Meguiar's G7516 Endurance Tire Gel - 16 oz. - Premium Tire Gel for a Lasting Glossy Shine

Meguiar's G7516 Endurance Tire Gel - 16 oz.

Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel continues to be a favorite among enthusiasts who want extra long-lasting performance with an rich, dark high gloss that shines for weeks. Our unique formulation prevents tires from turning brown and eliminates the mess of overspray, drips, streaks and stained driveways.

  • Color: -
  • Brand: MEGUIAR'S
  • ASIN: B0009IQXJ0
  • UPC: 070382010164

Armor All Extreme Tire Shine Gel (18 fluid ounces), 9938

Armor All Extreme Tire Shine Gel (18 fluid

Deep black, shiny tires make your car look incredible, but the shine never seems to last. Extreme Tire Shine Gel is an advanced formula, engineered for extraordinary results that last for weeks. As a pioneer in tire care, we developed an incredibly rich, powerful gel that adheres to your tires, forming a resilient, durable shield. And it’s fortified with high molecular-weight silicone to preserve your tires’ intense, captivating shine and rich black look. 100% satisfaction of your money back. Armor All absolutely guarantees its products will meet your highest standards.

  • Brand: Armor All
  • UPC: 643749842373

Black Magic 5072647 Tire Wet Gel, 16 oz.

Black Magic 5072647 Tire Wet Gel, 16

Black Magic Tire Wet Gel makes tires look wet, black, and glossy, utilizing an advanced silicone formula to last longer and shine brighter than other products on the market. This weather and rinse-resistant formula keeps your tires looking black and glossy for weeks, not days, providing long-lasting intensity. The self-healing formula also has a scuff defense, automatically filling in small scuffs and maintaining a smooth, black shine. The thick clinging formula adheres to tires to produce minimal sling, and the residue-free shine leaves behind no white powdery residue. Detailer's tips: For extreme wet, high-gloss shine: apply thick layer of product by dabbing product on tire. For high shine with lower-intensity wet look: dab a medium amount of product on tire, then use applicator sponge to spread out the product for a slightly thinner film. For long-lasting shine with minimal wet look: spread a thin layer of product across the tire with the applicator.

  • Brand: Black Magic
  • ASIN: B000ENN9KG
  • UPC: 077249974942

Chemical Guys TVD_107_16 V.R.P. Vinyl, Rubber and Plastic Non-Greasy Dry-to-the-Touch Long Lasting Super Shine Dressing for Tires, Trim and More (16 oz)

Chemical Guys TVD_107_16 V.R.P. Vinyl, Rubber and Plastic

V.R.P. Super Shine Dressing is a dry-to-the-tough water-based dressing that works great on leather, vinyl, plastic, rubber and tires. V.R.P. can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces. It creates an invisible shield that repels water, dirt and dust. It also protects surfaces from damaging UV rays. V.R.P. Super Shine Dressing resists drying, fading and cracking surfaces to aid in maintaining interior and exterior surfaces while at the same time enhancing shine and image. V.R.P. Super Shine Dressing not only provides shine and protection, it is 100 percent dry-to-the-touch which means it is never greasy or oily. V.R.P. Super Shine Dressing brings out the true shine and texture of leather, vinyl, plastic, rubber and tires. It can be applied as often as you like without the fear of any clouding or discoloration. V.R.P. Super Shine Dressing features patented UV absorbers that penetrate deep into surfaces and act as a protective barrier against harmful UV rays that can cause premature aging, cracking, fading and peeling. The UV protection in V.R.P. Dressing protects surfaces from fading and dulling.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Chemical Guys
  • UPC: 816276012162

Tire Shine Spray - Best Tire Dressing Car Care Kit for Car Tires After a Car Wash - Car Detailing Kit for Wheels and Tires with Included Tire Shine Applicator - by Car Guys Auto Detailing Supplies

Tire Shine Spray - Best Tire Dressing Car

After spending all that time car washing, you finish with a typical tire shine on your tires.Your car looks perfect!But... it only ends up lasting a couple of days.. and after your first drive, what happens??Tire shine foam and gunk is flung all over the side of your newly washed car!!Stop the madness! You have just found a brand new tire shine unlike any otherproducts on the market! Working alongside some of the most experienced and professionaldetailing companies, our formulators have created THE BEST tire dressing on the market today!- Contains newly PATENTED polymer sealant additives that extend and enhance product performance!- Dry to the touch formula bonds to tires to prevent any sling during high speeds!- Long lasting formula to last weeks, not days!- Prevent and protect against harmful UV rays that cause drying and fading!- Perfect auto trim and plastic restorer to re-new old and faded surfaces including any type of rubber and vinyl!This car detail kit includes (1) Tire Dressing Applicator. This tire dressing applicator pad was made for theperfectionist to quickly and easily get into all the bumps and grooves on a tires surface.We are so confident in our products that if you are not satisfied for any reason at all, we areoffering a 100% Money Back Guarantee! You can try ...

  • Brand: CarGuys
  • ASIN: B06Y5L9W65
  • UPC: 762952133518

Shine Armor Pristine Tire Shine Dressing & Cleaner Gel - Car Care for Wheels & Tires - No Sling Formula - Wet Look - Keeps Tires Black - Water Based Polymers - Rubber, Trim, Plastic, Dashboard

Shine Armor Pristine Tire Shine Dressing & Cleaner

Our unique formula is a water-based polymer, infused silicone tire compound that creates absolutely no slinging. It is a thick gel that is easy to apply on any tire. Pristine Tire Shine is designed to protect and beautify rubber and plastic surfaces against the effects of damaging UV rays, while achieving a truly clean, high gloss shine.

  • Brand: Shine Armor
  • ASIN: B07N4721VQ
  • UPC: 696305151273

TriNova Tire Shine Spray No Wipe - Automotive Clear Coat Dressing for Wet & Slick Finish - Keeps Tires Black - with Rubber Protector - Prevents Fading & Yellowing - 18 OZ

TriNova Tire Shine Spray No Wipe - Automotive

Give your tires back a shine as if they just rolled off the showroom. You'll see all the results you want when it comes to good-looking tires with TriNova's Tire Shine Spray : - Slick & dark finish - Protection against aging - Repels dirt & grime - Varying shine options - Long-lasting gloss With TriNova, rest assured you will receive the best customer care and highest-quality Tire Shine Spray around. - 18 oz bottle for best value - Made in the USA This product comes with an extra-long spray tube to ensure best value. - Extra-long tube reaches down into the corner - Just bend the tube and screw nozzle on - Tilting the bottle as you spray ensures you use every last drop

  • Brand: TriNova
  • UPC: 642872934771

Chemical Guys TVD_102 New Car Shine Premium Dressing (1 Gal)

Chemical Guys TVD_102 New Car Shine Premium Dressing

This product delivers a dry-to-the-tough high shine finish to vinyl, rubber and tires fast and easy. Developed for dealerships and detailing professionals. It is a premium dressing designed for use on both exterior and interior surfaces of automobiles, trucks, RV's and boats. This has been refined to OEM standards the all new formation contains a special patented ingredient that enables it to rapidly penetrate leather, vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces delivering a high shine durable finish that is dry to the touch and non-greasy.The result is maximum protection and long-lasting, rich gloss. In addition, the pleasant scent incorporated in this product. This product delivers durable UV protection to dashboards, vinyl, rubber, tires and even dark plastic surfaces.

  • Brand: Chemical Guys
  • ASIN: B003UT3XKC
  • UPC: 816276010380

Chemical Guys TVD_108_16 Tire and Trim Gel for Plastic and Rubber - Restore and Renew Faded Tires, Trim, Bumpers and Rubber (16 oz)

Chemical Guys TVD_108_16 Tire and Trim Gel for

The Tire and Trim Gel is a long lasting tire and trim dressing that is developed to protect trim and tires from environmental elements. This long-life protectant and restorer maximizes depth and protection while delivering a water-repellent wet glossy finish. The unique formulation of Tire and Trim Gel delivers a thick rich trim and rubber dressing that lasts. Trim and tires will stay dark, supple, and hydrated. This long-life protectant and restorer maximizes depth and protection while delivering a water-repellent wet glossy finish. This unique formula quickly penetrates rubber trim and tires to hydrate and provide lasting protection. Simply wipe on and work into surfaces using a pad. Gel works fast at restoring the look of faded tires, trim, bumpers, seals and stripping. The Tire and Trim Gel lasts for months not days. This is a no streak, no run and non drip formula that works to repel water and detergents and helps keep tire walls hydrated and supple as well as looking new. The Tire and Trim Gel is recommended for areas around the vehicle that require a dressing treatment. Tires are the primary target for this product but it can also be used on side view mirror housings, black grilles, hood/windshield cowlings, engine compartment hoses, molding, trim, splash guards, door pane...

  • Brand: Chemical Guys
  • ASIN: B00FJDL0J8
  • UPC: 816276012179

Carfidant Ultimate Tire Shine Spray - Tire Dressing & Protectant Kit - Dark, Wet Looking Wheels with No Grease and No Sling! Use with Wheel & Tire Cleaner

Carfidant Ultimate Tire Shine Spray - Tire Dressing

CARFIDANTcare - Ultimate Tire Shine & Protectant Showroom shine - Slick & Wet - Long Lasting! UV Protection from cracking, fading and dullness! Safe on ALL tires - Water Based Formula! About Ultimate Tire Shine & Protectant Specifically formulated to be the easiest and most effective tire shine and protectant! The Ultimate Tire Shine & Protectant Spray is our special, patented, long lasting, water based solution which provides a showroom shine and is completely safe for all tires and rubber trims! The patented spray formula will penetrate and bond to the tire to prevent cracking, fading and weather wear while keeping your tires looking shiny and wet for many weeks!

  • Brand: Carfidant

Adam's Hex-Grip Pro Tire Dressing Applicator - Ergonomic Design Makes Detailing Your Tires Easier - Mess Free Application Tire Dressings - Durable, Washable, and Reusable

Adam's Hex-Grip Pro Tire Dressing Applicator - Ergonomic

Adam's Hex-Grip Pro Tire Dressing Applicator takes the mess out of applying Adam's VRT or Tire Shine to tires and lower plastic trim. The molded-in handle gives you better control, keeps your hands clean, and greatly reduces the chance of the applicator slipping from your hands and hitting the ground. The proprietary wave face pattern allows the flexible gray foam to work itself into the intricate letters, ribbing, and patterns found on many modern tire sidewalls. This means more even application and less buildup. Simply squeeze on a little tire dressing and swipe the tire for a perfect shine every time. These quality pieces are designed for multiple, long term use - Adam's Pro Tire Hex Grips are washable and reusable.

  • Brand: Adam's Polishes

Chemical Guys Acc_3002 Durafoam Contoured Large Tire Dressing Applicator Pad (Pack of 2)

Chemical Guys Acc_3002 Durafoam Contoured Large Tire Dressing

The Dura foam Contoured Large Tire Dressing Applicator Pads form to the surface of tires for an easy and even application. These Dura foam pads are constructed with two different foam densities and contour to your tire for superior even spreading with minimal product waste. These pads have rigid tough Dura foam which is perfect for easy gripping. Contoured design makes it easy to spread the dressing perfectly onto tires and sidewalls with minimal product waste. These pads have an easy grip which keeps your hands clean so no more sticky fingers, greasy hands or grime under your fingernails. These Dura foam pads can be cleaned and re-used as many times as you like. Achieving great looking tires has never been easier or cleaner with these Durafoam pads.

  • Brand: Chemical Guys
  • UPC: 785422670993

Adam's Tire Shine - Achieve a Lustrous, Dark, Long Lasting Shine - Non-Greasy and No Sling Formulation (Combo)

Adam's Tire Shine - Achieve a Lustrous, Dark,

Adam's Tire Shine is intended to offer a lustrous deep shine on tires. This product was designed specifically for our customers that prefer a deep, rich shine or a wet tire look. We have tested for months to produce a product that will outlast our Super VRT and provide more shine. Adam's Tire Shine is not greasy and will not run when properly applied on tires. Our new Tire Shine works great on tires with large tread blocks because it is sprayed onto the surface during application. What Will It Look Like? You can achieve two finishes with our tire shine: Apply our Tire Shine to a clean, dry tire and dress with an applicator for a deep, dark finish. Or, spray the tire liberally and let the product fully dry without using an applicator to achieve the ultra high gloss look. Note: you may want to go over the tire once with an applicator to catch any of the product that may be pooling in the tread blocks or grooves after the majority of it has dried. How Does It Work? First, make sure the tire is cleaned with our All Purpose Cleaner. Then simply spray the outer tread blocks with a light mist of our new Tire Shine on a dry tire. Follow this step by grabbing a Block Sponge or Hex Grip Applicator and spraying directly into the applicator. Use the applicator to apply a thin even layer acro...

  • Brand: Adam's Polishes
  • UPC: 859403007808

Chemical Guys TVD_103 Blue Guard II Wet Look Premium Sprayable High Gloss Shine Dressing and Conditioner for Rubber and Plastic (1 Gal)

Chemical Guys TVD_103 Blue Guard II Wet Look

The Blue Guard II Wet Look Premium Dressing is a premium quality solvent based silicone dressing that produces high gloss shine on tires, door panels, air vents, vinyl and exterior plastic trim. This premium dressing adds weather resistance to tires and rubber moldings. The Blue Guard II has cross linking silicone technology that combines the highest quality solvents and silicone available. This multi-purpose, solvent base dressing utilizes high viscosity silicones to produce a rich, long lasting, high gloss shine on rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces. It works great on interiors as well as exteriors.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Chemical Guys
  • ASIN: B003UWY4C0
  • UPC: 816276012209

Optimum (OB2008Q) Opti-Bond Tire Gel - 32 oz.

Optimum (OB2008Q) Opti-Bond Tire Gel - 32

Unbeatable shine and protection in a water based, VOC-free formula. Opti-Bond Tire Gel goes on thick and easy for a high gloss shine that lasts longer on tires, wheel wells, interior and exterior trim, vinyl and dashboards.

  • Brand: Optimum
  • UPC: 856224003217

Nanoskin (NA-SSE128) Speedy Shine Exterior Trim, Bumper & Tire Gel - 1 Gallon

Nanoskin (NA-SSE128) Speedy Shine Exterior Trim, Bumper &

NANOSKIN SPEEDY SHINE Exterior Trim, Bumper & Tire Gel is the next generation shining agent from NANOSKIN. The thick, water-based suspension formula provides a high gloss shine on all exterior trim, bumper, tires and wheel wells. The ultra safe formula contains no petroleum distillates or VOCs, which are known to crack vinyl and rubber. SPEEDY SHINE's safe, water-based formula delivers premium protection and an attractive shine.

  • Brand: Nanoskin
  • ASIN: B00X1230TM
  • UPC: 736211468161

Griot's Garage 10995 Black Shine Tire Gel 16oz

Griot's Garage 10995 Black Shine Tire Gel

Black shine high gloss tire gel creates a darker, uniform color and adds a durable, glossy shine to your tires. We use thick, heavyweight polymers so this advanced gel provides smooth, even product application and clings to the sidewall of the tire, reducing sling and making application a snap. Our premium water-resistant formula beads water like a beaver pelt so black shine high gloss tire gel will stand up to the elements for weeks of protection. Dial in the color and look of your tires as you protect them against rain, road grime, car washes, and the sun's harmful rays.

  • Brand: Griot's Garage
  • ASIN: B06X6H2FD3
  • UPC: 874596008296

Armor All Extreme Tire Shine (22 oz.) - 2 Pack

Armor All Extreme Tire Shine (22 oz.) -

Extreme Tire Shine gives your tires a long lasting, high gloss shine. The formula actually penetrates the rubber of your tires for a wet look shine that lasts for weeks. Nothing could be easier because the no-wipe formula allows you to spray and walk away.. . 2 Pack!

  • Brand: Armor All
  • UPC: 070612280046

Sonax (235200-755) Tire Gloss Gel - 16.9 fl. oz.

Sonax (235200-755) Tire Gloss Gel - 16.9 fl.

Sonax Tire Gloss Gel is an all-new tire restoration and conditioning formula from the chemists at Sonax. The innovative gel formula penetrates the tire surface hydrating and revitalizing the rubber. Sonax Tire Gloss Gel is rich in specially engineered silicon, achieving an intense, semi-gloss with a fresh, clean showroom shine. Each application lasts for several weeks. One bottle of Sonax Tire Gloss Gel is sufficient for up to fifty (50) tire applications.

  • Color: White/Blue
  • Brand: Sonax
  • ASIN: B003UT1V38
  • UPC: 055807500451

MEGUIAR'S G55032SP Complete Car Care Kit

MEGUIAR'S G55032SP Complete Car Care

The Meguiar's Complete Car Care Kit has inspired automotive enthusiasts worldwide to pamper, condition, and protect their treasured investments. This is one of the most complete kits on the market today, featuring Meguiar's premium-quality products in one convenient, affordable package. It includes one 16-ounce bottle of Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo and Conditioner - G7116, one 16-ounce bottle of Gold Class Carnauba Plus Liquid Wax - G7016, one 16-ounce bottle of Gold Class Endurance High Gloss Gel - G7516, one container of Quik Detailer - A3316, one 16-ounce bottle of Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner - G13616, two 50-gram clay bars with a clamshell container - R30-60-008, R30-60-120, one container of PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish - G12310, one container of ScratchX - G10307, one microfiber towel - M9910, one foam applicator pad - R30-60-241, and one Microfiber Wash Mitt - X3002.

  • Color: Complete
  • Brand: MEGUIAR'S
  • ASIN: B0012ZEZ8A
  • UPC: 070382550325
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