Vanishing Borders: Protecting the Planet in the Age of Globalization

Vanishing Borders: Protecting the Planet in the Age

A look at the profound implications of accelerating globalization for our planet's health, and a prescription for the action necessary to cope with this challenge. Our world is shrinking fast: goods, money, microbes, pollution, people, and ideas are crossing borders with growing ease. National governments are ill-suited for tackling the problems that result, from climate change, to the soaring trade in limited resource commodities like timber, to the management of regional water supplies. Hilary French argues that the only long-term solution to our environmental problems is a worldwide commitment to strengthening the international treaties and institutions essential for integrating ecological considerations into the still-nascent rules of global commerce. More than two hundred international environmental treaties already exist, but few of them stipulate stringent commitments and effective enforcement; and institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization continue to view environmental protection as a peripheral concern. But at the same time, new communications technologies are making it possible for nongovernmental organizations to mobilize powerful coalitions of private citizens to press for change, and some forward-thinking businesses have be...

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Vanishing Frontiers: The Forces Driving Mexico and the United States Together

Vanishing Frontiers: The Forces Driving Mexico and the

There may be no story today with a wider gap between fact and fiction than the relationship between the United States and Mexico.Wall or no wall, deeply intertwined social, economic, business, cultural, and personal relationships mean the US-Mexico border is more like a seam than a barrier, weaving together two economies and cultures.Mexico faces huge crime and corruption problems, but its remarkable transformation over the past two decades has made it a more educated, prosperous, and innovative nation than most Americans realize. Through portraits of business leaders, migrants, chefs, movie directors, police officers, and media and sports executives, Andrew Selee looks at this emerging Mexico, showing how it increasingly influences our daily lives in the United States in surprising ways--the jobs we do, the goods we consume, and even the new technology and entertainment we enjoy.From the Mexican entrepreneur in Missouri who saved the US nail industry, to the city leaders who were visionary enough to build a bridge over the border fence so the people of San Diego and Tijuana could share a single international airport, to the connections between innovators in Mexico's emerging tech hub in Guadalajara and those in Silicon Valley, Mexicans and Americans together have been creating p...

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The Vanishing Frame: Latin American Culture and Theory in the Postdictatorial Era (Border Hispanisms)

The Vanishing Frame: Latin American Culture and Theory

In the postdictatorial era, Latin American cultural production and criticism have been defined by a series of assumptions about politics and art—expecially the claim that political freedom can be achieved by promoting a more direct experience between the textual subject (often a victim) and the reader by eliminating the division between art and life. The Vanishing Frame argues against this conception of freedom, demonstrating how it is based on a politics of human rights complicit with economic injustices. Presenting a provocative counternarrative, Eugenio Claudio Di Stefano examines literary, visual, and interdisciplinary artists who insist on the autonomy of the work of art in order to think beyond the politics of human rights and neoliberalism in Latin American theory and culture.Di Stefano demonstrates that while artists such as Diamela Eltit, Ariel Dorfman, and Albertina Carri develop a concept of justice premised on recognizing victims’ experiences of torture or disappearance, they also ignore the injustice of economic inequality and exploitation. By examining how artists such as Roberto Bolaño, Alejandro Zambra, and Fernando Botero not only reject an aesthetics of experience (and the politics it entails) but also insist on the work of art as a point of departure for a...

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Cities of the Plain: Border Trilogy (3)

Cities of the Plain: Border Trilogy

In this magnificent new novel, the National Book Award-winning author of All the Pretty Horses and The Crossing fashions a darkly beautiful elegy for the American frontier.  The setting is New Mexico in 1952, where John Grady Cole and Billy Parham are working as ranch hands. To the North lie the proving grounds of Alamogordo; to the South, the twin cities of El Paso and Juarez, Mexico. Their life is made up of trail drives and horse auctions and stories told by campfire light. It is a life that is about to change forever, and John Grady and Billy both know it. The catalyst for that change appears in the form of a beautiful, ill-starred Mexican prostitute.  When John Grady falls in love, Billy agrees--against his better judgment--to help him rescue the girl from her suavely brutal pimp. The ensuing events resonate with the violence and inevitability of classic tragedy.   Hauntingly beautiful, filled with sorrow, humor and awe, Cities of the Plain is a genuine American epic.

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Vanishing Borders: Protecting the planet in the age of globalization (The Worldwatch Environmental Alert Series)

Vanishing Borders: Protecting the planet in the age

The world is shrinking faster than ever. Goods, money, microbes, pollution, people and ideas are crossing boundaries ever more frequently. The implications for our future and for the health of the planet are profound. Vanishing Borders outlines the ecological challenges posed and then goes on to define the necessary strategies for tackling them. Presently, national governments are singularly ill-equipped for tackling transitional environmental problems-from ozone depletion to soaring trade in commodities such as timbre- problems which are climbing ever higher on the international political agenda. Industrial and developing countries are on a collision course over climate change, and water shortages are creating tensions in several parts of the world. The author argues that only a worldwide commitment to strengthening treaties and institutions needed to integrate ecological considerations into the rules of global commerce holds out hope. Over 200 international environmental treaties exist but most need more stringent conditions and enforcement, and continuing support from NGO and business communities. Significantly, the digital revolution, integral in itself to processes to globalization, offers channels through which powerful coalitions can effect change. The book provides a comp...

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Addicted to Sheep

Addicted to

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Vanishing ironworks of the Ramapos: The story of the forges, furnaces, and mines of the New Jersey-New York border area

Vanishing ironworks of the Ramapos: The story of

This is the story of early iron mining and manufacturing, and what remains to be seen today, in the hills that cross the northeastern border of New Jersey into New York. Centrally located in the Colonies, New Jersey was in an especially advantageous position: its waterways provided power and excellent transportation and its dense forests furnished the charcoal essential for making pig and bar iron. During the two major wars on American soil New Jersey and New York ironworks turned out badly needed supplies―among them the huge chains and booms used to block the British advance up the Hudson during the Revolution―and ordnance, made and shipped in record-breaking time, for Union troops.This is also the story of the hardy men who made this industry possible―where they came from, what their homes and company towns were like, how they lived, and how they left their mark on American history.James M. Ransom spent twenty-five years inspecting remains of mines (seventy-five are described and located), furnaces and forges, dams and millraces, and other ruins closely associated with iron production in the Ramapo region. But not all was on-site research. He also searched through old account books, newspapers, and records, evaluating their historical importance. When word spread of his i...

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Vanishing Borders


After two years of outstanding service to the nation, PATRICIA MARSHALL, 31, tough-minded, self-confident commercial design consultant, and HARRY HAMILTON, 36, laid-back, risk-averse private investigator, are embroiled in another counterinsurgency operation in the U. S. National Parks. Subversives are using the parks as safe havens for processing terrorists entering the country and channeling them to embedded cells. Marshall and Hamilton are recruited to head up a novel park ranger auxiliary in Bryce Canyon National Park, find the insurgents, and help defeat this latest threat to homeland security.The story opens with Marshall trapped in the canyon as a result of a broken leg from a fall while eavesdropping on suspects during a winter storm. Auxiliary ranger ALICE WOJECK, tough former gang member, is kidnapped while tracking suspects and barely escapes with her life. Wojeck and macho park ranger SCOTT CANTRELL survive a firefight with insurgents on a canyon trail. FBI agents are shot and one killed tracking suspected terrorists en route to an embedded cell.THE SNAKE, master mind behind the insurgency operation, proves to be a challenging adversary for the rangers and the FBI. To avoid exposure whenever possible, he changes physical characteristics, murders innocent victims and di...


Vanishing Borders


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Chesapeake GU92271B Blue Vanishing Species Wallpaper Border, Blue

Chesapeake GU92271B Blue Vanishing Species Wallpaper Border,

Chesapeake GU92271B Blue Vanishing Species Wallpaper Border, BlueBlue Vanishing Species Wallpaper Border is 10.25 inches high and 15 feet long (4.572 m).Collection name: Growing Up with Chesapeake Pattern repeat: 24 inches. Easy to hang, will not harm walls.Specifications Horizontal Match PrepastedNonwoven FabricWashable Strippable Colors: Blue, Green, Brown

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This is trailer for the feature documentary Vanishing Borders. The film tells the story of four immigrant women living in New York City who are transforming their communities. To organize a screening or watch the film at a festival, go to its website: Make sur...

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Dmitry and Elena Kawarga, Moscow, Russia Kawarga art project, representatives of the science art. About TEDx In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks vide...

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Kivalina, a remote Alaskan village, could disappear in a few years because of global warming and coastal erosion. It is most likely to be swallowed by the sea. We would like to share Suzane’s experience living in Kivalina for 14 years since her birth.

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Vanishing Borders

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Provided to YouTube by A-Train Entertainment Vanishing Borders · Danny Heines Vanishing Borders ℗ Silver Wave Records Released on: 1999-01-01 Artist: Danny Heines Auto-generated by YouTube.

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