Eat Yourself Healthy: An easy-to-digest guide to health and happiness from the inside out

Eat Yourself Healthy: An easy-to-digest guide to health

The go-to lifestyle guide for a happy gut that will transform your health and well-being Are you aware you should be taking care of your gut, but don't know where to start? Feel like you eat a balanced diet but constantly suffer from food comas and bloating? Or perhaps you're just interested in finding out the best way to eat for optimal health?Dr Megan Rossi finally uncovers the answers to these most Googled gut-health questions in her debut book, The Gut Health Doctor.Drawing from the latest scientific research, Dr Rossi shows us how understanding your gut can help with successful weight management, improved mood and fitness levels, healthier skin and boosted immunity. Busting myths around good gut health and even offering advice on how to check your poo, Dr Rossi shows how sleeping, relaxing and exercising will have a surprising impact on your gut health, offering easy hacks to super-charge your digestive health and beat the bloat.Packed with delicious gut-boosting meal ideas, tips for how to assess your own gut health and advice on how to diagnose food intolerances and deal with common gut complaints, take home this easy-to-digest bible of gut health that promises to make you happier and healthier from the inside out.


Char-Broil's Grill Yourself Skinny (Creative Homeowner) 130 Delicious Grilling Recipes from Breakfast Pizza to Rack of Lamb, with Calories, Protein, Fat and Other Nutritional Facts for Each Recipe

Char-Broil's Grill Yourself Skinny (Creative Homeowner) 130 Delicious

Char-Broil's Grill Yourself Skinny is for everyone who loves grilled foods and healthy eating! 130 easy, delicious recipes for meals from breakfast through dinner that are nutritionally sound to support a healthy diet and your weight loss goals Nutritional breakdown of every recipe includes recommended serving size, calories, protein, carbs, and fiber content Sumptuous photographs of each grilling recipe in mouth-watering detail Informative sidebars, Nutrition 4-1-1, are sprinkled throughout the book to give you an insight into the ingredients you're utilizing Learn to grill the healthy way with lean meats, healthy fats, marinades, rubs, spices, and a host of different veggies More than rabbit food, this grilling cookbook includes meat, burgers, sliders, seafood, poultry, and dessert, in addition to delicious grilled vegetables and starches Learn how to prepare grilled foods with an emphasis on healthy eating! Char-Broil's Grill Yourself Skinny is not a fad diet book, but a collection of 130 nutritionally sound recipes that rely on science to pack a nutritious and delicious punch. Author Heidi Skolnik, MS, CDN, FACSM, is a nationally recognized thought leader in nutrition who believes that all types of foods can fit into a healthy diet. In this book, she offers mouth-watering, ...

  • Brand: Design Originals
  • ASIN: 1580115470
  • UPC: 078585115471

Laugh Yourself Healthy: Keep the Doctor Away-With a Giggle a Day!

Laugh Yourself Healthy: Keep the Doctor Away-With a


How to Feed Yourself: 100 Fast, Cheap, and Reliable Recipes for Cooking When You Don't Know What You're Doing

How to Feed Yourself: 100 Fast, Cheap, and

There’s a time in life when you wake up and realize you’re on your own: if you don’t feed yourself, it’s buttered noodles for the rest of your days. HOW TO FEED YOURSELF gives you exactly what you need to take control of your tiny kitchen and feed yourself depending on what's in your fridge, what you're craving, and what's happening in your life. The goal isn’t to be perfect, but to finally cook like a real adult. No special equipment or skills or ingredients or magic required.  These recipes are based on the foods you probably have lying around—eggs, chicken, pasta, fish, potatoes, toast, grains, greens, and bananas. Once you’ve got those basics down, you’ll learn how to make them anything but basic with dishes like Really Legit Breakfast Tacos, Leftover Vodka Pasta Sauce, and Empty Peanut Butter Jar Noodles. Next, you’ll discover new flavor variations, including cinnamon toast three ways, how to make chicken not bland, and a complete theory of the seven best ways to stir fry.  The real world of feeding yourself is actually pretty great. Welcome. Go forth and cook like a real person.

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Word Tour Swap: Search, Link & Spell Puzzle Games

Word Tour Swap: Search, Link & Spell Puzzle

  • Brand: SMART UP INC
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Healthy Self Esteem Hypnosis, Release Negative Beliefs and Love Yourself With Solfeggio Tones & Binaural Beats

Healthy Self Esteem Hypnosis, Release Negative Beliefs and

  • ASIN: B00B7MZF64

Guided Self-Hypnosis to Help Free Yourself from Procrastination- Hypnotic Guided Imagery to Reduce Anxiety and Support Healthy, Timely, Focused Work Habits

Guided Self-Hypnosis to Help Free Yourself from Procrastination-

This Health Journeys meditation for procrastination delivers powerful, hypnotic tools and techniques for overcoming procrastination and putting listeners back in the driver s seat where they can develop the best strategies for getting things done in a timely, efficient and stress-free way. Regular use of this hypnotic, calming meditation for procrastination can break the hold of even long-standing procrastination, by helping listeners cut large goals down to discrete, manageable tasks; sharpen focus and concentration; clearly visualize the completed goal; increase feelings of confidence; and form healthy, well-timed work habits. Written and narrated by psychologist and behavioral health expert Traci Stein, and scored to the exquisitely soothing music of Steven Mark Kohn, this state-of-the-art self-hypnosis for procrastination was produced by the Cleveland Orchestra s noted sound engineer, Bruce Gigax. Psychologically sophisticated, research-based and beautifully presented, this guided meditation for procrastination offers the choice of either a short or a long track of powerful guided imagery and deeply immersive hypnosis for procrastination, plus a separate track of affirmations. The powerful messages on this superbly crafted program show how to overcome procrastination in the p...

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How to Heal and Connect with Yourself and Others through Emotional Intelligence and Healthy Boundaries: A Social Emotional Learning Approach Inspired ... Emotional Intelligence, Healthy Boundaries

How to Heal and Connect with Yourself and

Through my experience as a healthcare provider I have noticed a recurrent theme -a common thread if you will- that runs through everyone, tying us all together. That theme or thread is our desire to HEAL and CONNECT with ourselves and others. Every individual I have had the pleasure to work with, no matter how different, unique, or broken (physically or emotionally), wishes in some way to be accepted, understood, and integrated into a healthy, supportive and loving community. So, I started writing. While the stories I write focus on the development of emotional intelligence and healthy boundaries in children, the messages are designed to impact teenagers and are insight-fully profound for adults as well. The mission of each story is to promote a higher level of inner awareness through asking questions and self-reflection. Healing, reconciliation, and love is the revolving theme. The purpose of this book is to cultivate HEALING and CONNECTION while promoting EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE through HEALTHY BOUNDARIES. The stories within demonstrate how to develop and apply EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE and HEALTHY BOUNDARIES in real world scenarios. Through these stories, I hope to encourage personal development in everyone, especially children, by teaching how to ACCEPT, UNDERSTAND and INTEGRATE ...

  • ASIN: 1513649620

Think Yourself Thin Hypnosis with Susan Hepburn - Healthy Living Series [DVD]

Think Yourself Thin Hypnosis with Susan Hepburn -

Susan Hepburn is a renowned Harley Street professional with over 20 years of experience as a weight loss expert and is widely credited with transforming Lily Allen from a size 14 to a size 8. Susan s message is loud and clear forget diets they don t work Her impressive success rate of over 96% is a clear indication of her track record and Susan s method makes it possible for you to achieve your target size too and to restore confidence within. This enables you to believe that you can become that slimmer person. This method is training to enjoy a lifetime of a normal healthy relationship with food. Susan Hepburn s unique, calming and compelling voice quietly draws you in and through easy, safe and effective gentle self hypnotic sessions, her technique can bring about lasting changes whilst producing fantastic results. This method is simplicity itself -eat if you are hungry - if you are not hungry, don t eat. This method, following extensive research, not only guides you through self hypnosis sessions but encourages you to enjoy healthy eating, which includes treats, eating slowly, the value of sleep and the importance of exercise. Susan is a keen advocate of exercising being an important part of her programme, also exercise releases endorphins and these give you a natural high so ...

  • ASIN: B001KX63IY

Love Yourself Healthy: 7 Steps to Release Emotional and Physical Pounds

Love Yourself Healthy: 7 Steps to Release Emotional

Have you struggled to reach your goal weight? Tried every diet under the sun and become so frustrated you don't know which way to turn? What if maintaining a healthy weight and fitness level isn't about what diet you're on or what exercise class you choose? What if you already had every single thing you needed to become your very best self--right inside your own heart and brain? In Loving Yourself Healthy, you'll find that secret, in concrete, doable action steps that take you from where you are right now to the healthy, happy life you have always wanted. Discover the hidden causes of overeating, exercise avoidance, and all those emotional pounds that are weighing you down. Board Certified Holistic Health Coach Stacy Solie delivers real-world advice in a friendly, heartfelt book that shows the power we all have within us to become our best selves. From the first page, you'll be on a path to create a new, joy-filled future for you and those you love.

  • ASIN: 0999584510

WELCH's Fruit Snacks, Mixed, 80 Count (Pack of 1), 4.5 Pounds

WELCH's Fruit Snacks, Mixed, 80 Count (Pack of

Welch's Fruit Snacks, Mixed, 80 counts, 4.5 Pounds

  • Color: Mixed
  • Brand: Welch's
  • ASIN: B0036FEB4W
  • UPC: 792220620105

Mold Armor FG500 Do It Yourself Mold Test Kit

Mold Armor FG500 Do It Yourself Mold Test

Mold Armor FG500 Do It Yourself Mold Test Kit

  • Brand: Mold Armor
  • UPC: 075919005002

Aprilaire 413 Air Filter for Aprilaire Whole Home Air Purifiers, MERV 13 (Pack of 2)

Aprilaire 413 Air Filter for Aprilaire Whole Home

A small change can make a big difference for the health of your home environment. Aprilaire delivers that difference with the Aprilaire 413 Healthy Home Filter. It removes common airborne allergens including dust, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, pet dander, and dust mites from the air as it passes through the MERV 13 filter. In addition, your HVAC system is protected from airborne particles, which helps lower your energy costs, and can prolong the life of your equipment. This replacement filter is easy to install, with no assembly or reinforcements to worry about.  Our ‘Pure Fit Promise’ means this genuine Aprilaire filter will fit your Aprilaire air purifier exactly, and the patented Self-Seal Technology prevents contaminated impure air from bypassing the filter. Discover a healthier home environment with the Aprilaire 413 Healthy Home Filter Replacement. Note: MERV is a scale used to measure the effectiveness of air filters.  Higher number values translate to more effective filtration. Choose the Aprilaire Filter with the MERV rating that fits the needs of your family and home. Performance tested to ASHRAE 52.2 Standard, minimum efficiency reporting value – MERV 13

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Aprilaire
  • ASIN: B00UOXM6W8
  • UPC: 100030703619

Eating Yourself Sick: How To Stop Obesity, Fatty Liver, And Diabetes From Killing You And Your Family

Eating Yourself Sick: How To Stop Obesity, Fatty

Stop Eating Yourself SickTake Control Of Your HealthThe United States will not be able to afford metabolic syndrome,a combination of disorders including obesity, diabetes,cardiovascular disease, elevated cholesterol and fatty liver―all of this is caused by poor eating habits. This could be apotentially fatal epidemic if not controlled, and most importantly, it cansignificantly impact the health of your children. If present trends continue,an American has a 57 percent chance of being obese at the age of thirty-five.So, what’s the solution?Joseph S. Galati, MD, has decades of experience researching andstudying the effects of poor eating habits. After witnessing so manypatients with metabolic syndrome, he wrote Eating Yourself Sick: Howto Stop Obesity, Fatty Liver, and Diabetes from Killing You and Your Kidsto raise awareness of the health issue that’s sweeping across the UnitedStates. In this book, you’ll learn:The symptoms and challenges of metabolic syndromeHow family structure is critical to your physical well-beingDifferent diets and food choices that can prevent and treat diseasesThe importance of exercise in the face of metabolic syndromeNow is a time to take charge of your well-being, whether you’remaintaining good health, or striving to achieve it. Dr. Galatiseeks...

  • ASIN: 159932914X

How to Overcome Isolation when you Work From Home

How to Overcome Isolation when you Work From

  • ASIN: B01IFS61M4

Nebility Women Waist Trainer Corset Zipper Vest Body Shaper Cincher Tank Top with Adjustable Straps (2XL, Beige)

Nebility Women Waist Trainer Corset Zipper Vest Body

Size S(US 0-2)-fit waist 21.2-24.0inch /54-61cmM(US 2-4)-fit waist 24.0-26.7inch /61-68cmL(US 4-6)-fit waist 26.7-29.9inch /68-76cmXL(US 8-10)-fit waist 39.9-33.0inch /76-84cm2XL(US 12-14)-fit waist 33.0-36.2inch /84-92cm3XL(US 16)-fit waist 36.2-39.3inch /90-100cm4XL(US 18)-fit waist 39.3-42.5inch /100-108cm ColorBlack/Beige (popular color to match all outfits) MaterialGood 90%polyester and 10%spandex soft fabrics,are stretchable,flexible and breathable,smooth to touch,comfortable to wear. Features1.The waist corset produce double high compression on tummy,forced to tighten waist fat,hide extra lumps and bumps,help you build a pretty small waist instantly.2.Special U-shape push up breast design makes your chest more erect and attractive,also firm control the armpit & back flabby fat to make you a sexy smooth curve.3.Multifunctional shapewear:flatten abdomen,reduce waistline,support your back,postpartum recovery,improve posture,relief waist pain,protect spine,expedite fat burn while exercise.4.Effective waist cincher:helps postpartum recovery all process,reduce swelling,tighten skin,control tummy,relief postnatal pain,make your maternity body get back to its original shape.5.Wearing occasions:you can wear it every day in any season,or go to special occasions like wedding,party,pr...

  • Color: Beige
  • Brand: Nebility
  • UPC: 786738574166

Posture Corrector For Men And Women - USA Designed Adjustable Upper Back Brace For Clavicle Support and Providing Pain Relief From Neck, Back and Shoulder (Universal)

Posture Corrector For Men And Women - USA

Our Effective, Breathable, Adjustable and Comfortable Posture Corrector with Upper Back Support for men, women, adults & kids alleviate all types of back pains and offer shoulder support and improves bad body posture. Aside from better posture, it enhances breathing, body alignment and gets rid of back, shoulder, neck and upper back pain.Our clavicle brace is lightweight with durable and breathable high-quality neoprene. Wearing it is so effortless you won't even know it's there, as long as you use a correct posture, helping you stop from slouching or hunching while working.Why is Posture Corrector Important For Both Men And Women?✅ Acts as a clavicle brace in order to provide clavicle posture support while working out, lifting, sitting at the computer desk, working in the office etc✅ Improves memory and learning & Makes you look taller, slimmer and attractive✅ Makes you look confident and powerful &improves bodily alignment✅ Eliminates back and neck pain & Improves breathing✅ Can be easily worn under shirt when at work and is completely invisible under your clothes✅ We've upgraded our thoracic pain corrector which prevents pinching & irritation and provides shoulder alignment✅ Our clavicle fracture brace made from lightweight breathable high-quality neopreneHow to ...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Truweo
  • UPC: 680140501393

Men's Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam for Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth, Topical Treatment for Thinning Hair, 3-Month Supply

Men's Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam for Hair Loss

Help treat hair loss and regrow fuller hair with Men's Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Topical Foam. Ideal for use at the early stages of hair thinning, this fast-working hair regrowth treatment is clinically proven to regrow up to 25% more hair in 12 weeks. Unlike hair loss shampoos and hair thickening products that temporarily plump hair from the outside, Rogaine penetrates the scalp to reactivate shrunken hair follicles, allowing for regrowth of hair. The 5% Minoxidil formula works to boost hair follicle activity and hair protein production, while Tricho-Prime Technology uses a proprietary combination of ingredients to create an optimal environment for hair regrowth. This men's hair re- growth treatment also contains botanical extracts and emollient to help maintain a healthy, conditioned scalp, plus alphahydroxy acid (AHA) to promote natural skin exfoliation to help keep follicles open. It comes in a no-mess foam that is easy to use and is designed to fit easily into your routine.

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: Rogaine
  • ASIN: B0012BNVE8
  • UPC: 312547948128

Moana (2016) (With Bonus Content)

Moana (2016) (With Bonus


Squatty Potty The Original Bathroom Toilet Stool - Adjustable 2.0, Convertible to 7 inch or 9 inch Height, White

Squatty Potty The Original Bathroom Toilet Stool -

Not sure what size is right for you? No worries! Our new and innovative Adjustable 2.0 easily adjusts between 7″ and 9″ heights. The 2.0 is compact and completely stores under the bowl of your toilet saving valuable space. Whether you or your toilet is tall or short, the 2.0 has the versatility to accommodate your squatting needs. Squatty Potty wraps perfectly around your existing toilet and easily stores out of the way when not in use. We designed, created, tried and tested and then did it again and again. We thought of everything to make your bathroom experience better and more enjoyable. Squatty Potty is the perfect height, shape and design to work with any toilet. It's comfortable, ergonomic, easy to use, attractive and affordable. Note-younger children should use a 9 inch squatty potty while teenagers tend to prefer the 7 inch height. Material is durable plastic. Dimension with topper is 17.38 x 11.38 x 9 inches and dimension without the topper is 17.38 x 11.38 x 7 inches

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Squatty Potty
  • ASIN: B06Y2JMP7B
  • UPC: 850045005603
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HOW TO IMPLEMENT A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE | Setting Habits & Wellness Goals

Yourself Healthy

Get Your Life Together For Good 7 Steps To Start Living Your Best Life Yet Covering All Dimensions Of Wellness Daily Mantras: Intellectual Devotional: 1. Check in mentally 2. Give up bad habits to create way for the new 3. Set a goal of walking a...

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Eating Healthy On A Budget | Eat Yourself Sexy | Tonic

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Kelly is a mother of two, unemployed and feeling tired and demotivated. Her bad eating habits have caught up with her, as she is binging on bread and drinking up to 12 cups of coffee a day. Will eight weeks under Gillian's strict diet and fitness regime help Kelly feel more energetic and fit? T...

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How To Be More Happy, Healthy, Motivated, & Successful!

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Hey guys!! I get asked questions all the time like "How do you stay so motivated??" Here are some of my best tips to rock every day, be more succesful, happy, grow mentally, and so much more!! I hope you find this helpful!! Please let me know if you do. Love you guys and see you soon!! 10 Things...

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Eat yourself healthy -your microbiome and you | Sheena Cruickshank | TEDxManchester

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We are never alone with around 38 trillion bacteria co-habiting our body. These bacteria along with a whole host of other organisms make up our microbiome. Our microbiome has co-evolved with us and has many vital roles for our health. Bacteria also have an amazing ability to change and enable the...

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30 Healthy Habit Hacks You Need To Know!

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SUBSCRIBE ➡ Here a thirty tips to help get you on the path to a healthier lifestyle. How many do you already do?? :) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ☞ FIND ME ONLINE ☜ Instagram: Snapchat: RachelAust Bl...

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