part aluminum extension pole and Velcro system that attaches to any tennis ball. Just hold the ball in position and have the player hit it right off the rope. It's that simple!

  • Brand: Oncourt Offcourt
  • ASIN: B0009PH2KC
  • UPC: 815211000967

Nike Men's Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer, Black, 11.5 4E US

Nike Men's Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer, Black,

Men's Nike Air Monarch IV (4E) Training Shoe sets you up for comfortable training with durable leather on top for support. A lightweight foam midsole with a full-length encapsultaed Air-Sole unit cushions every stride in the men's sneaker.

  • Color: Black/Black
  • Brand: Nike
  • ASIN: B000GMH2W6
  • UPC: 640135272479

Penn Pressureless Tennis Balls - Non-Pressurized Training / Practice Tennis Balls - Reusable Bucket of 48

Penn Pressureless Tennis Balls - Non-Pressurized Training /

  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: Penn
  • ASIN: B0019Y52MM
  • UPC: 072489218351

Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun

Bushnell Velocity Speed

Knowing how fast a player pitches or runs can instantly influence a coaching decision. Enter the Bushnell Velocity speed gun, which tells you the speed of an object within plus-or-minus 1 mile per hour. The Bushnell Velocity is outfitted with digital signal processing technology, which can measure the speed of a baseball from up to 90 feet, or a moving vehicle from as far as 1,500 feet. As a result, it's a breeze to take a player's 40 time or measure the speed of a tennis serve. The Velocity is also a breeze to use, with a point-and-shoot pistol grip that displays the fastest speed timed once the trigger is released. The Bushnell Velocity radar gun offers easy point-and-shoot operation that can be used for tracking everything from race cars to pitching speeds. A large LCD display makes it easy to read the speed. Aim the Velocity at the target and depress the TRIGGER. As a quick reference to accuracy, remember to keep your target’s direction of travel in a direct line with you and not perpendicular to you Specifications: Baseball/softball/tennis range: 10 to 110 mph (90 feet away) Auto racing range: 10 to 200 mph (1,500 feet away) Accuracy: +/- 1 mph Dimensions: 4.3 by 8.4 by 6 inches (W x H x D) Weight: 19 ounces Warranty: 2 years Operating Tips: To ensure accurate sp...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Bushnell
  • ASIN: B0002X7V1Q
  • UPC: 168141220524

Serve Harder Training Program

Serve Harder Training

  • ASIN: B07B1SD8QR
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A series of advanced drills for professional tennis players. In these drills we look for and work the acceleration of the shots. We hand-feed a weightless ball so that the player generates 100% of the strength and power. We also work on the balance, footwork and full instensity. All these drills ...

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Tennis Training Coach Dabul with Flor Urrutia soon D1 college player (Nadal, Federer, Murray drills)

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How To Hit The Perfect Tennis Forehand In 5 Simple Steps

Tennis Training How To Hit The Perfect Tennis Forehand In 5 Simple Steps. In this video Top Tennis Training coach Simon Konov will help you hit the perfect tennis forehand in five simple to follow steps. The tennis forehand can be complex as there are so many aspects to focus ...

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Tennis Forehand Technique - 5 Steps To Crazy Power On Your Forehand. Creating effortless power on your forehand comes down to a few key things, however, generating good racket head speed is at the forefront of them all. In this tennis lesson, coach Simon Konov of Top Tennis Training will show you...

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Professional Tennis Training Drills with Top Tennis Training

Tennis Training Professional Tennis Training Drills with Top Tennis Training. In this video you will see tennis drills that work on improving the tennis forehand, tennis backhand, volleys and footwork for tennis players. These drills are demonstrated by Top Tennis Training co...

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