Totem Tale: A Tall Story from Alaska (PAWS IV)

Totem Tale: A Tall Story from Alaska (PAWS

On a full-moon night in Alaska, a traditional native totem pole magically comes to life. The Grizzly, Beaver, Frog, and Raven all stretch and scratch and voice their relief at being free at last. But then the first dawn light appears on the horizon, and the totems have to reassemble themselves in the proper order before morning. Who should be on top of whom? Can wise Raven reason with these contentious creatures? Deb Vanasse’s enchanting text and Erik Brooks’s lively illustrations make this a memorable modern folktale.

  • Brand: Vanasse, Deb/ Brooks, Erik (ILT)
  • ASIN: 1570614393

Tlingit Art: Totem Poles & Art of the Alaskan Indians

Tlingit Art: Totem Poles & Art of the

The Tlingit Indians of the Northwest Coast carved interior house posts, portal entrances and free standing totem poles with crests of animals, sea creatures, birds, and legendary and human figures, successfully combining symbolism and realism. This book examines the social and artistic relevance of the Tlingit carvings and relates many of the fascinating North American Indian legends upon which some of the carvings are based.

  • Brand: Brand: Hancock House Pub Ltd
  • ASIN: 0888395094

Totem Poles of the Pacific Northwest Coast

Totem Poles of the Pacific Northwest

This survey of totem poles from the Tlingit settlements of Alaska to the Kwakiutl villages of Vancouver Island examines the traditions that led to their creation. It includes both the author's vivid drawings of totem poles and historical photographs of early native settlements.

  • Brand: Brand: Timber Press
  • ASIN: 0881922951

Tlingit Tales, Potlatch and Totem Pole

Tlingit Tales, Potlatch and Totem

Lorle K. Harris compiled these tales, told by Robert Zuboff, eighty-year-old chief of the Beaver Clan at Angoon, Admiralty Island, who spent hours sharing tribal lore with the children. These tales picture the atmosphere of the Tlingit culture far more vividly than a textbook can. They are meant to instruct, inform, and warn, and as such have been a valuable tool in the education of the Native American for eons of time.

  • Brand: Brand: Naturegraph Publishers
  • ASIN: 0879611537

Totem Poles: Coloring Pages for Kids and Kids at Heart (Hands-On Art History)

Totem Poles: Coloring Pages for Kids and Kids

No one knows how long Native American artists have been carving mythical creatures from giant cedar trees across the Pacific Northwest and Canada. Native American totem poles have long sparked curiosity and ingenuity, with their intricate colors and unique designs that tell a cryptic story. These 25 authentic totem pole designs originating from the American Pacific Northwest and Canada will let your imagination run wild as you bring these bewitching behemoths to life with crayons, pens, or colored pencils.

  • ASIN: 1942778309

Proud Raven, Panting Wolf: Carving Alaska's New Deal Totem Parks (Art History Publication Initiative Books)

Proud Raven, Panting Wolf: Carving Alaska's New Deal

Among Southeast Alaska's best-known tourist attractions are its totem parks, showcases for monumental wood sculptures by Tlingit and Haida artists. Although the art form is centuries old, the parks date back only to the waning years of the Great Depression, when the US government reversed its policy of suppressing Native practices and began to pay Tlingit and Haida communities to restore older totem poles and move them from ancestral villages into parks designed for tourists.Dramatically altering the patronage and display of historic Tlingit and Haida crests, this New Deal restoration project had two key aims: to provide economic aid to Native people during the Depression and to recast their traditional art as part of America's heritage. Less evident is why Haida and Tlingit people agreed to lend their crest monuments to tourist attractions at a time when they were battling the US Forest Service for control of their traditional lands and resources. Drawing on interviews and government records, as well as the totem poles themselves, Emily Moore shows how Tlingit and Haida leaders were able to channel the New Deal promotion of Native art as national art into an assertion of their cultural and political rights. Just as they had for centuries, the poles affirmed the ancestral ties of...

  • ASIN: 029574393X

The Seattle Totem Pole

The Seattle Totem

Book by Garfield, Viola E.

  • Brand: Brand: Univ of Washington Pr
  • ASIN: 0295956488

Totem Poles to Color & Cut Out: Tlingit

Totem Poles to Color & Cut Out:

Here are the most glorious masterpieces of Alaska's Tlingit carvers to cut out and put together.

  • Brand: Brand: Bellerophon Books
  • ASIN: 0883881500

The Wolf and the Raven: Totem Poles of Southeastern Alaska

The Wolf and the Raven: Totem Poles of

The spectacular totem poles of British Columbia and Alaska, on which appear birds, animals, and unrecognizable creatures, are found nowhere else in the world. To save specimens of this now-abandoned American Indian craft and make them accessible to Alaska visitors, the United States Forest Service in 1938 began placing Tlingit and Haida totem poles in natural settings near Ketchikan, Wrangel, and Sitka. The Wolf and the Raven describes the poles, their place int he Indian culture of their day, the myths and legends they recount, and the history of the restoration program.

  • ASIN: B00A2LV6U0

Totem Poles of the Tlingit Indians to Cut Out and Put Together

Totem Poles of the Tlingit Indians to Cut

  • ASIN: 0613974506

Lincoln on a totem pole;: The strange story of how the Tlingit Indians honored the man who freed the slaves

Lincoln on a totem pole;: The strange story

  • ASIN: B0007H1OCE

Carved History: A Totem Guide to Sitka National Historical Park

Carved History: A Totem Guide to Sitka National

Book by Knapp, Marilyn R., Meyer, Mary P., Edelstein, Susan F.

  • Brand: Brand: Alaska Natural History Assn
  • ASIN: 0960287612

Northwest Coast Indian Art: An Analysis of Form

Northwest Coast Indian Art: An Analysis of

It is apparent that there was, on the Northwest Coast, a highly developed system for the organization of form and space in two-dimensional design as an adjunct to the well-known symbolism. Design ranging from nearly realistic representation to abstraction resulted from the application of the principles of this system.—from Northwest Coast Indian Art“A genuinely analytical study of the basic elements of form which characterizes a particular aboriginal art... . The text is clear and brings truly fresh understanding and appreciation to a complex art; it also contributes a concept of analysis which should be applied to other areas. The book is well designed and very well illustrated.”—Choice

  • ASIN: 0888941722

The most striking of objects: The totem poles of Sitka National Historical Park

The most striking of objects: The totem poles

  • ASIN: B0006S1TW4

Monuments in Cedar: The Authentic Story of the Totem Pole

Monuments in Cedar: The Authentic Story of the

MONUMENTS IN CEDAR: THE AUTHENTIC STORY OF THE TOTEM POLE by Edward L. Keithahn. Enlarged and Revised Edition. Hardcover in dust jacket. Bonanza Books 1963.

  • ASIN: B000I38VK0

The Native People of Alaska (4th Edition)

The Native People of Alaska (4th

This book explains how Alaska's many different Native people have survived for more than 500 generations in one of the world's most challenging environments, long before the arrival of European technology. Topics include traditional housing, dress, food, social systems, ceremonies, beliefs, tools and more. Supplemented with seven maps, 26 illustrations, and 55 historic photos. 6 x 9 inches; 128 pages. Completely revised in 2002.

  • Brand: Brand: Greatland Graphics
  • ASIN: 0936425814

Carved history: The totem poles & house posts of Sitka National Historical Park

Carved history: The totem poles & house posts

  • ASIN: B000736VLW

Archaeological excavation for the new Kiksadi totem pole, Sitka National Historical Park, Baranof Island, Alaska

Archaeological excavation for the new Kiksadi totem pole,

  • ASIN: B0006RC4EM

The Missing Eagles of Winter Cove

The Missing Eagles of Winter

Jillian lives in San Diego with her mom and dreams of being a surfer. Her mother needs to recuperate from an illness and sends Jillian to Alaska for the summer to live with her grandma. The rainforest is scary, and her grandmother's cabin is on a remote island in Alaska., and Jillian faces a life of endless chores helping her grandma. She misses her surfing team and hates this new life. Jillian feels lost and ill-at ease with this new relative. She discovers mysteries unfolding around her: Why won't her grandmother answer questions about the picture in her room of Jillian's mom holding a little boy's hand? Why does the grandma keep disappearing on suspicious errands? Who is stealing the eagles? Why is the neighbor boy mean to her? Scariest of all, though, are her dreams of flying with an eagle with a human-like face. She suspects her grandmother of being involved in something illegal and when she follows her one night to solve the mystery, Jillian finds her life is in jeopardy when she becomes lost in the forest. A Native man finds her unconscious and takes her to a tribal house where a group of people are practicing a native dance. The man calls Jillian by her name and she panics. How can this stranger know her? She runs into the dark rainy night. Lost, scared and injured, Jil...

  • ASIN: B07BR73H2Y

A Tall Totem Tale

A Tall Totem

  • ASIN: B009GEDDD2

ALASKA PURCHASE ~ TOTEM POLE ~ TLINGIT ~ AIRMAIL #C70 Plate Block of 4 x 8 cent US Postage Stamps by US Post Office Dept


  • UPC: 783495493433

Posterazzi Poster Print Collection Tlingit Totem Pole Sitka National Historical Park Alaska Matthias Breiter, (20 x 28), Multicolored

Posterazzi Poster Print Collection Tlingit Totem Pole Sitka

Tlingit totem pole, Sitka National Historical Park, Alaska is a licensed reproduction that was printed on Premium Heavy Stock Paper which captures all of the vivid colors and details of the original. The overall paper size is 20.00 x 28.00 inches. This print is ready for hanging or framing and would make a great addition to your home or office decor.

  • Color: Multicolored
  • Brand: Posterazzi
  • ASIN: B07C3BC967

Semtomn Mouse Pad Moon Raven Totem Pole at Saxman Village Tribal House Mousepad 9.8" x 7.9" for Notebooks,Desktop Computers Mouse Mats, Office Supplies

Semtomn Mouse Pad Moon Raven Totem Pole at

Welcome to our store to order products, we focus on innovation, exquisite and practical, environmentally friendly products, easy control, stable surface support and extended durability. With a unique, beautifully designed case, use the popular design to brighten your workspace, and the fabric can provide a comfortable feel under your hands and bring luck to your life

  • Color: Multi 15
  • Brand: Semtomn

Emvency Funny Coffee Mug the Sun Symbol Modern Stylization North American and Canadian Native in Black Red 11 Oz Ceramic Coffee Mug Tea Cup Best Gift Or Souvenir

Emvency Funny Coffee Mug the Sun Symbol Modern

Looking for a unique and great gift for that coffee or tea fan in your life?Look no further!We creat our mug with Very professional looking and funny words. 11 ounce coffee mug C-shaped handle, comfortable to hold. 100 % sturdy durable ceramic safe and healthy for drinking. Professionally printed and sublimated Can be used for both hot & cold beverages. Made with the best quality ceramic,perfect gift for friends, family, colleagues, and for yourself, it can last for many years and anniversaries. Please notes: Due to different light effect, the slight color difference should be acceptable. Manual measurement may have slight difference, hope you can understand.

  • Color: Multi 24
  • Brand: Emvency
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Art & Story in Totem Poles / Ignite Dallas

Tlingit Totem Poles

The Native Americans of the northwest Pacific coast carved magnificent vertical columns in cedar, commonly known as "totem poles." In this talk, web developer and myth enthusiast Randy Hoyt will discuss how, when, and why these poles were crafted; explore their relationship to a tribe's tradition...

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Canada: Totem Poles | Are We There Yet?

Tlingit Totem Poles

Hillary and Emily take a ferryboat ride to the West coast of Canada to learn about Totem Poles. On their journey, the sisters learn how to read a Totem Pole, perform a First Nations welcoming dance and ride a giant cedar canoe. ➡ Subscribe for more National Geographic Kids videos:

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Tlingit Totem Poles

Tlingit Totem Poles

This is an excerpt of a lengthier video (37 minutes) on the Tlingits of Alaska. Some native music; background music, narration. A brief description of the nature of totem poles in this south-east Alaskan culture. The longer video addresses more topics on Tlingit culture and religion. Availabl...

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Telling Stories Through Totem Poles

Tlingit Totem Poles

David Boxley is a Native American artist from the Tsimshian tribe in Alaska. He is a dancer, songwriter, and wood carver. He also is an ambassador for Tsimshian culture. DAVID BOXLEY: "We call it art now, but it was a way for people to say this is how I am. This belongs to me, or this is my clan...

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Totem Pole Carvers of Ketchikan

Tlingit Totem Poles

From the Alaska Experience Travel Guide to Alaska; for stock footage and complete Alaska Travel Guide info Transcript: The town of Ketchican is the first in a string of alaskan communities accesible only by sea or air. although ketchi...

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